Webb, Wilbur Ralph

WEBB, Wilbur Ralph (1885- c. 1955) of Toronto, Ont. practised there in partnership with Adolphus D. Waste in 1921-25 (see list of works under Waste & Webb). Born in Pickering, Ont. on 28 August 1885 he trained under George W. Gouinlock in 1904-09 and became a staff architect for the Toronto Board of Education in 1910. He remained there for ten years then opened his own office in 1920. After the dissolution of the partnership with A.D. Waste in 1925, he moved to Detroit, Mich. to take a position as draftsman with Louis Kamper (in 1925-26), and with C. Howard Crane (in 1926-27) before joining the S.S. Kresge Co. as a designer of their small department stores.

By 1934 he had returned to Canada and that year he was briefly in partnership with Clare MacLean (see entry under MacLean & Webb). In 1939, he designed the Bel-Air Apartments, Rosecliffe Avenue at Westmount Avenue, York Township, TORONTO, ONT. (C.R., lii, 7 June 1939, 43). With Alex Blyth and Wallace C. Sproule he designed the Biltmore Theatre, King Street East at Albert Street, OSHAWA, ONT., 1940 (C.R., lii, 13 Dec. 1939, 28). The following year their firm completed the York Township Hydro Offices, Keele Street at Elora Road, York Township, TORONTO, ONT., 1941 (C.R., liv, 8 Jan. 1941, 32). Webb moved to Arizona in 1952 (inf. Ontario Association of Architects).