Morin, Henry Joseph

MORIN, Henry Joseph (1895-1958) was active in Ottawa for nearly forty years, either in partnership with others, or as a sole practitioner. Born in Ottawa on 17 June 1895 he studied at the Univ. of Ottawa for one year, then joined W.E. Noffke and articled in his office for five years (1910-15). He moved to Chicago and worked for Lowe & Bollenbacher, Architects while attending night classes in architecture at the Atelier Puckey, a member of the Society of Beaux-Arts Architects in Chicago. Morin served overseas during WWI, and upon his return to Ottawa he became a Junior Architect with the federal Dept. of Public Works (1918-21). In 1922 he was invited by his mentor Werner Noffke to form a new partnership (see works under Noffke, Morin & Sylvester). Their collaboration ended in 1931, and Morin then opened his own office in Ottawa and continued to practise under his own name until February 1936 when John Roper asked him to form a new partnership (see works under Roper & Morin). The firm later became Roper, Morin & Belcourt, and remained active until after 1950. Morin then retired and died in Ottawa on 3 October 1958 (death notice Ottawa Citizen, 4 October 1958, 30; inf. Ontario Assoc. of Architects; Province of Quebec Assoc. of Architects)

(works in Ottawa unless noted)

ST. MALACHY'S ROMAN CATHOLIC SCHOOL, Duhamel Street at St. Francis Street, 1931-32 (Ottawa Journal, 2 June 1931, 5; 28 Dec. 1931, 3, descrip.)
ST. JOSEPH'S ROMAN CATHOLIC SCHOOL, College Avenue, major addition and alterations, 1931-32 (Ottawa Journal, 23 July 1931, 7; C.R., xlvii, 19 July 1933, 714)
HOLY ANGEL ROMAN CATHOLIC SCHOOL, Waverly Street, major addition, 1932 (C.R., xlvi, 30 March 1932, 367)
ST. AGATHA'S ROMAN CATHOLIC SCHOOL, Eccles Street at Lebreton Street, major addition, 1932 (C.R., xlvi, 30 March 1932, 367)
ST PATRICK'S ORPHAN'S HOME, Gloucester Street at Kent Street, major addition, 1932-33 (C.R., xlvi, 28 Dec. 1932, 110)
ST. WILLIAM'S ROMAN CATHOLIC SCHOOL, Wilbrod Street near Friel Street, for Holy Family Parish, 1933 (Ottawa Journal, 29 July 1933, 20, t.c.; C.R., xlvii, 19 July 1933, 714)
ST. THERESA'S ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, Cartier Street, c. 1933 (list of works in PQAA Application, July 1936)
DE MAZENOD ROMAN CATHOLIC SCHOOL, Main Street, Ottawa East, 1933 (Ottawa Journal, 2 Aug. 1933, 14, t.c.; list of works in PQAA Application, July 1936)
KINGSVIEW PARK, residence for Dr. Jean L. Coupal, c. 1935 (list of works in PQAA Application, July 1936)
THE DRIVEWAY, residence for Dr. Braithwaite Dixon, c. 1935 (list of works in PQAA Application, July 1936)
ISLAND PARK DRIVE, at Helena Street, residence for Edward M. Walsh, 1936-37 (Ottawa Journal, 24 Nov. 1936, 2)
SANDY HILL, apartment block at Wilbrod Street and Cumberland Street, "..opposite St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church", 1937 (Evening Journal, 25 Jan. 1937, 12)
LANSDOWNE PARK, a large outdoor altar nearly 30 feet high, for the Diocese Holy Name Society, 1938 (Evening Journal [Ottawa], 3 June 1938, 3, illus.)
CAMP FORTUNE, QUE., a new Lodge in the Gatineau Hills for the Ottawa Ski Club, Fortune Lane, 1939 (Ottawa Journal, 17 Jan. 1939, 29, descrip.)
COBDEN, ONT., Federal Post Office, Eganville Road, 1939 (inf. Gregory Utas, Ottawa)
OTTAWA WEST, ONT., St. George's Roman Catholic School, Piccadilly Avenue, immediately adjacent to St. George's Roman Catholic Church, 1939 (Ottawa Journal, 24 Jan. 1939, 3, descrip.; C.R., lii, 8 Feb. 1939, 28)