Fisher, Reuben

FISHER, Reuben (1914-1999), active in Montreal, Que. from 1940, and later in Ottawa, Ont. He designed residential projects in Outremont and in the city of Montreal, many for clients in the Jewish community there. He collaborated with Max W. Roth on the plans for the Jewish People's School, Waverley Street (1940), and later designed the Beth Moishe Synagogue, Durocher Avenue, Outremont in 1952. He also prepared the plans for the Shomrim Laboker Synagogue in Montreal in 1956 (Architecture Batiment Construction, xi, Aug. 1956, 27-9, illus.). Fisher died at West Palm Beach, Florida on 7 March 1999 (death notice Ottawa Citizen, 9 March 1999, C14; inf. Gordon Fulton, Ottawa).


JEWISH PEOPLE'S SCHOOL, Waverly Street at Fairmount Street, 1940 (Gazette [Montreal], 13 July 1940, 18, illus.)
LOUDEE EQUIPMENT CORP., Smith Street at Wellington Street, warehouse, 1946 (C.R., lix, January 1946, 96)
COTE STE. CATHERINE ROAD, near Beaucourt Road, apartment block for P. Frank, 1949 (C.R., lxii, March 1949, 141)
B. SWARTZ & SONS, factory and offices, Mayor Street, near St. Alexander Street, 1950 (C.R., lxiii, June 1950, 129)


DUROCHER AVENUE, pair of duplexes for J. Goldberg, 1945 (Outremont b.p. 3917, 27 March 1945)
LAJOIE AVENUE, at McEachran Avenue, duplex for Mrs. J. Bregman, 1946 (Outremont b.p. 4119, 2 Aug. 1946)
COURCELETTE AVENUE, residence for Harry A. Sinclair, 1946 (Outremont b.p. 4137, 10 Sept. 1946)
WISEMAN AVENUE, duplex for Harry Dubrovsky, 1947 (Outremont b.p. 4203, 8 May 1947)
PAGNUELO AVENUE, residence for Nathan Cohen, 1947-48 (Outremont b.p. 4272, 4 Nov. 1947)
STUART AVENUE, row of duplexes for Harry Dubrovsky, 1948-49 (Outremont b.p. 4420, 24 Nov. 1948)
PAGNUELO AVENUE, residence for Mrs. A. Shiller, 1949 (Outremont b.p. 4557, 19 Sept. 1949)
DUROCHER AVENUE, duplex for Mrs. M. Gorelick, 1950 (Outremont b.p. 4636, 15 March 1950)