Clemesha, Frederick Chapman

CLEMESHA, Frederick Chapman (1876-1958)
(biography in preparation)

(works in Regina unless noted)


WILLOUGHBY-DUNCAN BLOCK, Scarth Street, 1909 (Morning Leader [Regina], 12 June 1909, 3, illus. & descrip.)
SCARTH STREET, near 14th Avenue, residence for Charles W.C. Westaway, 1909 (Morning Leader [Regina], 21 May 1910, 6, illus.)
HAMILTON STREET, at 13th Avenue, residence for John C. Secord, 1909 (Morning Leader [Regina], 21 May 1910, 6, illus.)
ANGUS CRESCENT, residence for George Simpson, 1908 (Morning Leader [Regina], 21 May 1910, 6, illus.)
16TH AVENUE, near Rose Street, residence for George R. Dowswell, 1909 (Morning Leader [Regina], 21 May 1910, 6, illus.)
MOOSE JAW, SASK., St. John's Anglican Church, High Street East at 10th Avenue, 1910 (Moose Jaw Semi-Weekly Times, 29 April 1910, 1, illus. & descrip.)


ALBERT STREET, near McCallum Avenue, residence for Walter H.A. Hill, 1911 (Morning Leader [Regina], 12 May 1911, 14, descrip.; Const., viii, Jan. 1915, 23, illus. & descrip.)
MOOSE JAW, SASK., St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Athabasca Street East, 1911 (C.R., xxv, 14 May 1911, 59; 25 Oct. 1911, 46-47, illus. & descrip.; Moose Jaw Evening Times, 8 June 1911, 1, descrip.; 14 June 1911, illus.)
MEDICINE HAT, ALTA., St. Barnabas Anglican Church, 1911, but this design later rejected as too costly, and the commission awarded to James C. Teague (C.R., xxv, 17 May 1911, 59, t.c.)
OGEMA, SASK., Anglican Church, 1911 (dwgs. at SAB, Portnall Coll.)
SWIFT CURRENT, SASK., Presbyterian Church, 1912 (dwgs. at SAB, Portnall Coll.). These drawings may have been a competition submission, since they bear no resemblance to Knox Presbyterian Church in Swift Current, designed by the Brandon architect Thomas Sinclair and built in 1912.
ALBERT STREET, near 20th Avenue, residence for Edgar D. McCallum, 1912 (Const., viii, Jan. 1915, 23-5, illus. & descrip.)


DAVIDSON, SASK., All Saint's Anglican Church, 1913 (M. Hryniuk & F. Korvemaker, Legacy of Worship - Sacred Places in Rural Saskatchewan, 2014, 240, illus.)
WAWOTA, SASK., St. Mary's Anglican Church, 1913 (M. Hryniuk & F. Korvemaker, Legacy of Worship - Sacred Places in Rural Saskatchewan, 2014, 19, illus.)
SASKATCHEWAN BEACH, SASK., St. Mary's Anglican Church, 1913 (M. Hryniuk & F. Korvemaker, Legacy of Worship - Sacred Places in Rural Saskatchewan, 2014, 19)
LAKEVIEW AVENUE, residence for an unidentified client, 1913 (Early Domestic Architecture in Regina, 1982, 10, illus.)
METHODIST CHURCH, 14th Avenue, 1913 (Canadian Builder & Carpenter [Toronto], iii, Aug. 1913, 26, illus.; C.R., xxvii, 26 Nov. 1913, 67)
GRACE ANGLICAN CHURCH, Winnipeg Street near 14th Avenue, designed 1913; built 1921 (Morning Leader [Regina], 26 Aug. 1921, 8, descrip.; dwgs. at SAB, Portnall Coll.)
LETHBRIDGE, ALTA., Anglican Church, parish hall and rectory, 1914 (C.R., xxviii, 20 May 1914, 77; dwgs. at SAB, Portnall Coll.)
TOMPKINS, SASK. St. Andrew's Anglican Church, Second Street, 1914 (Swift Current Sun, 26 June 1914, 1)
16th AVENUE, residence for Lorence V. Kerr, 1914 (Const., viii, Jan. 1915, 26, 28, illus. & descrip.)
CENTRAL FIRE HALL, 11th Avenue at Osler Street, 1921 (Sask. Assoc. of Architects, Historic Architecture of Saskatchewan, 1986, 67, illus.; dwgs. at SAB, Portnall Coll.)
FINDLATER, SASK., public school, 1920 (dwgs. at SAB, Portnall Coll.)
McCALLUM AVENUE, residence for Frederick G. England, 1921 (C.R., xxxv, 6 April 1921, 62)
ADMIRAL, SASK., public school, 1921 (dwgs. at SAB, Portnall Coll.)
REGINA BEACH, SASK., public school, 1921 (dwgs. at SAB, Portnall Coll.)
RAYMORE, SASK., public school, 1923 (dwgs. at SAB, Portnall Coll.)


REGINA, SASK., Civic Hospital, 14th Avenue, 1908. Eight different architects from the United States and Canada submitted a design for major institutional project (Leader [Regina], 12 May 1908, 8, report on the competition). The proposal by Clemesha was passed over in favour of the scheme by Storey & Van Egmond.
REGINA, SASK., Public Library, 1911. Clemesha was awarded Second Premium for his design (Morning Leader [Regina], 1 April 1911, 22). The winners were Storey & Van Egmond of Regina.
WINNIPEG, MAN., Legislative Buildings, 1912. Sixty seven designs were submitted in this international competition and Clemesha & Portnall placed among the five finalists. Their refined Edwardian design was a mature and sophisticated scheme (Const., v, Nov. 1912, 78, illus.; M. Baker, Symbol in Stone: Manitoba's Third Legislative Building, 1986, 36-7, illus.). The winner was Frank Simon of Liverpool, Engl.
VANCOUVER, B.C., University of British Columbia Campus, 1912. Clemesha & Portnall were one of twenty Canadian firms to submit plans, but their scheme was not premiated (inf. Univ. of British Columbia Archives). First Prize was awarded to Sharp & Thompson of Vancouver
WINNIPEG, MAN., City Hall, 1913. A striking design for a suitably monumental Edwardian building was submitted by Clemesha & Portnall and was declared the winner, but the scheme was never realized (Manitoba Free Press [Winnipeg], 4 March 1913, 11, illus. & descrip.; Winnipeg Tribune, 3 March 1913, 1 & 11, illus. & descrip.; 8 March 1913, 5, illus.; Const., vi, April 1913, 147-50, illus. & descrip.; Building News [London], civ, 11 April 1913, 503-06, illus. & descrip.; dwgs. at SAB, Portnall Coll.)
REGINA, SASK., City Police Station, Osler Street, 1913. Clemesha & Portnall won the competition for this civic building, but indications that '..a number of changes will have to be made' to the plan was an omen that their plan was too expensive and would not be realised (Morning Leader [Regina], 5 June 1913, 11, descrip.; 6 June 1913, 3, illus.; Canadian Municipal Journal [Montreal], ix, Dec. 1913, 494, illus. & descrip.; Canadian Builder & Carpenter [Toronto], iv, Oct. 1914, 22-4,illus. & descrip.)
OTTAWA, ONT., Departmental Buildings, Wellington Street, 1914. More than sixty architects from across North America entered this major competition, but Clemesha & Portnall were not among the six finalists (NAC, RG11, Vol. 2952, File 5370, 1B). None of the projects was ever built.
FRANCE, Canadian Battlefields Memorial, 1921. Clemesha's proposal for a monument to mark several sites where Canadians died in France and Belgium during WW1 was selected as the winner from one hundred and sixty sets of drawings submitted (Const., xiv, June 1921, 161, illus.; Nov. 1921, 335, illus. & descrip.). Only one monument was built to his design, at St. Julien in Belgium (Architects' Journal [London], lviii, 12 Sept. 1923, 382-3, illus. & descrip.; Nanaimo Free Press, 22 July 1929, 3, descrip.).