Evans, Enoch

EVANS, Enoch (1858-1939), a native of Walsall, Stafforshire, Engl. was born on 12 November 1858 and trained with George Davis, a local architect in Walsall from 1874 until 1882. He practised there for nearly thirty years, specializing in commercial and industrial work; his commissions included the Fountain Hotel (1887), Albion Hotel (1906) and the Windmill Hotel (1908), as well as factory complexes for Cope & Son (1886), Summit Works Ltd. (1890), and H. Frost Ltd., all in Walsall. It is unclear why Evans would have ended an apparently successful practice in England and move to British Columbia in 1910 at the age of fifty-two. He brought his son George Norris Evans with him to Canada and opened an office in Vancouver in March 1912. Much of the work of the firm in the 1920's was likely designed by the younger G.N. Evans who had trained under his father in Walsall. Evans Sr. died in Vancouver on 22 October 1939 (obit. Vancouver Sun, 24 Oct. 1939, 2; Province [Vancouver], 24 Oct. 1939, 2; inf. Architectural Inst. of British Columbia; D. Luxton, Building the West: The Early Architects of British Columbia, 2003, 410-11, 498). The Vancouver City Archives holds several sets of drawings for projects by the firm completed between 1917 and 1936


(works in Vancouver unless noted)

W.M. HOLT & SON, Dufferin Street, glassworks factory, 1917 (dwgs. at Vancouver City Archives)
WEST 28th Street, near Marguerite Street, residence for Mrs. Mary Kirchener, 1921 (C.R., xxxv, 16 March 1921, 62)
ANGUS DRIVE, near West 33rd Avenue, residence for John G. Crawford, 1921 (C.R., xxxv, 16 March 1921, 62)
ANGUS DRIVE, near West 27th Avenue, residence for Henry S. Vaughan, 1921 (C.R., xxxv, 16 March 1921, 62)
GRANDVIEW GARAGE CO., Venables Street at Commercial Drive, garage and service station, 1921 (Vancouver Daily World, 28 Sept. 1921, 12, descrip.)
NELSON STREET, near Stanley Park, residence for Joseph Snider, 1921 (Vancouver Daily World, 12 Oct. 1921, 8, illus. & descrip.)
CHARLOTTE COURT APARTMENTS, West 12th Avenue at Oak Street, 1922-23 (Vancouver Daily World, 11 Oct. 1922, 9; dwgs. at Vancouver City Archives)
NANAIMO, B.C., garage and service station for James Irvine, Commercial Street, 1922 (C.R., xxxvi, 5 April 1922, 58)
BURNABY, B.C., residence for Edwin Bateman, Deer Lake Avenue, 1922 (City of Burnaby, Deer Lake Park Heritage Resource Inventory, 1998, 30, illus.)
WEST 12th AVENUE, between Oak Street and Granville Street, apartment block for Edward C. Smith, 1924 (Vancouver Daily World, 3 Jan. 1924, 10, descrip.)
NEW WESTMINSTER, B.C., Royal Protestant Home for Children, 6th Street at 8th Avenue, 1925 (Const., xviii, March 1925, 102)
GEORGIAN LODGE APARTMENTS, Hemlock Street near West 11th Avenue, c. 1925 (inf. Architectural Inst. of British Columbia)
MONTEREY APARTMENTS, Hemlock Street near West 10th Avenue, c. 1925 (R.A.I.C. Journal, iii, Sept.-Oct. 1926, v, illus. in advert.)
WINCHESTER APARTMENTS, Jervis Street at Nelson Street, 1925-26 (City of Vancouver b.p. 12472, 20 Oct. 1925; inf. Patrick Gunn, City of Vancouver)
GRACE HOSPITAL, Heather Street at West 26th Avenue, 1926 (dwgs. at Vancouver City Archives)
GLENWOOD APARTMENTS, West Broadway near Fir Street, 1926 (inf. Architectural Inst. of British Columbia)
MacDONALD APARTMENTS, Bidwell Street at Haro Street, 1928 (C.R., xlii, 1 Feb. 1928, 48)
CASA REY APARTMENTS, West Broadway near Pine Street, 1928 (dwgs. at Vancouver City Archives)
BAINESMOR APARTMENTS, West 11th Avenue at Hemlock Street, 1928-29 (C.R., xlii, 14 Nov. 1928, 53)
CAPISTRANO APARTMENTS, Comox Street at Gilford Street, 1928-29 (C.R., xlii, 5 Dec. 1928, 48)
UKRANIAN LABOUR TEMPLE, East Pender Street at Hawks Avenue, 1928 (dwgs. at Vancouver City Archives)
WEST 38th AVENUE, at Marguerite Street, residence for William Holt, 1929 (City of Vancouver b.p. 26010, 13 May 1929; inf. Patrick Gunn, Vancouver)
NEW WESTMINSTER, B.C., Nurse's Home for Royal Columbian Hospital, Columbia Street at Hospital Street, 1929-30 (C.R., xliii, 11 Sept. 1929, 65)
EDNA APARTMENTS, West 14th Avenue, 1930 (dwgs. at Vancouver City Archives)
BEACH LODGE APARMENTS, Gilford Street at Comox Street, 1930 (inf. Architectural Inst. of British Columbia)
WESTERHAM COURT APARTMENTS, Bute Street at Comox Street, 1936 (dwgs. at Vancouver City Archives)
NEW WESTMINSTER, B.C., major addition to Post Office for the Dept. of Public Works, 1937 (C.R., vol. 50, 19 May 1937, 34)
BURNABY, B.C., Oak Theatre, Kingsway at Marlborough Street, 1937 (C.R., vol. 50, 17 March 1937, 37)