Wagner, Charles Frederick

WAGNER, Charles Frederick (1862-1934) was the son of Jacob P. Wagner, a prominent nineteenth century builder of German descent who was active in Toronto from 1855. His son Charles was born there on 28 June 1862 and was educated at public schools and at Upper Canada College. In 1883 he entered the office of Gordon & Helliwell to serve a four year architectural apprenticeship, and in 1888 commenced his own practice. He maintained his office in Toronto until 1922 and operated as a sole practitioner except for a brief period from 1898 until 1901 when he was in partnership with Robert J. Edwards (see list of works under Edwards & Wagner). Much of his design work is unpretentious; his residential commissions in the Beaches neighbourhood of Toronto which survive can be identified by their eclectic Edwardian residential style combining picturesque verandahs, roofs and walls which are clad entirely in wood shingles. His best known ecclesiastical work is that of First Lutheran Church, Bond Street (1898) which employs Gothic and Romanesque elements.

Wagner was an authority on fancy pigeons which he raised as a hobby, and his interests in ornithology earned him the Scottish Gold Medal and the English Silver Medal for his prize winning entries. He died in Toronto on 27 June 1934 (obituary in the Globe [Toronto], 28 June 1934, 5; biography and portrait in W. Cochrane, The Canadian Album-Men of Canada, i, 1891, 249; biography and list of works in A. Fraser, History of Ontario, ii, 1907, 756-57)

CHARLES F. WAGNER (works in Toronto unless noted)

KING STREET EAST, at Ontario Street, factory for Charles Steinle, 1889 (A. Fraser, History of Ontario, 1907, 757)
TORONTO JUNCTION, Fire Hall No. 1, Keele Street south of Dundas Street West; Fire Hall No. 2, King Street near Carlton Street, 1889 (Telegram [Toronto], 30 Nov. 1889, 5, t.c.)
WEST TORONTO, Oakwood Methodist Church, c. 1890 (dwgs. at United Church Archives, Toronto)
ADELAIDE STREET WEST, near University Avenue, factory for Charles Boeckh, 1891; demol. (A. Fraser, History of Ontario, 1907, 757)
ST. JOHN'S ANGLICAN CHURCH, Stewart Street at Portland Street, additions and alterations, 1892 (C.R., iii, 14 May 1892, 2, t.c.)
LIEDERKRANZ SOCIETY CLUBHOUSE, Richmond Street West at Peter Street, 1893 (C.R., iv, 29 June 1893, 2, t.c.)
GERMAN LUTHERAN CHURCH, Bond Street, 1898 (C.R., ix, 18 May 1898, 4; J. R. Robertson, Landmarks of Toronto, 1904, iv, 553-56, illus. & descrip.)
MAYNARD AVENUE, residence for Sylvester J. Sharp, 1898 (Toronto b.p. 88, 15 April 1898)
TORONTO JUNCTION, at the Dundas Street West Bridge, factory for Matthews Brothers & Co., 1899 (C.R., x, 8 March 1899, 2)
SOCIETY OF FRIENDS CHURCH, Carlton Street near Church Street, 1901-02 (C.R., xii, 11 Dec. 1901, 3; OA, Quaker Archives, MS 303, D-1-12)
WAVERLEY ROAD, "Inglenook", the residence for Charles F. Wagner architect, 1901 (C.A.B., xiv, May 1901, illus.; M. Campbell & B. Myrvold, Historical Walking Tour of Kew Beach, 1995, 24-25, illus. & descrip.)
QUEEN STREET EAST, at Maclean Avenue, "Kulunaig", a residence for A. McLean Howard, c. 1902; extensively altered c. 1980 (Toronto Architectural Eighteen Club Catalogue, 1902, 37, illus.)
TORONTO JUNCTION, residence for Dr. George W. Clendenan, Dundas Street West near Keele Street, c. 1902 (Toronto Architectural Eighteen Club Catalogue, 1902, Item 399)
TORONTO JUNCTION, factory for Dodge Mfr. Co., Pelham Avenue at Osler Street, c. 1902 (Toronto Architectural Eighteen Club Catalogue, 1902, Item 401)
WAVERLEY ROAD, summer house for George A. White, c. 1902 (Toronto Architectural Eighteen Club Catalogue, 1902, Item 403)
QUEEN STREET EAST, near Broadview Avenue, residence for Dr. John B. Fraser, 1903 (Toronto b.p. 1383, 3 July 1903)
KIPPENDAVIE AVENUE, pair of houses for Charles Abbner, 1904 (Toronto b.p. 356, 30 April 1904)
KEW BEACH PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, Queen Street East at Wineva Avenue, 1906 (C.R., xvi, 24 Jan. 1906, 10)
MASONIC TEMPLE, Balsam Avenue, 1906 (C.R., xvii, 20 June 1906, 14)
SHERBOURNE STREET, near Adelaide Street East, factory for Gerhard Heintzman, 1906-07 (Toronto b.p. 6034, 30 Nov. 1906)
ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST MISSION CHURCH, Gerrard Street East at Ashdale Avenue, 1907 (Canadian Churchman [Toronto], xxxiv, 29 Aug. 1907, 557, illus. & descrip.)
ST. JOHN'S ANGLICAN CHURCH, Woodbine Avenue near Kingston Road, a new Parish Hall and Sunday School, 1907-08 (Canadian Churchman [Toronto], xxxv, 9 April 1908, 245, descrip.)
WAVERLEY ROAD BAPTIST CHURCH, 1908-09 (C.R., xxii, 15 July 1908, 29; Canadian Baptist [Toronto], lv, 29 April 1909, 7, illus.)
UXBRIDGE, ONT., Baptist Church, 1908 (C.R., xxii, 15 July 1908, 27)
LA PLAZA THEATRE, Queen Street East at Lewis Street, 1909 (Toronto b.p. 14704, 16 April 1909)
QUEEN STREET EAST, near Saulter Street, residence for Dr. Joseph W. Rowan, 1909 (Const., ii, April 1909, 66-8, illus.)
ST. PAUL'S LUTHERAN CHURCH, College Street at Markham Street, 1909-10 (Const., iv, March 1911, 64, illus.)
TORONTO ISLAND, at Hanlan's Point, new outdoor Baseball Stadium, seating 9,400 patrons, with grandstand, 1909-10; demol. (Montreal Daily Star, 9 Feb. 1910, 3, descrip.)
HIGH PARK BOULEVARD, near Sunnyside Avenue, residence for Charles Henderson, 1910 (Toronto b.p. 19918, 21 April 1910)
CROWN TAILORING CO., College Street near Euclid Avenue, factory, 1913-14 (Const., vii, April 1914, 139, illus. & descrip.; Toronto Architectural Conservancy, College Street: A Study - Part One, 2012, 45-6, illus. & descrip.)
LABATT BREWING CO., Radenhurst Street near River Street, warehouse, 1913 (Toronto b.p. 6477, 25 Aug. 1913)