Snell, George

SNELL, George (1820-1893) of Boston, Mass. was commissioned in 1866 to design All Saints Anglican Church, King Street at Montague Street, ST. ANDREWS, N.B. His initial design for a stone church in the Gohic style proved too expensive for the congregation, and reluctantly the parish 'decided to construct a timber church, painted and plastered to look like stone, but of spruce and pine of New Brunswick' (J. Medcof, Short History of All Saints Anglican Church 1783-1967, 18-19, illus.). Snell's plans were redrawn to adapt them to wood construction techniques, and the church opened the following year (J. Leroux & T. Holownia, St. Andrews Architecture 1604-1966, 2010, Item 71, illus.)
Snell was a native of London, Engl. and articled there to Harvey L. Elmes, a leading neoclassical designer in England. He moved to Boston in 1850 where his best known works include the Boston Music Hall (1852), the Studio Building (where he maintained an office for more than thirty years), the Hotel Oxford, the South Boston Church Home for Destitute Children, and the Concord Public Library. After 1862 he was in partnership with James R. Gregerson. Snell died in Boston in March 1893 (obit. American Architect & Building News [Boston], xxxix, 4 March 1893, 129-30; biog. H. Withey, Biographical Dictionary of American Architects, 1956, 563).