Kayll, Swinburne Annandale

KAYLL, Swinburne Annandale (1892-1962) was active in Vancouver from 1919, yet only a few references to his work completed after 1945 can be found. Born in Middlechurch, Manitoba on 17 June 1892 he moved to the West Coast and studied under William F. Gardiner in 1909, then assisted in the office of R. Mackay Fripp before leaving Canada in 1912 or 1913 to enroll in courses at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. He served with the Royal Canadian Engineers during WWI then returned to Vancouver to commence practise in October 1919. He was in partnership with Max B. Downing from 1920 to 1924 (see list of works under Downing & Kayll) and after WWII he briefly collaborated with William K. Noppe. Kayll died in Vancouver on 29 October 1962 (death notice in The Sun [Vancouver], 31 October 1962, 34; D. Luxton, Building the West: The Early Architects of British Columbia, 2003, 470-1, 507; inf. Gordon Fulton, Ottawa)


WEST 8th AVENUE, near McDonald Street, residence for Herbert G. Walsh, 1920 (City of Vancouver b.p. 11437, 25 March 1920)
WEST 10th AVENUE, at Trutch Street, residence for John F. Brewis, 1920 (City of Vancouver b.p. 12111, 16 Aug. 1920)
VANCOUVER, B.C., Boultbee Ltd. Auto Accessories, Seymour Street at Nelson Street, garage and service station for H.N. Boultbee, 1925; demol. (City of Vancouver b.p. 12001, 1 Sept. 1925; inf. Patrick Gunn, Vancouver)
KAMLOOPS, B.C., a large munitions and Naval magazine storage building, for the federal Dept. of Munitions & Supply, 1945 (Vancouver Sun, 22 Sept. 1945, 8, descrip.)


VANCOUVER, B.C., a two storey apartment block of 24 units for E.M. Craig, Cambie Street at West 22nd Street, 1945 (Vancouver Sun, 22 March 1945, 1, descrip.)
VANCOUVER, B.C., G.H. Wood Sanitation Supplies Ltd., East Hastings Street, between Victoria St. and Salisbury Drive, a large warehouse, 1945 (Province [Vancouver], 4 Aug. 1945, 29, descrip.)
OCEAN FALLS, B.C., large hotel for Pacific Mills Ltd., 1946-47 (Province [Vancouver], 21 Dec. 1945, 1 & 3, illus. & descrip.; Vancouver Sun, 21 Dec. 1945, 14, illus. & descrip.; 23 March 1946, 10; C.R., lix, July 1946, 100)
VANCOUVER, B.C., Richmond Milk Producers Co-Op., Cambie Street at West 17th Avenue, 1946 (dwgs. at Vancouver City Archives)


VANCOUVER, B.C., Nelsons Laundries Ltd., Cambie Street at West 7th Street, a new carpet cleaning factory, 1947 (Province [Vancouver], 6 Sept. 1947, 12-13, illus. & descrip.)
PORT ALBERNI, B.C., Alberni Arms Hotel, Hyslop Street at Beaver Creek Road, for the Alberni Community Hotel Co. and Leonard N. Ellis of Seattle, designed ""......in the old English style", 1947-48 (Vancouver Sun, 18 June 1947, 12, descrip.; 9 Aug. 1947, 24, illus. & descrip.; Canadian Hotel Review, xxv, 15 Sept. 1947, 67)
QUALICUM BEACH, B.C., The Village Theatre, Second Avenue West, 1948 (Town of Qualicum Beach, Heritage List; inf. Robert Moen, Vancouver)
VANCOUVER, B.C., The Alvin Building, a six storey office block for Alvin Estates Ltd., Robson Street, between Bute Street and Thurlow Street, occupied by the Unemployment Insurance Commission of Canada, 1948 (Vancouver Sun, 21 June 1948, 9, descrip.; 19 Nov. 1948, 37, illus.; C.R., lxi, July 1948, 134; dwgs. at Vancouver City Archives)
VANCOUVER, B.C., Gainers Meat Packing Co., Fraser Street, c. 1948 (dwgs. at Vancouver City Archives)
VANCOUVER, B.C., Plimley Auto Distributors, Kingsway near Windsor Street, 1949 (dwgs. at Vancouver City Archives)