Paull, Herbert George

PAULL, Herbert George (1858-1948), son of Almond E. Paull, was born in Truro, Cornwall, England in 1858 and was brought to Canada by his parents in 1870. He received his primary education at the Model School in Toronto and at the early age of twelve years entered the office of his father to work as an apprentice. In 1878 he was taken into partnership by him, and the office of Paull & Son remained active until early 1888. Their strong connections with the Methodist church helped sustain the practice and after 1889, when H.G. Paull opened his own office, virtually all commissions for the Salvation Army Methodist temples from Newfoundland to British Columbia were executed by him. His ecclesiastical designs were considered structurally innovative for their time, but his interpretation of the Gothic style was somewhat bleak and arid, and was no match for the scholarly elegance of church designs being produced at this time by other Toronto firms such as Sproatt & Rolph and Darling & Pearson.

Paull frequently entered architectural competitions, and had some minor successes. In 1886 he was one of thirteen competitors to submit a design for the Toronto City Hall, an effort which earned him Fourth Prize of $200 (Globe [Toronto], 11 May 1886, 8). He was ambitious enough to prepare an entry in the competition for the Legislative Building in Victoria, B.C. in 1892, but his scheme was not premiated (M. Segger, The British Columbia Parliament Buildings, 1979, 83-4, Entry No. 14, signed 'Justice'). In 1893 he won First Prize in the competition to remodel the St. Lawrence Market, Front Street, Toronto, Ont. (C.A.B., vi, Aug. 1893, 85). He also took an interest in historic preservation, and was among the first members of his profession in the late 19th century to speak in defense of preserving Fort York, and to retain and restore the early Rosedale residence called 'Castle Frank' (C.A.B., x, Sept. 1897, 170). Paull retired from active practice after 1930 and died at Toronto on 24 August 1948 (obituary in the Toronto Star, 25 Aug. 1948, 26; Telegram [Toronto], 25 Aug. 1948, 18; biography in H. Morgan, Canadian Men and Women of the Time, 1912, 890; T. Champion, Methodist Churches of Toronto, 1899, 144-6).

H.G. PAULL (Ecclesiastical and Institutional works in Toronto unless noted)

CENTENNIAL METHODIST CHURCH, Dovercourt Road south of Bloor Street West, 1891 (Toronto World, 8 Sept. 1891, 3, descrip.; Christian Guardian [Toronto], 16 Sept. 1891, 580, descrip.)
WALKERVILLE, ONT., Methodist Church, 1892 (C.R., iii, 18 June 1892, 2, t.c.)
ORILLIA, ONT., Salvation Army Citadel, 1894 (C.R., v, 22 March 1894, 1, t.c.)
PORT ARTHUR, ONT., Salvation Army Citadel, 1894 (C.R., v, 13 Sept. 1894, 1)
FORT WILLIAM, ONT., Salvation Army Citadel, 1894 (C.R., v, 13 Sept. 1894, 1)
FREDERICTON, N.B., Salvation Army Citadel, 1894 (C.R., v, 13 Sept. 1894, 2)
WINNIPEG, MAN., Salvation Army Citadel, 1895 (C.R., vi, 14 March 1895, 2)
HAMILTON, ONT., Salvation Army Citadel, Hughson Street North at Rebecca Street, 1895 (Evening Times (Hamilton), 31 Oct. 1895, 8; and 1 Nov. 1895, 8; and 2 Nov. 1895, 8, t.c.; inf. Robert Hamilton, C.R., vi, 31 Oct. 1895, 1, t.c.)
ST. THOMAS, ONT., Salvation Army Citadel, 1896 (Daily Advertiser [London], 3 Nov. 1896, 8)
MOUNT PLEASANT CEMETERY, large monument for the I.O.O.F., 1897; still standing in 2023 (The Globe [Toronto], 1 Nov. 1897, 7, descrip.; Metro Toronto Reference Library, Baldwin Room, printed broadside notice)
SALVATION ARMY HALL, Huron Street near Sullivan Street, 1901 (C.R., xii, 20 Feb. 1901, 3)
COLLEGE STREET PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, addition of a manse or residence for Rev. James C. Colling, College Street near Bathurst Street, 1906 (Toronto b.p. 3541, 21 April 1906)
ETOBICOKE, school near Lambton Mills, 1907 (C.R., xviii, 23 Oct. 1907, 4, t.c.)
ODDFELLOWS HALL, Bathurst Street south of College Street, 1909 (Toronto b.p. 16396, 14 July 1909)
DALE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, Queen Street West at Bellwoods Avenue, 1909 (Toronto b.p. 16878, 13 Aug. 1909; C.R., xxx, 12 April 1916, 348-50, illus. & descrip.)
STREETSVILLE, ONT., Dixie Presbyterian Church, at 3065 Cawthra Road, 1910, still standing in 2024 (Streetsville Review, 21 July 1910; inf. Paula Wubbenhorst, City of Mississauga)
ODDFELLOWS HALL, College Street near Ross Street, 1912-13; still standing in 2023 (Toronto b.p. 971, 13 Nov. 1912; dwgs. City of Toronto Archives, Fonds 200, Series 410, File 1504; Toronto Architectural Conservancy, College Street: A Study - Part One, 2012, 14-17, illus. & descrip.)
ST. DAVID'S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, Harvie Avenue at St. Clair Avenue West. 1914 (inf. from City of Toronto, Building Records Div.)

H.G. PAULL (Commercial and Industrial works in Toronto unless noted)

SUNNYSIDE PARK, dance hall, boat house and large restaurant for V.P. Meyer, 1901; demol. c. 1956 (C.R., xii, 2 Oct. 1901, 3)
QUEEN STREET WEST, near Ryerson Avenue, studio and store for Charles L. Rosevear, 1902 (Toronto b.p. 82, 9 April 1902)
C. WILSON & SON, Esplanade Street at Market Street, warehouse and factory, 1905 (Toronto b.p. 2032, 13 Sept. 1905)
INTERNATIONAL GAS APPLIANCES CO., Queen Street East near River Street, warehouse, 1905 (Toronto b.p. 2585, 27 Nov. 1905)
F.C. BURROUGHES CO., Queen Street West, east of Bathurst Street, large 6 storey retail store, 1906-07; warehouse 1909; with adjacent warehouse on Bathurst Street, 1911; all still standing in 2023 (Toronto Daily Star, 15 Feb. 1907, 8, detailed descrip.; Toronto b.p. 4002, 29 May 1906; 17194, 8 Sept. 1909; 31763, 20 Nov. 1911)
COLLEGE STREET, at Croft Street, funeral parlour for Arthur W. Miles, 1912 (Toronto b.p. 34470, 1 June 1912)
FOX & CO., King Street West at Charlotte Street, factory, 1913 (Toronto b.p. 4259, 16 May 1913)
ARTHUR MILES FUNERAL PARLOUR, College Street at Croft Street, 1922 (C.R., xxxvi, 2 Aug. 1922, 48, t.c.)

H.G. PAULL (Residential works in Toronto unless noted)

BLOOR STREET WEST, at Borden Street, row of five houses for David Austin, 1892 (Toronto b.p. 875, 14 June 1892)
STEWART STREET, pair of houses for John Denny, 1899 (Toronto b.p. 216, 17 Aug. 1899)
LIPPINCOTT STREET, near College Street, pair of houses for Edward F. Rush, 1901 (Toronto b.p. 190, 16 April 1901)
SUNNYSIDE PARK, dance hall, boat house and large restaurant for V.P. Meyer, 1901; demol. c. 1956 (C.R., xii, 2 Oct. 1901, 3)
QUEEN STREET WEST, near Ryerson Avenue, studio and store for Charles L. Rosevear, 1902 (Toronto b.p. 82, 9 April 1902)
ALBANY AVENUE, near Barton Avenue, residence for Miss Maria Chinn, 1902 (Toronto b.p. 107, 17 April 1902)
LIPPINCOTT STREET, near College Street, residence for Edward F. Rush, 1902 (C.R., xiii, 21 May 1902, 4)
METCALFE STREET, residence for George Ferrier, 1903 (Toronto b.p. 1780, 29 Sept. 1903)
SHERBOURNE STREET, near Carlton Street, dental office and residence for Frank D. Price, 1904 (Toronto b.p. 634, 9 June 1904)
COLLEGE STREET, near Lippincott Street, residence for Herbert G. Paull, architect, 1905 (Toronto b.p. 207, 16 Jan. 1905)
HURON STREET, near Lowther Avenue, residence for Mrs. Mathewson, 1905 (Toronto b.p. 800, 8 May 1905)
GRACE STREET, at Dundas Street West, row of seven houses for Mrs. E.C. Haskins, 1905 (Toronto b.p. 799, 8 May 1905)
RUSHOLME ROAD, near Dewson Street, residence for Henry A. Pye, 1905 (Toronto b.p. 2549, 23 Nov. 1905)
MACPHERSON AVENUE, near Yonge Street, residence for Robert W. Boyd, 1906 (Toronto b.p. 4397, 27 June 1906)
PARK ROAD, pair of houses for John N. Lake, 1908 (Const., i, Feb. 1908, 74)
HURON STREET, near Baldwin Street, pair of houses for George Lowe, 1909 (Const., ii, Feb. 1909, 78)
HIGH PARK AVENUE, near Glenlake Avenue, residence for William A. McMaster, 1909 (The Leader & Recorder [West Toronto Junction Historical Society], Winter 2003, 1 & 4; inf. Carl Stetler, Toronto)
HIGH PARK GARDENS, near Indian Road, residence for William Long, 1911 (Toronto b.p. 25700, 18 March 1911)
DENISON AVENUE, near Carr Street, apartment block for C.E. Vardon, 1911 (Toronto b.p. 26866, 4 May 1911)