Eade, Hugh Rotherham

EADE, Hugh Rotherham (1882-c. 1980) was born at Ipswich, England in December 1882 and emigrated to Canada in 1902. He was active in Winnipeg where he practised in partnership with his older brother Wallace Cotman Eade (1871-1916) from 1905 to 1910. Wallace C. was born in Ipswich, Co. Suffolk, England on 16 July 1871 and emigrated to Canada in 1892. It is likely that Wallace encouraged his younger brother Hugh to join him in Winnipeg in 1902. From 1898 to 1906 Wallace C. was employed as Chief Draftsman in the City Engineer's Department, where he designed The Colonnade, a Doric pavilion with a vast arcaded facade linking all the isolated buildings at the Dominion Fairgrounds in Winnipeg (Manitoba Free Press [Winnipeg], 23 June 1904, 8, descrip.; 16 July 1904, 10, illus. & descrip.; Manitoba, Display Building No. Two, Brandon, 1984, 7-8, illus.). In 1905 the Eade Brothers submitted an entry in the competition for the St. Boniface Town Hall, but were unsuccessful as Victor Horwood was declared the winner. Undeterred by this loss, the Eade Brothers were one of 8 firms who submitted designs in the competition for the City Hall in Calgary, Alta. in 1907 (Winnipeg Dailly Tribune, 6 May 1907, 6, report; Morning Albertan [Calgary], 7 May 1907, 4, list of entrants). The First Premium was later awarded to William Dodd.

The partnership of the Eade Brothers was formally announced in May 1906 after Wallace C. resigned his post with the City of Winnipeg (Winnipeg Tribune, 18 May 1906, 1). Hugh R. Eade remained active in Winnipeg until after 1950 and resigned from the Manitoba Assoc. of Architects in 1965. His brother Wallace C. died in Vancouver on 12 July 1916 (obituary The Sun [Vancouver], 13 July 1916, 4). .


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