Macnab, Frederick John

MACNAB, Frederick John (1885-1961) was the successor to W.J. Carmichael as Chief Architect for the Bell Telephone Co. Born in Dundee, Scotland on 24 March 1885, he served his apprenticeship with the Dundee architectural firm of Johnston & Baxter from 1901 to 1906. He emigrated to Canada in 1906 and settled at Montreal, Que. where he accepted a position as a junior draftsman in the architectural department of the Bell Telephone Co., working under the direct supervision of W.J. Carmichael. Macnab gained valuable experience from his mentor, and assisted him with the production of working drawings for over 100 exchange buildings, warehouses and vehicle garages erected for Bell or for Northern Electric Co., an equipment subsidiary of Bell Telephone. He was transferred to Toronto in 1922, and was appointed as Assistant Architect for Bell Telephone in 1924, working from the regional office of the company in Toronto. After the death of W.J. Carmichael in May 1927 he succeeded him as Chief Architect and moved back to Montreal the following year.

Macnab held that post until his retirement in 1953, and was responsible for introducing a more modern and contemporary style and appearance to Bell offices and exchange buildings. Unlike the bold and robust Beaux-Arts style of Carmichael’s work, Macnab adopted a lighter, more streamlined aesthetic to Bell facilities in Ontario and Quebec. One of his best works was the stripped classical design of the Bell Regional Office in London, Ont. (1939-40), a work that was almost certainly influenced by his collaboration with Ernest Barott, a leading Montreal architect who designed the Bell Regional Office in Ottawa just two years before in 1936-37.

Macnab retired from his post with Bell in June 1953 and later returned to Scotland. He died at Ayr, Scotland on 12 June 1961 (obit. and port. Montreal Star, 13 June 1961, 23; obit. and port. Montreal Gazette, 13 June 1961, 33; biog. Montreal Gazette, 30 May 1953, 23; biog. The Blue Bell [Montreal], July-Aug. 1953, 9; inf. Ontario Association of Architects). An lengthy essay by Macnab entitled “The Modern Telephone Building” on the construction and recent technological innovations of Exchange building design, was published in the R.A.I.C. Journal, xxviii, Oct. 1951, 15-17.

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