A. Public Works Architects


Federal and Provincial Offices
Held by Architects

Federal Department of Public Works, Ottawa

Name Title Term in Office
Scott, Thomas S. Chief Architect 26 May 1871-30 Oct. 1881
Fuller, Thomas Chief Architect 31 Oct. 1880-30 June 1897
Ewart, David Chief Architect 2 Nov. 1897-30 Sept. 1914
Horwood, Edgar L. Chief Architect 1 Oct. 1914-31 March 1918
Wright, Richard C. Chief Architect 1 May 1918-19 Jan. 1927
Fuller, Thomas W. Chief Architect 1 Dec. 1927-3 Nov. 1936
Sutherland, Charles D. Chief Architect 3 Nov. 1936-1947
Brault, Joseph C.G. Chief Architect 1947-1952


The position of Provincial Architect in Alberta was created in 1906. In 1925 the office was abolished by the socialist United Farmers of Alberta Party who were in power from 1921 until 1935. However, it appears that UFA Party still had need for the advice of an architect, and in 1929 Cecil S. Burgess was appointed as 'consulting architect to the Alberta Government' to advise on the preparation of plans and supervision of construction of government buildings throughout the province. In this position he may have become a de facto Chief Architect.

Name Title Term in Office
Hopkins, Edward C. Provincial Architect March 1906-Sept. 1907
Jeffers, Allan M. Provincial Architect Sept. 1907-1910
Allen, J.B. Acting Provincial Architect c. 1917
Blakey, Richard P. Provincial Architect Jan. 1911-1925
Burgess, Cecil S. Consulting Architect 1929-c. 1939


Name Title Term in Office
Gore, William S. Surveyor-General
Deputy Minister of Lands & Works
Dec. 1878-March 1891

April 1891-Oct. 1905
Criddle, B. Evered Supervising Architect April 1909-May 1910
Lawrence, Robert F. Supervising Architect July 1911-May 1912
Waters, Allen Supervising Architect July 1912-Feb. 1917
  post vacant 1917-March 1918
Whittaker, Henry Acting Supervising Architect
Supervising Architect
April 1918-1919

Ford, Guy S. Supervising Architect 1949 until after 1950


Name Title Term in Office
Hooper, Samuel Provincial Architect 1904-Oct. 1911
Horwood, Victor W. Provincial Architect 1911-1915
Fingland, William Acting Provincial Architect 1916
  post vacant 1917-1923
Parfitt, Gilbert Architect, D.P.W.
Acting Building Superintendent
Building Superintendent
Provincial Architect and Superintendent of Public Buildings
1933-42 1944-1961


The Board of Public Works in the Province of New Brunswick was established in 1855. In 1913 the Board was transformed into a Department, but virtually all commissions were handled by various architects in private practice in New Brunswick up until 1946. On November 1, 1947 an Architectural Branch of the provincial Department of Public Works was established in Fredericton, and Douglas W. Jonsson was appointed Provincial Architect.

Name Title Term in Office
Jonsson, Douglas W. Provincial Architect Nov. 1947 until after 1950


The position of Architect for the British colony of Newfoundland was abolished in 1949 when the province joined the Canadian confederation, and a new office of Buildings Superintendent was created.

Name Title Term in Office
Nevill, John T. Government Architect and
Inspector of Lighthouses
c. 1865-1890
Churchill, William H. Master Mechanic for Public Buildings
Architect and Superintendent of Public Works
Churchill, Samuel A. Superintendent of Public Works Aug. 1930-Feb. 1932
Udle, Charles W. Superintendent of Public Works Feb. 1932-Dec. 1941
Hopkins, Lloyd W. Superintendent of Public Works Jan. 1942-July 1949


The Public Works Department in Nova Scotia was created in 1852 as the Board of Works. In 1869 it was reorganized as the Department of Mines & Public Works, and in 1874 renamed the Department of Public Works & Mines. It was not until 1938 that it was combined with the Department of Highways, and was again given its own autonomy in 1955. It appears that during the period from 1852 until 1931 most of major architectural commissions erected for the Province of Nova Scotia were given to architects in private practice in Halifax and elsewhere. In 1932 the post of Architect for the Public Works & Mines Department was created.

Name Title Term in Office
West, Welsford A. Architect, Public Works & Mines 1932-1950


Name Title Term in Office
Tully, Kivas Provincial Architect 1868-1896
Heakes, Francis R. Provincial Architect 1896-1926
White, George A Acting Provincial Architect
Provincial Architect
Williams, George N. Deputy Provincial Architect
Provincial Architect



The post of Provincial Architect did not exist in Prince Edward Island during the study period from 1800 to 1950. Commissions for major buildings funded by the province were given to architects in private practice in Charlottetown and elsewhere.


Name Title Term in Office
Gauvreau, Pierre Superintendent of Public Works 1848-1882
Derome, Jean Baptiste Inspector of Public Works c. 1883-1887
Cousin, Paul Architect, Public Works 1888-1891
Charest, Elzear Provincial Architect 1891-1914
Saint-Michel, George Provincial Architect 1914-1926
Frappier, Sylva Provincial Architect 1926-1946
unnamed   1946 until after 1950


Name Title Term in Office
Hutchison, George E. Provincial Architect Sept. 1906-1908
Coltman, Walter J. Chief Architect 1909-April 1913
Philbrick, B. Raymond Director, Public Works April 1913-1916
Sharon, Maurice W. Chief Architect 1917-1930
Dawson, Harold Chief Architect 1931-1934
post vacant   1934-1939
Webster, David Deputy Minister, Public Works 1939-1950