Moffatt, Norman McNab

MOFFATT, Norman McNab (1873-1970), born at Carleton Place, Ont. on 12 November 1873 and studied architecture for one year at the School of Practical Science at the Univ. of Toronto. He articled with Henry Simpson, a prominent Toronto architect from 1891 to 1895, but suffered a serious injury to his right hand in an accident at his father's saw mill in late 1895. Undeterred, he learned to use his left hand to execute architectural drawings, and then moved to New York City to work as assistant in the office of Van Vleck & Goldsmith. After returning to Toronto in 1899 or 1900, he rejoined his mentor Henry Simpson, and later worked as assistant to Bond & Smith. In 1903 Moffatt moved to Winnipeg and became a draftsman for J.H.G. Russell. He was briefly in partnership with D.W.F. Nichols in 1910 (see Nichols & Moffatt), and spent several years as a draftsman with Carter Halls, Aldinger Ltd. a major contractor in Winnipeg., In 1919 he was appointed staff architect for the Union Bank of Canada, holding that position until it merged with the Royal Bank in 1925. He continued to work for the Royal Bank as the staff architect for the Manitoba District, but left in 1933 and moved to Renfrew, Ont. where he opened his own office. As the only registered architect in the town, he operated a successful practise until the late 1950's specializing in residential and commercial work both in Renfrew, and in surrounding towns. Moffatt died at Renfrew, Ont. on 7 March 1971 (death notice Renfrew Advance, 12 March 1971). An illustrated biography of Moffatt can be found in The Archivist [Ottawa], xiv, Jan-Feb. 1988, 12-13, illus. The National Archives of Canada holds a collection of his architectural drawings, notebooks and specifications (NAC Acc. 86703/18)


LUDLOW COURT APARTMENTS, River Avenue near Main Street, 1906 (City of Winnipeg b.p. 562, 1906; D. Specter, Apartment House Architecture, 1980)


HINCKS STREET, residence for D.W. Stewart, 1936 (The Archivist [Ottawa], Jan.-Feb. 1988, 12, illus.; dwgs. NAC, Ottawa)
LORNE STREET, residence for Miss Charlotte Whitton, 1937-39 (dwgs. NAC, Ottawa)
unnamed street, residence for Walter Galbraith, 1938 (dwgs. NAC, Ottawa)
RAGLAN STREET SOUTH, residence for T.F. Barnet, 1942 (The Archivist [Ottawa], Jan.-Feb. 1988, 13, illus.; dwgs. NAC, Ottawa)
ALBERT STREET, residence for C. Haramis, 1943-44 (dwgs. NAC, Ottawa)
CHURCH STREET, at Plaunt Street, residence for J.A. Kippen, 1945 (dwgs. NAC, Ottawa)
SCOTT HARDWARE CO., Raglan Street, store and warehouse, 1945 (dwgs. NAC, Ottawa)
HORTON STREET, residence for C.O. Thacker, 1945 (dwgs. NAC, Ottawa)
DOYLE STREET, residence for Leslie J. Fraser, 1946 (dwgs. NAC, Ottawa)
BARR STREET, residence for Harry B. Coolican, 1947 (dwgs. NAC, Ottawa)
ARGYLE STREET, residence for John Pershick, 1948 (dwgs. NAC, Ottawa)
PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, a manse for the church, 1950-51 (dwgs. NAC, Ottawa)


KILLALOE, ONT., Raman Catholic Separate School, 1936 (dwgs. NAC, Ottawa)
MADAWASKA, ONT., St. Matthew's Roman Catholic Church, 1942-43 (dwgs. NAC, Ottawa)
CARLETON PLACE, ONT., residence for William Brethour, 1946 (dwgs. NAC, Ottawa)
CARLETON PLACE, ONT., residence for George W. Eades, Allen Street, 1946 (dwgs. NAC, Ottawa)