Wardell, Lindsay Alexander

WARDELL, Lindsay Alexander (1879-1962) was born in Dundas, Ontario on 13 March 1879 and was educated at the Christian Brothers Separate School in Hamiton. He was employed as draftsman for W.P. Witton in 1900 and then travelled to New York where he assisted Arnold Brunner and the firm of Knowles & Hubbell. Upon his return to Canada he moved to Toronto to work with Darling & Pearson and with Sproatt & Rolph. He was asked to represent the latter firm in Winnipeg from 1905 to May 1907 when their business was dissolved (Winnipeg Daily Tribune, 30 May 1907, 2). He then opened an office there with H.J. Nichols in late 1907. This partnership was also shortlived, and dissolved in late 1909 when Wardell moved back to Hamilton where he again assisted W.P. Witton as draftsman until 1915 and then commenced his own practice in that city. He was joined by Walter Scott in 1918 (see list of works under Scott & Wardell), and in 1924 left Hamilton and moved to Toronto where he was active for the remainder of his career. He specialized in ecclesiastical work, and many of his designs were executed in a controlled and somewhat dispassionate Gothic revival style; one obituary source notes that Wardell had worked in New York City for Cram, Goodhue & Ferguson who were considered masters of the neo-Gothic style in America, but this cannot be substantiated in other source information. Wardell died in Toronto on 13 January 1962 and was buried at Hamilton (obituary Globe & Mail [Toronto], 15 Jan. 1962, 10; Toronto Star, 15 Jan. 1962, 22; inf. Ontario Assoc. of Architects).

WARDELL & NICHOLS (works in Manitoba)

(with Sproatt & Rolph) WINNIPEG, MAN., residence for Elisha F. Hutchings, Wellington Crescent, 1906-07 (Winnipeg Tribune, 17 May 1906, 9; Western Architect [Minneapolis], xi, May 1908, illus.)
WINNIPEG, MAN., residence for Clifford C. Hague, Furby Street, 1907 (C.R., xviii, 13 March 1907, 6, t.c.)
GLADSTONE, MAN., Town Hall, Jail & Fire Hall, 1907; demol. (Winnipeg Daily Tribune, 8 April 1907, 7, descrip.; Manitoba Free Press [Winnipeg], 11 May 1907, 5 & 27, illus.; C.R., xviii, 15 May 1907, 4, 6, t.c.)
WINNIPEG, MAN., Ontario, Manitoba & Western Loan Co., Portage Avenue at Carlton Street, office building, 1907 (Manitoba Free Press [Winnipeg], 5 Oct. 1907, 7, descrip.; C.R., xviii, 16 Oct. 1907, 4, t.c.; Winnipeg Daily Tribune, 19 Dec. 1908, 31, descrip.)
WINNIPEG, MAN., residence for John C. Falls, Roslyn Road, 1907 (Const., i, Oct. 1907, 66)
WINNIPEG, MAN., residence for E.T. Hutchins [sic], likely Elisha F. Hutchings, Wellington Crescent, 1907-08 (Western Architect [Minneapolis], xi, May 1908, illus.)
WINNIPEG, MAN., Stevens & Sons Ltd., Notre Dame Avenue near Gertie Street, warehouse, 1908 (Winnipeg b.p. 752, 1908)
WINNIPEG, MAN., residence for W.L. Stafford, Ethel Street, in Crescentwood, 1908 (Winnipeg Tribune, 27 June 1908, 2)

L.A. WARDELL (works in Ontario)

HAMILTON, ONT., St. Thomas Aquinas Roman Catholic Church, Dundurn Street North at Lamoureaux Street, 1910 (Catholic Register [Toronto], 27 Jan. 1910, 10)
HAMILTON, ONT., St. Stanlislas Roman Catholic Church, Barton Street East at Sherman Street North, 1911 (C.R., xxv, 23 Aug. 1911, 61)
HAMILTON, ONT., Roman Catholic Separate School, adjacent to St. Mary's Cathedral, Shaeffe Street near Park Street North, 1912 (C.R., xxvi, 27 March 1912, 67)
HAGERSVILLE, ONT., St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, 1914 (Hagersville Past & Present, 1950, illus.)
BRANTFORD, ONT., St. Mary's Roman Catholic Separate School, Colborne Street at Brock Street, 1916 (Brantford Daily Expositor, 23 June 1916, 15, t.c.; and 3 Aug. 1916, 6)
HAGERSVILLE, ONT., Union Bank, c. 1920 (dwgs. at Royal Bank Archives, Montreal)
TORONTO, ONT., residence for Loe C. McCloskey, Baby Point Road, 1927 (C.R., xli, 12 Oct. 1927, 51)
TORONTO, ONT., parish hall for St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church, Bathurst Street near Bloor Street West, 1928 (C.R., xlii, 9 May 1928, 476, illus.)
TORONTO, ONT., Epworth United Church, Christie Street at Yarmouth Road, 1928 (C.R., xlii, 28 March 1928, 48)
TORONTO, ONT., St. Thomas Aquinas Roman Catholic School, Eglinton Avenue West at Glenholme Avenue, c. 1940 (C.R., lviii, Jan. 1945, 103, illus. in advert.)
TORONTO, ONT., Blessed Sacrament Roman Catholic School, Bedford Park Road, c. 1945 (C.R., lix, Jan. 1946, 38, illus. in advert.)