Cowley, Arthur William

COWLEY, Arthur William (1878-1949), partner in the firm of Cowley & Rigg, Architects of Spokane, Wash. They opened a branch office in Edmonton, Alberta in early 1912 (Pacific Coast Architect, July 1912, 480). In that city he designed a local 'flatiron' style landmark called the Gibson Block (1913) and remained active in Edmonton until late 1914 when he returned to Spokane. Cowley was born in Spokane on 9 October 1878 and was educated and trained there. After his brief practise in Alberta, he returned to Spokane and spent the rest of his career in that city. Cowley died there on 18 January 1949.

(works in Edmonton, Alta.)

GIBSON BLOCK, at the junction of three streets, Jasper Avenue, Rice Street, and Kinistino Street, for William Gibson, 1913 (C.R., xxvii, 25 June 1913, 68; Edmonton Daily Bulletin, 30 Aug. 1913, 4, descrip.; City of Edmonton, Historical Walking Tours of Downtown Edmonton, 1988, 53, illus.)
VARDON'S AUTO GARAGE, 1913 (Edmonton b.p. 383, 1913)
ANNAMORE'S MANSIONS, 100th Avenue, 1914 (Edmonton b.p. 364, 1914)
McKAY AVENUE, at 109th Street, a three storey apartment block for Hartley & McKay, 1914 (Edmonton Daily Bulletin, 18 May 1914, 4, descrip.)
ALBERTA AVENUE, at Kirkness Street, a three storey commercial block for George Tegler, with stores, offices and apartment units, 1914 (Edmonton Daily Bulletin, 18 May 1914, 4, descrip.)
ROBERTS BLOCK, 102nd Street, just north of 102nd Avenue, for C. Roberts, 1914 (Edmonton Daily Bulletin, 18 July 1914, 1; Edmonton Capital, 18 July 1914, 7, descrip.; Edmonton b.p. 954, 1914)
HEGLER BLOCK, 118th Avenue at 95th Street, a three storey block of stores and apartments for H.S. Hegler, 1914 (Edmonton Daily Bulletin, 24 June 1914, 3; Edmonton b.p. 818, 1914)