Mildner, Richard

MILDNER & EISEN (fl. 1910-15), an architectural firm in Detroit, Mich. specializing in the design of brewery buildings in both the United States and Canada. The partnership consisted of Richard Mildner (1871-1934), a Fellow of the American Inst. of Architects, and his partner Adolph Eisen (1878-1944). In 1911-12 they designed the British American Brewing Co., Bruce Avenue at Sandwich Road, WINDSOR, ONT. (C.R., xxv, 29 Nov. 1911, 64). The following year the prepared plans for the Kuntz Brewing Co., King Street South at William Street West, WATERLOO, ONT. (C.R., xxvi, 26 June 1912, 71).
Mildner was born in Germany in 1871 and was brought to the United States by his family when he was fourteen years old. He was educated and trained in Detroit, and formed a partnership with Adolph Eisen in November 1906. Mildner died in Detroit on 4 February 1934 (obituary Detroit Free Press, 5 Feb. 1934, 5). His professional business partner Adolph Eisen was a native of Switzerland, born there on 18 March 1878, and he later arrived in the USA in 1882. His entire career as an architect was spent in the Detroit area, and he died there on 31 August 1944 (death notice Detroit Free Press, 1 Sept. 1944, 20).