Carter, Harold

CARTER, Harold (1885-1956), a native of Petersfield, Hants., Engl. was born 22 August 1885 and articled in London with H.T. Keates (in 1902-05), with George Walton (in 1905-06) and with several other architects before emigrating to Canada in 1909. He took up residence in Toronto and worked brieflly with Burke, Horwood & White and with Chapman & McGiffin before obtaining a position with Sproatt & Rolph in 1910. It was in that office that he developed his skills as an adept draftsman and as a scholar of the Collegiate Gothic style, and made a substantial contribution to projects such as Hart House (1911-19) and to Emmanuel College (1930-31). In 1922-23 he was briefly in partnership with Henry J. Burden and G.Roper Gouinlock, and assisted them in developing their neo-Gothic designs for R.H. King Collegiate in Scarborough (see list of works under Burden & Gouinlock). After serving with the Navy and Air Force in Ottawa during WWII, Carter opened an office in partnership with Ervine M. Coleman and completed several designs for the Scarborough Board of Education after 1950 including Winston Churchill Collegiate, West Hill Collegiate and W.A. Porter Collegiate. Carter died in Toronto on 9 July 1956 (obit. Toronto Star, 11 July 1956, 32; R.A.I.C. Journal, xxxiii, Aug. 1956, 313; inf. Ontario Association of Architects)


SCARBOROUGH, ONT., St. Nicholas Anglican Church, Kingston Road at Manderley Drive, 1916-17; major addition, 1933-34 (C.R., xxx, 19 April 1916, 45; Const., xvi, March 1923, 91-2, 95-6, illus. & descrip.; Canadian Churchman [Toronto], 30 Sept. 1926, 640, illus.; inf. Scott Edwards)


SCARBOROUGH, ONT., major addition to R.H. King Collegiate, Kingston Road at St. Clair Avenue East, 1949-50 (C.R., lxiii, April 1949, 156)


TORONTO, ONT., Toronto City Hall, 1958. The Toronto firm of Carter, Coleman & Rankin were one of nearly 100 Canadian entrants in this international competition. The modernist design submitted by this firm was not among the finalists, but their proposal has recently been published in G.T. Kapelos, Competing Modernisms: Toronto's New City Hall and Square, 2015, 79, illus. The competition was won by Viljo Revell from Finland.