Fleiger, John Henry

FLEIGER, John Henry (1754-1820) of Halifax, Nova Scotia, a surveyor, Army officer and later a Customs official, was reputed to have served on committee with William Hughes and John Merrick in 1798-99 to prepare designs for a church in north Halifax which had been proposed by the Duke of Kent. In a retrospective article published on the death of Fleiger's daughter in 1890, she is reported to have recalled events that occurred during the life of the Duke of Kent who, she noted, "....had a great love of architecture peculiar in form, and Mr. Fleiger, at his request, designed the plan, or rough sketch, for the Round Church (Morning Herald [Halifax], 1 Feb. 1890, 1, col. 7). The "Round Church" was a reference to Saint George's Anglican Church, Brunswick Street, HALIFAX, N.S., built 1800-04; burned 1994; rebuilt 1996-98 (M. Rosinski, Architects of Nova Scotia: A Biographical Dictionary, 1994, 39).