Campbell, Milton Donald

CAMPBELL, Milton Donald (1868-1953) was born in Arnprior, Ont. on 31 October 1868 and moved to British Columbia in 1894 where he resided in Vancouver. He practiced in partnership with Francis E. Bennett (in 1910-11) and later with John Dawson in 1912. In 1909 he was one of five architectural firms invited to submit a design for the large exhibit hall on the Exhibitions Grounds at Hastings Park (Vancouver Daily World, 10 May 1909, 8). The winnner was Henry B. Watson of Vancouver. Campbell appears to have left Vancouver by 1914, but he almost certainly the same "Milton D. Campbell" recorded as an architectural draftsman in Regina, Sask in 1917. He was on the staff of Storey & Van Egmond, the leading firm in that city, from 1917 to 1923. By 1929 he had obtained a new position as Staff Architect for the Waterman-Waterbury Manufacturing Co., a large construction company based in Regina credited with the design and construction of dozens of small schools and residences in Saskatchewan. During this period, he prepared the plans for his own residence on Leopold Crescent in Regina (1939), as well as the Watchler Residence (c. 1940; demol. 2016), one of the first to experiment with ideas of the International Style in residential architecture in Saskatchewan. Campbell later returned to Victoria, B.C. after 1947, and died there on 4 July 1953 (death notice Daily Colonist [Victoria], 5 July 1953, 20; biog. in Who's Who in Western Canada, 1911, 130; inf. Gordon Fulton, Ottawa; inf. Ross Herrington, Regina; inf. Frank Korvemaker, Regina).


WEST 11th AVENUE, at Yukon Street, residence for M. McLean, 1910 (Vancouver Heritage Inventory: Summary Report, 1986, 42, illus.)


KWONG YUEN SANG CO., East Pender Street, 1911 (dwgs. at Vancouver City Archives)
CONNAUGHT APARTMENTS, Vine Street at Broadway, c. 1911 (dwgs. at Vancouver City Archives)
EAGLE APARTMENTS, Keefer Street, for Mrs. Snider, 1911 (C.R., xxv, 2 Aug. 1911, 62)
GRIFFITHS APARTMENTS, East 8th Avenue at Cedar Street, for J.H. Griffiths, 1911 (C.R., xxv, 23 Aug. 1911, 64)
COBALT HOTEL, Main Street near Prior Street, 1913 (dwgs. at Vancouver City Archives)


REGINA, SASK., residence for the architect, Leopold Crescent near Cameron Street, 1929 (inf. Frank Korvemaker, Regina)
REGINA, SASK., residence for Mr. Watchler, Leopold Crescent near College Avenue, c. 1940; demol. 2016 (inf. Frank Korvemaker, Regina)