Gillingham, Henry Herbert

GILLINGHAM, Henry Herbert (1876-1930), a native of London, England, and born there on 25 November 1876. He trained in his father's office in London from 1893, and later assisted his brother who lived in Clacton-on-Sea, Engl. from 1898. Gillingham emigrated to Canada in 1911 and settled in Vancouver where he opened an office, although only a few of his works have been identified. He brought a decidedly English sensibility to his domestic work on the west coast, employing an eclectic Tudor Revival or English half-timber frame style for his early work. He was briefly in partnership with E. Stanley Mitton (in 1914), and with Theo Korner in 1919-20. His best known work was not for an entire building, but rather for the striking Art Deco interiors of the famous Commodore Ballroom, Granville Street (1928-29; extant 2010). Gillingham died suddenly in Vancouver on 25 September 1930 (obit. Province [Vancouver], 26 Sept. 1930, 22; obit. C.R., xliv, 15 Oct. 1930, 1330; biog. and list of works in D. Luxton, Building the West: Early Architects of British Columbia, 2003, 383, illus., 501; inf. Architectural Inst. of British Columbia)


(works in Vancouver unless noted)

SAANICH, B.C., 'Babbacombe Farm', a residence for Herbert Burbidge, Hunt Road, c. 1916 (M. Segger & D. Franklin, Exploring Victoria's Architecture, 1996, 263, illus.; Donald Luxton & Jennifer Barr, Saanich Heritage Structures, 2008, 64, illus. & descrip.)
VICTORY FLOUR MILLS, Beach Avenue at the foot of Howe Street, for C.P. Coles Co. 1918-19 (Vancouver Daily World, 8 Aug. 1918, 9, descrip.; A.I.B.C. Application No. 69, list of works)
ANGUS AVENUE, near Nanton Avenue, residence for Kenneth J. Burns, 1919 (British Columbia Record [Vancouver], 3 Nov. 1919, 2)


NANTON AVENUE, at Hudson Avenue, residence for Dr. George F. Curtis, 1919 (British Columbia Record [Vancouver], 3 Nov. 1919, 2)
PINE CRESCENT, at Nanton Avenue, residence for William C. Brown, 1919 (British Columbia Record [Vancouver], 3 Nov. 1919, 2)
CHARLES E. ROYAL & ASSOC., public theatre, 1920 (C.R., xxxiv, 21 Jan. 1920, 49, t.c.)
CONNAUGHT DRIVE, near West 35th Avenue, large residence for Mrs. Lester Brooks, 1921 (D. Luxton, Building the West: Early Architects of British Columbia, 2003, 383, illus.)


VANCOUVER FILM EXCHANGE, Davies Street at Burrard Street, 1927 (C.R., xli, 22 June 1927, 55)
PRINCE RUPERT, B.C., The Besner Block, for O. Besner, 3rd Street at 3rd Avenue, 1927-28 (C.R., xli, 7 Sept. 1927, 50; H. Kalman, History of Canadian Architecture, 1994, 740-41, illus. & descrip.)
COMMODORE CABARET [now called The Commodore Ballroom], Granville Street, near Smithe Street, 1928-29 (Vancouver Heritage Inventory - Summary Report, 1986, 10; dwgs. at Vancouver City Archives)
STEVESTON, B.C., hunting lodge for George C. Reifel & Assoc., 1929 (C.R., xliii, 2 Oct. 1929, 70)
VESTAL ESTATES LTD., Granville Street, store and office block, 1930 (C.R., xliv, 29 Jan. 1930, 63)