Puntin, James Henry

PUNTIN, James Henry (1878-1957) made an important contribution to architecture in Regina yet his work is often underrated and overlooked. Born at Gateshead-on-Tyne, England on 3 May 1878 he was educated at schools in Gateshead, at Rutherford College, Newcastle-on-Tyne, and at Owens College in Manchester. He articled to Charles Kempson, Gateshead, 1891-95 and worked as assistant to F.R.N. Haswell of North Shields in 1896-99, then joined the Royal Engineers Civil Staff as draftsman and clerk-of-works. He emigrated to Canada in 1904 and settled at Winnipeg where he assisted J.G.H. Russell in 1904-05 and became manager of the Winnipeg office of Darling & Pearson in 1905-06. Puntin moved to Regina in late 1906 and worked as supervising architect for the Saskatchewan Public Works Dept. overseeing construction of important buildings such as the provincial Parliament Buildings in Regina, designed by E. & W.S. Maxwell. He accepted the appointment of Architect to the Regina Public School Board in 1912 and designed many substantial school buildings in Regina during the next twenty years, but it was his assured designs for major additions to Regina College (1914) and the new complex for Luther College (1925) which demonstrated his ability to use Collegiate Gothic forms in a distinctive manner.
In 1929 he formed a partnership with Col. F.J. O'Leary and the following year invited Charles Coxall to join their firm, but a dearth of work during the Depression led to the dissolution of the firm and Puntin continued under his own name until 1943 when he retired and moved to British Columbia. He died in Vancouver on 20 March 1957 (death notice in the Vancouver Sun, 21 March 1957, 26; biography & port. in Who's Who & Why in Canada, 1914, 772; National Reference Book, 1929-30, 356-7; R.I.B.A., Directory of British Architects 1834-1914, 2001, ii, 423)


(works in Regina unless noted)

ST. CHAD'S ANGLICAN CHURCH, Dewdney Street near Cameron Street, 1907 (Morning Leader [Regina], 23 July 1907, 2, illus.)
REGINA METHODIST COLLEGE, 16th Avenue at Scarth Street, c. 1910 (list of works in Who's Who & Why, 1914, 772)
YOUNG WOMEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION, Lorne Street opposite Victoria Park, 1911 (Morning Leader [Regina], Building Number, 30 Nov. 1911, 21, illus. & descrip.)
DAVIDSON, SASK., General Hospital, 1912 (Manitoba Free Press [Winnipeg], 14 Oct. 1912, 8, illus.)
BENSON PUBLIC SCHOOL, Myra Street, 1912 (dwgs. at Regina Board of Education)
CONNAUGHT PUBLIC SCHOOL, 13th Avenue at Elphinstone Street, 1912 (C.R., xxvi, 23 Oct. 1912, 65, illus. & descrip.; Const., viii, Jan. 1915, 40-2, illus. & descrip.; dwgs. at Regina Board of Education)
WETMORE PUBLIC SCHOOL, Wallace Street near 14th Avenue, 1913 (Morning Leader [Regina], 14 Aug. 1913, 2, descrip.; dwgs. at Regina Board of Education)
FORT QU'APPELLE, SASK., Tuberculosis Sanatorium, including Administration Building, Open Air Pavilions, Doctor's Residence, and Power House, 1913-14 (C.R., xxxii, 5 June 1918, 456-9, illus. & descrip.)
ST. PETER'S ANGLICAN CHURCH, Garnet Street at 7th Avenue, 1913-14 (C.R., xxvii, 24 Dec. 1913, 66)
REGINA COLLEGE, 16th Avenue at Scarth Street, major extension including East & West Towers and Ladies Residence, 1914; Gymnasium, 1925; Power Plant, 1927; Music & Arts Building, 1928 (C.R., xxviii, 15 April 1914, 78; dwgs. at SAB, Regina; Morning Leader [Regina], 14 Jan. 1925, 10, descrip.; 20 Jan. 1927, 9, descrip.; C.R., xlii, 20 June 1928, 53)
HULTAIN PUBLIC SCHOOL, Elliott Street at 4th Avenue, 1919 (Morning Leader [Regina], 20 Sept. 1919, 19, illus. & descrip.)
OGEMA, SASK., War Memorial Hall, 1919 (Morning Leader [Regina], 8 Aug. 1919, 8, descrip.; inf. Ross Herrington, Regina)
SASKATCHEWAN CO-OPERATIVE CREAMERY CO., Albert Street at 11th Avenue, offices, power house, creamery and stack, 1919-20 (C.R., xxxiii, 3 Dec. 1919, 49)
KITCHENER PUBLIC SCHOOL, Athol Street at 3rd Avenue, 1921 (Morning Leader [Regina], 5 May 1921, 8)
LAKEVIEW PUBLIC SCHOOL, Cameron Street at 20th Avenue, 1921 (Morning Leader [Regina], 28 Feb. 1921, 8; dwgs. at Regina Board of Education)
LUTHERAN COLLEGE, Dewdney Avenue at Royal Street, 1925 (C.R., xxxix, 18 Feb. 1925, 54; dwgs. at SAB, Regina)
COLLEGE AVENUE, at Cornwall Street, mansion for Frank N. Darke, 1926 (list of works in the National Reference Book, 1929-30, 356-7)
CAMPION COLLEGE, Albert Street near 23rd Avenue, c. 1925 (list of works in the National Reference Book, 1929-30, 356-7)
SACRED HEART ROMAN CATHOLIC ACADEMY, 13th Avenue at Garnet Street, addition of the West Wing and new chapel, 1924-26 (Winnipeg Daily Tribune, 3 May 1924, 1; list of works in the National Reference Book, 1929-30, 356-7)
MODERN MOTORS LTD., South Railway Avenue at Cornwall Street, 1926 (Morning Leader [Regina], 20 Aug. 1926, 8,descrip.; inf. Ross Herrington, Regina)
SACRED HEART ROMAN CATHOLIC COLLEGE, Albert Street at 23rd Avenue, 1926; later called Marian High School, demol. c. 1990 (dwgs. at SAB, Regina)
YORKTON, SASK., Queen Victoria Hospital, Assiniboine Avenue, 1928 (C.R., xlii, 17 Oct. 1928, 48)


ST. AUGUSTINE ROMAN CATHOLIC SCHOOL, Edgar Street at 15th Avenue, 1929 (Minute Book of the Regina Separate School Board)
GRAVELBOURG, SASK., school for the Oblate Sisters, 1929 (C.R., xliii, 24 July 1929, 57)


LAKEVIEW PUBLIC SCHOOL, Cameron Street at 20th Avenue, major addition, 1930 (Morning Leader [Regina], 21 Oct. 1929, 9; xliv, 9 April 1930, 68)
REGINA CHEVROLET SALES CO., Victoria Avenue at McIntyre Street, garage, 1930 (C.R., xliv, 5 Feb. 1930, 56, t.c.)
ARMY & NAVY DEPARTMENT STORES LTD., new mail order warehouse, Osler Street at 6th Avenue, 1930; demol. (Leader-Post [Regina], 19 Sept. 1930, 9, illus. & descrip.; inf. Ross Herrington, Regina)
ALBERT STREET MEMORIAL BRIDGE, 1930 (Leader-Post [Regina], 2 Oct. 1930, 1 & 5; 11 Nov. 1930, 1, illus. & descrip.; Tim Morawetz, Art Deco Architecture Across Canada, 2017, 231, illus. & descrip.)
ELEVENTH AVENUE, at Albert Street, indoor Golf Course and Driving Range, 1930; converted to Capital Grocery Ltd. Market, 1931; demol. (Leader-Post [Regina], 2 Oct. 1930, 3, descrip.; inf. Ross Herrington, Regina)
ST. MARY'S ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, Winnipeg Street at 13th Avenue, a new Parish Hall for the church, 1931 (Leader-Post [Regina], 10 Jan. 1931, 2, illus. & descrip.)
CENTRAL POLICE STATION (later called The Municipal Justice Building), 11th Avenue at Halifax Street, 1930-31 (Leader-Post [Regina[, 6 Dec. 1930, 3, illus. & descrip.; 28 May 1931, 10, illus.)
BIGGAR, SASK., hospital for the Grey Nuns, 1931 (C.R., xlv, 24 June 1931, 52)