Fowler, Joseph Ades

FOWLER, Joseph Ades (1850-1921) was the son of Henry and Ellis Ades Fowler of Brighton, England and was born there on 19 August 1850. He attended local grammar schools and the South Kensington School of Art in London. In 1865 he moved to Renfrew, Scotland to take technical courses in engineering and attend lectures at the University of Glasgow. He returned to Brighton in late 1866 and entered the office of Goulty & Gibbins, Architects; upon the death of Goulty he moved to London to work with Sir William Emerson and prepared drawings under his supervision for major buildings at Allahabad, India. Fowler emigrated to Canada in 1870 and after settling in Toronto he formed a partnership with Silas James in January 1872. The firm of James & Fowler won First Premium of $200 in the competition for the new Ottawa City Hall, but their plans were later rejected by City Council as too costly (Michael Newton, Lower Town Ottawa 1854-1900, 1981, 458). Their partnership was dissolved in August of 1872 and Fowler began a practice under his own name. During 1874-75 he assisted the ailing William G. Storm with drawings for both the Carlton Street Methodist Church and St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Toronto, '...every detail of which was prepared by him during Mr. Storm's illness' (Goderich Signal, 17 March 1921, 10). In early 1886 he formed a partnership with Thomas Cuthbertson of Woodstock, Ont., but it is unclear if Fowler was directly involved in the activity of the Woodstock office since tender calls under his name continue to appear in Toronto newspapers from 1886 to 1894. After the untimely death of his Woodstock partner in April 1894 he arranged for his son Henry Ades Fowler to join his Toronto office, but within a year the partnership of Fowler & Son was dissolved; his son moved to Chicago and Fowler moved to Clinton, Ont. to supervise the completion of the Huron County House of Refuge. By 1898 he had taken up residence in Goderich, Ont. and remained active there until 1916. His best know work in the town is the bold Romanesque Revival design for the Carnegie Library (1903), a distinctive landmark sensitively situated on an awkward triangular site on Montreal Street. He died in that town on 5 March 1921 (obituary in the Goderich Signal, 17 March 1921, 10; biography and list of works in Dominion Illustrated [Toronto], 1891-92, 128; R.I.B.A., Directory of British Architects 1834-1914, 2001, i, 680)


(works in Toronto unless noted)

GRACE ANGLICAN CHURCH, Elm Street near Elizabeth Street, 1875; demol. (Mail [Toronto], 22 June 1875, 4, descrip.; Globe [Toronto], 20 Aug. 1875, 4, descrip.)
BLOOR STREET WEST, residence for Col. William S. Durie, 1877 (Mail [Toronto], 2 May 1877, 2)
MONCK STREET, row of five houses for Charles Powell, 1877 (Mail [Toronto], 2 May 1877, 2)
SUMACH STREET, at Beech Street, two houses for Edward Taylor, 1877 (Mail [Toronto], 2 May 1877, 2)
BELLWOODS AVENUE, near Dundas Street West, residence for M.H. Fowler, 1877 (Mail [Toronto], 2 May 1877, 2)
SPADINA AVENUE, at Cecil Street, a block of nine houses for an unnamed owner, 1878 (Globe [Toronto], 10 April 1878, 3, t.c.)
QUEEN STREET WEST, west of Euclid Avenue, commercial block of six stores, 1881 (Telegram [Toronto], 2 April 1881, 2, t.c.)
BROCKTON TOWN HALL, Dundas Street West at Brock Avenue, 1881 (Globe [Toronto], 27 Aug. 1881, 8, t.c.)
DRAPER STREET, row of fourteen semi-detached houses, 1881 (Telegram [Toronto], 3 Sept. 1881, 5, t.c.)
BALDWIN STREET, near Huron Street, row of five houses for Richard & Winchester (Toronto b.p. 39, 6 March 1882)
McCAUL STREET, pair of houses for William Pudifin, 1882 (Toronto b.p. 94, 31 May 1882)
JOHN ABELL CO., Queen Street West at Abell Street, factory and row of worker's housing on Abell Street, 1882 (Globe [Toronto], 28 June 1882, 5, t.c.; Mail [Toronto], 23 Aug. 1882, 8, descrip.)
ST. HELEN'S ROMAN CATHOLIC SCHOOL, Dundas Street West near Brock Street, 1882 (Telegram [Toronto], 7 Nov. 1882, 1, t.c.)
ROSE AVENUE, residence for George R. Baker, 1882 (Toronto b.p. 185, 25 Nov. 1882)
BROCK AVENUE SCHOOL, Brock Avenue at Margueretta Street, 1886 (Globe [Toronto], 26 May 1886, 6, t.c.)
DOVERCOURT VILLAGE PUBLIC SCHOOL, Hallam Street at Bartlett Avenue, 1887-88 (Telegram [Toronto], 30 April 1887, 3, t.c.; 13 June 1888, 2, t.c.; dwgs. at the Toronto Board of Education Archives)
PARKDALE TOWN HALL, Queen Street West at Cowan Avenue, 1887 (Globe [Toronto], 19 April 1887, 8; M. Laycock & B. Myrvold, Parkdale in Pictures, 1991, 50, illus.)
WEST TORONTO JUNCTION, Presbyterian Church, Ethel Avenue, 1888 (Telegram [Toronto], 30 June 1888, 2, t.c.)
DUNDAS STREET WEST, near Brock Avenue, residence, office and carriage house for Dr. John McConnell, 1888 (Toronto World, 19 July 1888, 2, t.c.)
WEST TORONTO JUNCTION, residence for R.W. Scarlett, Davenport Road, 1888 (Telegram [Toronto], 11 Aug. 1888, 7, t.c.)
STRATFORD, ONT., commercial block for the North Estate, 1889 (Architectural Era [Syracuse], iii, March 1889, 76)
QUEEN STREET WEST, at Peter Street, stores and flats for Thomas Crawford, 1889 (Architectural Era [Syracuse], iii, March 1889, 76)
TORONTO WATERWORKS HIGH LEVEL PUMPING STATION, Poplar Plains Road at McMaster Avenue, engine house and boiler house, 1889; enlargement and reconstruction of pumping station, 1890 (Globe [Toronto], 10 Aug. 1889, 16, t.c.; Toronto Daily News, 14 June 1890, 8, t.c.)
SHAW STREET, at Arthur Street, three houses for an unnamed client, 1889 (Telegram [Toronto], 21 Sept. 1889, 3, t.c.)
MOULTON LADIES COLLEGE, Bloor Street East near Yonge Street, 1890 (list of works in Dominion Illustrated, 1892, 128)
CLOSE AVENUE, at Springhurst Avenue, three pairs of houses for McAffie & Newman, 1892 (Toronto b.p. 863, 3 June 1892)
SHANNON STREET, residence for the architect, 1892 (Toronto b.p. 884, 20 June 1892)
DOWLING AVENUE, opposite Leopold Street, two houses for R.M. Scott, 1892 (Toronto b.p. 945, 17 Aug. 1892)
QUEEN STREET WEST, near Dovercourt Road, three stores and dwellings above for J. Baker, 1892 (Toronto b.p. 956, 24 Aug. 1892)
SHERBOURNE STREET, opposite Shuter Street, pair of houses for William Hutchison, 1892 (Toronto b.p. 1000, 28 Sept. 1892)
BLOOR STREET WEST, near Brunswick Avenue, pair of stores and dwellings for William White, 1892 (Toronto b.p. 1125, 18 Oct. 1892)
GUELPH AVENUE, six pairs of houses for Palmer & Harrington, 1893 (C.R., iv, 13 April 1893, 2, t.c.)
COWAN AVENUE, south of King Street West, two houses for Mrs. Susan Kennedy, 1893 (Toronto b.p. 1319, 19 May 1893)
QUEEN STREET EAST, near Broadview Avenue, three stores and dwellings for William W. Walton, 1894 (Toronto b.p. 1618, 10 May 1894)
ROSE AVENUE, row of three houses for Mrs. M. McKillop, 1894 (Toronto b.p. 1617, 10 May 1894)
KING STREET WEST, near Cowan Avenue, residence and coach house for Davidson Todd, 1894 (Toronto b.p. 1664, 28 May 1894)


CLINTON, ONT., Huron County House of Refuge, 1894-95 (C.R., v, 8 Nov. 1894, 1, t.c.; Free Press [London], 9 Nov. 1895, 6, illus. & descrip.)
RONCESVALLES AVENUE, at Howard Park Avenue, residence for Alexander Mitchell, 1895 (Toronto b.p. 1842, 15 March 1895)
GULLET & SONS, Yonge Street near Charles Street West, showroom and sculptor's workshop for Frederick B. Gullett, 1895 (Toronto b.p. 1867, 16 April 1895)


CLINTON, ONT., Public Library, known as the Stavley Memorial Building, Albert Street, 1897-98; addition, 1916 (Clinton New Era, 10 Sept. 1897, 8, descrip.; M. Beckman, The Best Gift, 1984, 95, illus.)
SEAFORTH, ONT., residence for Rev. P. McCabe, 1899 (Signal [Goderich], 13 April 1899, 1, t.c.)
BELFAST, ONT., Methodist Church, for Rev. Hackett, 1902 (C.R., xii, 25 Dec. 1901, 2)
BAYFIELD, ONT., Presbyterian Church, 1902 (C.R., xiii, 5 Feb. 1902, 1, t.c.)
GODERICH, ONT., North Street Methodist Church, 1902 (C.R., xiii, 23 July 1902, 1, t.c.)
GODERICH, ONT., Public Library, Montreal Street at Lighthouse Street, 1903 (C.R., xiv, 1 April 1903, 1, t.c.)