C. Names of Architects Excluded From This Work

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Names of Architects who are too obscure or unimportant to be included in this work, or for whom no information can be found on their designs or executed works.

Name Location of Practice Years of Activity
Abrey, George
Brokitt Moore, Ont. (Lambton Co.) fl. 1870
Adams, Alfred Gordon Lunenburg, N.S. fl. 1815
Adamson, James Jebson
Montreal, Que. fl. 1911-27
Alcan, Felix Ottawa, Ont. fl. 1875
Alford, Walter Belleville, Ont. fl. 1879-89
Allan, James & C.H. Calgary, Alta. & Vancouver, B.C. fl. 1904-05
Allard, Thomas Quebec City, Que. fl. 1886
Allen, William Sr. Orono, Ont. fl. 1864-66
Allingham, Walter W. Saint John, N.B. fl. 1922-39
Andrew, James Oak Lake, Man. fl. 1890
Archibald, Charles L. Halifax, N.S. and Saint John, N.B. fl. 1909-20
Argus, E.W. Peterborough, Ont. fl. 1905-06
Armstrong, Mr. Moose Jaw, Sask. fl. 1890
Armstrong, F.W. Orillia, Ont. fl. 1874
Armstrong, Thomas A. Fredericton, N.B. fl. 1890
Arnold, E.B. Chatham, Ont. fl. 1907-09
Austin, Thomas Ottawa, Ont. fl. 1861-64
Barber, Rueben
Toronto, Ont. fl. 1897-1900
Barhum, Arnold F. Victoria, B.C. fl. 1893
Baril, Wilbrod Montreal, Que. fl. 1887
Barlow, Scott Cummings Bridge, Ont. fl. 1892-95
Beatson, J. Drummond Vancouver, B.C. fl. 1913
Beattie, James Lindsay
Toronto, Ont. fl. 1919-31
Beaulieu, Leopold
Montreal, Que. fl. 1936-48
Campbell, Alexander B. Greenwood, B.C. fl. 1899
Clarke, Edmond L. Guelph, Ont. fl. 1879
Davis, James Belleville, Ont. fl. 1874-76
Davis, Robert Halifax, N.S. fl. 1854-60
Fabian, Bruno Langley, B.C.; Harrison River, B.C. fl. 1890-94
Forbes, D.F. Welland, Ont. fl. 1913-14
Ford, Guy S.
Victoria, B.C. fl. 1911-50
Forrester, Alex Nanaimo, B.C. fl. 1911-26
Fraser, William Toronto, Ont. fl. 1845-52
Fry, Henry Winnipeg, Man. fl. 1881-84
Gaul, C. Rostock, Ont. fl. 1885-95
Gauthier, Albert Bordeaux, Que. fl. 1931-74
Jack, Alexander London, Ont. fl. 1881-82
Jackson, Arthur Lambton Mills, Ont. fl. 1884-93
Jackson, George Simcoe, Ont. fl. 1892-98
Janes, Charles G. Kent County, Ont. fl. 1900-02
Jarrett ∓ Cushing Calgary, Alta. fl. 1885
Johnston, John A. Halifax, N.S. fl. 1871-75
Jordan, Jacob Wilfrid
( -1908)
Montreal, Que. and Ottawa, Ont. fl. 1868-74
Julian, George Castlemore, Ont. fl. 1892-95
Kemp, A.C. St. George Winnipeg, Man. fl. 1872-81
Kenna, Joseph F. Montreal, Que. fl. 1884-87
Kilgar, James Cobourg, Ont. fl. 1864-65
Killer, Austin M. Stratford, Ont. fl. 1909-12
King, Fred Winnipeg, Man. fl. 1884
Kingcombe, Edward Vancouver, B.C. fl. 1890-93
Knight, J.H. Westaskiwin, Alta. fl. 1906-13
Kugel, Jack J. Montreal, Que. fl. 1937-45
McCullum, Arthur W. Halifax, N.S. fl. 1890-97
McCullum, John G. Calgary, Alta. fl. 1885
McDonagh, John Halifax, N.S. & St. John's, Nfld. fl. 1845-48
McPherson, William Rone Grand Forks, B.C. fl. 1900-04
McRae, Christopher C. Vancouver, B.C. fl. 1894-98
O'Dell, William Nanaimo, B.C. fl. 1893-94
O'Donohoe, Jeremiah Antigonish, N.S. fl. 1871
Oliphant, T. St. Thomas, Ont. fl. 1873-74
Orchard, Ernest Albert
(1872- )
Vernon and Golden, B.C. fl. 1891-1905
Owen, John
(1881- )
Ottawa, Ont. f. 1913-31
Park, James Gravenhurst, Ont. fl. 1872-3
Patton, Albert Ferguson
Toronto, Ont. fl. 1922-49
Patton, James Saint John, N.B. fl. 1877-78
Paulet, Georges Etienne
Montreal, Que. fl. 1937-70
Pearce, Neville B. Edmonton, Alta. fl. 1915-27
Raby, George
Ottawa, Ont. fl. 1860-66
Smith, Charles W. Halifax, N.S. fl. 1869-71
Smith, Charles W. Oshawa, Ont. fl. 1869-75
Thompson, Andrew J. Edmonton Alta. ∓ Moose Jaw, Sask. fl. 1904-07
Thomson, George William Halifax, N.S. fl. 1915-25
Todd, Langton W. New Denver, B.C. fl. 1894-98
Totty, Elliot
Victoria, B.C. fl. 1912-25
Tomes, William E. Sydney, N.S. fl. 1911-13
Ure, James Graydon Toronto, Ont. fl. 1912-14
Vallee, Alfred N. Quebec City, Que. fl. 1890-1900
Vallerand, L.P. Quebec City, Que. fl. 1895-99
Vincelli, Elio
Montreal, Que. fl. 1940-62
Walker, John Vancouver, B.C. fl. 1894-98
Wallace, J.W.M. Quebec City fl. 1902-38
Warrington, Stanford Toronto, Ont. fl. 1911-26
Warwick, J.D. Smiths Falls, Ont. fl. 1887-90
Wastell, George William Pentanguishine, Ont. and Grand Forks, B.C. fl. 1896-98
Water, W.T. St. Thomas, Ont. fl. 1872
Waterbury, David Hoyt Saint John, N.B. fl. 1881-1922
Waters, Allan Victoria, B.C. fl. 1912-18
Waterson, John Vancouver, B.C. fl. 1909-11
Watkinson, Henry Seaforth, Ont. fl. 1869
Watson, Fred B. Toronto, Ont. fl. 1891-99
Weiderhold, J. C. St. Marys, Ont. fl. 1903-06
Weston, Edwin J. Rossland, B.C. fl. 1899-1901
Wilber, C.A. Galt, Ont. fl. 1858
Wilkey, Thomas London, Ont. fl. 1896-1901
Wilkinson, H.N. Montreal, Que. fl. 1895-1900
Wilkinson, William D. Rossland, B.C. fl. 1897
Williams, Alfred Vancouver, B.C. fl. 1913-20
Williams, John
( -1831)
Saint John, N.B. fl. 1830-31
Wood, J.A. Lindsay, Ont. fl. 1861-62
Wood, Robert Whitby & Greenwood, Ont. fl. 1860-64
Woodall, S. Cole Victoria, B.C. fl. 1892-93
Yorke, Christopher Saint John, N.B. fl. 1879-80