Gauld, James Alexander

GAULD, James Alexander (1859-1932), born in London, Ont. on 22 September 1859, and active in that city from 1893 until after 1900 when he moved to Winnipeg, Man. Only a few references to his work as an architect in Manitoba have been found during this period, as he was employed in the engineering department of the Canadian Pacific Railway western shops, and worked as a surveyor with the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway. From 1920 until his retirement in 1929 he was employed in the Building Inspector's Dept., and Freight Car Repair Department at the Transcona shops of the Canadian National Railway. Gauld died in Winnipeg on 20 March 1932 (obituary Winnipeg Daily Tribune, 21 March 1932, 3; inf. Murray Peterson, City of Winnipeg)


CENTRAL AVENUE, residence for Alexander Fraser, 1893 (C.R., iv, 7 Sept. 1893, 1)
WATERLOO STREET, residence for H.S. Saunders, 1893 (Daily Advertiser [London], 17 Oct. 1893, 6)
WOLFE STREET, residence for H. Saunders, 1893 (Daily Advertiser [London], 30 Oct. 1893, 6)
KING STREET, residence for Prof. Roselle Pocock, 1893 (Daily Advertiser [London], 30 Oct. 1893, 6)
WATERLOO STREET, four houses 'opposite the High School', 1894 (Daily Advertiser [London], 5 March 1894, 6)
PICCADILLY STREET, near Wellington Street, residence for J.P. Thompson, 1894 (Daily Advertiser [London], 30 March 1894, 6)
WELLINGTON STREET, residence for Judge William Elliot, 1894 (C.R., v, 7 June 1894, 1)
KING STREET PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, additions and alterations, 1894 (Daily Advertiser [London], 20 June 1894, 2, t.c.)
TALBOT STREET, residence for J.R. Taylor, 1895 (Daily Advertiser [London], 3 July 1895, 8)
DUNDAS STREET, residence for William Eckert, 1895-96 (C.R., vi, 12 Dec. 1895, 2)
CENTRAL AVENUE, near William Street, residence for William Kerr, 1897 (Daily Advertiser [London], 2 Oct. 1897, 6)
YORK STREET, residence for William Clark, 1897 (C.R., viii, 4 Nov. 1897, 2)
WILLIAM STREET, residence for Dr. John H. Gardiner, 1898 (C.R., ix, 16 March 1898, 3)
ST. JAMES STREET, residence for Rev. James McEwan, 1898 (C.R., ix, 20 April 1898, 3)


FAIRBAIRN BLOCK, Main Street at Selkirk Avenue, for Thomas Fairbairn, with the Finch Bros. Dept. Store on the ground floor, 1906 (Manitoba Free Press, 2 June 1906, 18, descrip., but incorrectly credited to "J.A. Gault [sic], architect" )
MANSFIELD COURT APARTMENTS, Ellice Avenue at McGee Street, 1908 (Winnipeg b.p. 1526, 1908)