Scrimgeour, William

SCRIMGEOUR, William (fl. 1865) was described as “the architect and builder” of the Canada Presbyterian Church in ALMONTE, ONT., 1865 (North Lanark Advance [Almonte], 1 July 1865, 2, descrip.; Almonte Presbyterian Church Centennial 1865-1965, 6, illus.) The cornerstone for the church was laid on 24 June 1865, and this cut stone building was designed ‘in the Corinthian style”, with seating to accommodate 800 parishioners. It was enlarged in 1892, but later sold and used as a storage building from 1912 to 1925. The church was then re-purchased by the Presbyterian Church, and remains in use today (extant 2013) No other references to the work of Scrimgeour have been located.