Fripp, Robert Mackay

FRIPP, Robert MacKay (1858-1917)
(biography in preparation)

(works in New Zealand)


KATIKATI, N.Z., St. Peter's Anglican Church, Beach Road, 1882-83; still standing as of 2019, designed by Fripp & Cameron, Architects (Bay of Plenty Times & Thames Valley Warden [Tauranga], 10 July 1882, 2, descrip., 2 August 1883, 2, descrip.)


AUCKLAND, N.Z., Hutchinson's Gum Co., Customs Street East, near Queen Street Wharf, large two storey brick warehouse for C.J. Hutchinson, 1884 (New Zealand Herald, 3 March 1884, 6, descrip.)
AUCKLAND, N.Z., residence for J.A.A. Beale, Grafton Road, 1884 (New Zealand Herald, 15 March 1884, 4)
AUCKLAND, N.Z., two houses in the suburb of Parnell, for Michael White, 1884 (Te Aroha News, 12 July 1884, 6, regarding court case)
OTAHUHU, N.Z., a cottage for an unnamed client, 1884 (Auckland Star, 18 July 1884, t.c.)
EPSOM, N.Z., residence for R. Wynyard, 1884 (Auckland Star, 13 Sept. 1884, t.c.)
PAPAKURA VALLEY, N.Z., a farmhouse for an unnamed client, 1885 (Auckland Star, 27 Jan. 1885, 3, t.c.)
AUCKLAND, N.Z., a new cemetery tomb for Capt. William Hobson, R.N., the first Governor of New Zealand, and erected in 1885 in Symonds Street Cemetery, Auckland, intended to replace the original tomb first built in 1843 (New Zealand Herald [Auckland], 9 June 1885, descrip.)
AUCKLAND, N.Z., major additions and alterations to a residence on Mount Eden Road, for an unnamed client, 1885 (Auckland Star, 30 Oct. 1885, 3, t.c.)


NORTHCOTE, N.Z., major addition to The Ferry Hotel, 1886 (New Zealand Herald [Auckland], 10 July 1886, 5; Auckland Star, 31 Dec. 1886, 8, descrip.)
AUCKLAND, N.Z., moving of the old Eden Vine Hotel, and construction of a new brick building on the site, 1886-87 (New Zealand Herald [Auckland], 23 Dec. 1886, 5)
AUCKLAND, N.Z., rebuilding of shops in Manakau Road, in the suburb of Parnell, for an unnamed client, 1887 (Auckland Star, 16 Aug. 1887, 5)
COROMANDEL, N.Z., The Bridge Hotel, 1887 (Auckland Star, 17 Sept. 1887, 5)


(works in Vancouver unless noted)

FERGUSON BLOCK, Hastings Street at Richards Street, 1889; demol. (Vancouver Daily World, 29 Sept. 1888, 2, descrip.; Daily News Advertiser [Vancouver], 9 Nov. 1888, 8, descrip.; Minneapolis Tribune, 12 Oct. 1889, 6, illus., with biog. of R.M. Fripp, Architect)
VANCOUVER BOATING CLUB, Coal Harbour near the CPR Wharves, boathouse, 1888; demol. (Vancouver Daily World, 29 Sept. 1888, 4; 31 Dec. 1888, 5)
MELVILLE STREET, residence for A.J. MacPherson, 1888 (Vancouver Daily World, 29 Sept. 1888, 3; 31 Dec. 1888, 4)
PAGE BLOCK, Granville Street at Robson Street, for Walter Finch-Page of Kobe, Japan, 1888-89 (Vancouver Daily World, 17 Nov. 1888, 1, descrip.; Daily News Advertiser [Vancouver], 11 April 1889, 8, descrip.; Vancouver Daily World, 27 July 1889, 4)
ST. JAMES ANGLICAN CHURCH, a Sunday School for the church, 1888 (Vancouver Daily World, 26 Nov. 1888, 4)
POWELL STREET, at Carrall Street, major extension to a block for A.G. Ferguson, 1889 (Vancouver Daily World, 28 March 1889, 1)
HASTINGS STREET, near Pender Street, commercial block for Harry Abbot, 1889 (Daily News Advertiser [Vancouver], 1 May 1889, 8, descrip.)
ABBOTT BLOCK, Granville Street near Dunsmuir Street, 1889 (Vancouver Daily World, 16 May 1889, 4, descrip.; 4 June 1889, 1)
POWELL STREET, at Westminster Avenue, hotel for Dr. S.W. Powell, 1889 (Vancouver Daily World, 31 Aug. 1889, 4, descrip.; C.A.B., vii, Aug. 1894, illus.)
E. FADER & CO., Drake Street at Howe Street, commercial block, 1890 (Vancouver Daily World, 29 March 1890, 1)
HORNBY STREET, near Dunsmuir Street, four houses for G.G. Mackay, 1890 (Vancouver Daily World, 29 March 1890, 1)
PENDER STREET, near Melville Street, residence for the architect, 1890 (Vancouver Daily World, 29 March 1890, 1)
DOUGALL HOUSE HOTEL, Cordova Street at Abbott Street, 1890 (Vancouver Daily World, 21 March 1890, 4, descrip.; Daily News Advertiser [Vancouver], 8 July 1890, descrip.)
BOULDER HOTEL, West Cordova Street at Carrall Street, 1890 (Vancouver Daily World, Souvenir Edition, 1891, 22, list of works; H. Kalman, Exploring Vancouver, 1978, 44, illus.)
WEST GEORGIA STREET, 'Shannon', a residence for Benjamin T. Rogers, 1890 (Vancouver of Today Architecturally, 1900, illus.)
CARRALL STREET, at Oppenheimer Street, commercial block for W.E. Graveley and J.M. Spinks, 1891 (C.R., ii, 28 March 1891, 2)
RICHARDS STREET, commercial block for R.G. McKay, 1891 (C.R., ii, 29 Aug. 1891, 2)


PENDER STREET, at Richards Street, commercial block for J.M. Spinks, R.G. McKay and Dr. Powell, 1892-93 (Vancouver Daily World, 30 April 1892, 8, descrip.; 29 July 1893, 5)
DELMONICO HOTEL, Pender Street at Seymour Street, built for the Marquis of Queensbury to replace the St. Charles Hotel, 1892 (Vancouver Daily World, 30 April 1892, 8)
SECHELT, B.C., summer hotel, 1892 (Vancouver Daily World, 30 April 1892, 8, descrip.)
SWAN LAKE, B.C., residence for Judge William W. Spinks, 1892 (C.R., iii, 7 May 1892, 1; Vernon News, 2 June 1892, 5, descrip.; C.A.B., vii, March 1894, illus.; viii, Nov. 1895, illus.)
VANCOUVER ATHLETIC SOCIETIES BUILDING, Pender Street at Howe Street, 1892 (British Architect [London], xxxvii, 29 April 1892, illus.)
CHRIST CHURCH CATHEDRAL (Anglican), Burdette Avenue, proposal for completion of the church, 1892 (British Architect [London], xxxvii, 17 June 1892, illus.)
BRITISH COLUMBIA LAND & INVESTMENT CO. BLOCK, Hastings Street at Homer Street, 1892 ; demol. 1949 (Vancouver Daily World, 2 Aug. 1892, 8, descrip.; C.A.B., ix, Feb. 1896, illus.)


VERNON, B.C., fruit canneries in the Okanagan Valley for Lord Aberdeen, 1892-93 (C.R., iii, 26 Nov. 1892, 2; Vernon News, 27 Oct. 1892, 5, t.c.; 2 Feb. 1893, 5)
METROPOLITAN CLUB, Hastings Street at Homer Street, 1893 (Vancouver Daily World, 5 June 1893, 5, descrip.)
SEATON AVENUE, residence for A. St. George Hamersley, 1893 (British Architect [London], xi, 18 Aug. 1893, illus.)
VANCOUVER, residence for R. Byron Johnston, 1893 (British Architect [London], xi, 18 Aug. 1893, illus.)
VANCOUVER ISLAND, house for an unidentified client, 1893 (British Architect [London], xi, 6 Oct. 1893, illus.)
INNS OF COURT BLOCK, Hastings Street at Hamilton Street, 1894; demol. 1956 (Vancouver Daily World, 5 Sept. 1893, 5, descrip.; C.A.B., viii, Feb. 1895, 20; Province [Vancouver], 20 Aug. 1956, 4)
KAMLOOPS, B.C., Provincial Home for Aged Men, 1894; demol. 1972 (C.A.B., vii, Nov. 1894, illus.; British Columbia, Sessional Papers, 1894-95, Public Works Report, 379-80, descrip.; L. Maitland, Queen Anne Revival Style in Canadian Architecture, 1990, 220, illus.)
KAMLOOPS, B.C., residence for J. Ogden Grahame, Victoria Street, 1894 (C.A.B., vii, Dec. 1894, illus.)
COMOX STREET, at Jervis Street, residence for Capt. R. Archibald, 1895 (C.A.B., viii, March 1895, illus.)
MASONIC TEMPLE, 1895 (C.A.B., viii, July 1895, illus.)
VERNON, B.C., workman's houses on the Coldstream Estate for Lord Aberdeen, Governor General of Canada, 1895 (C.A.B., viii, July 1895, illus.)
CORDOVA STREET, commercial block for an unidentified client, 1895 (C.A.B., viii, Dec. 1895, illus.)
VICTORIA, B.C., house for an unidentified client, 1898 (C.A.B., xi, Oct. 1898, illus.)
VANCOUVER, bungalow for an unidentified client, 1898 (C.A.B., xiii, May 1900, illus.)
VICTORIA, B.C., commercial block for an unidentified client, 1899 (C.A.B., xii, March 1899, illus.)

FRIPP & GOLDSBRO' (works in New Zealand)

AUCKLAND, N.Z., Auckland Co-Operative Boot & Shoe Co., Albert Street, a large 3 storey factory, 1897-98 (Auckland Star, 12 Jan. 1898, 2, descrip.)
ELLERSLIE, NEW ZEALAND, cottage for an unidentified client, 1898 (C.A.B., xii, Jan. 1899, illus.)
AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND, Anglican Church, 1898 (C.A.B., xii, June 1899, illus.; E. McMann, Royal Canadian Academy Exhibitions & Members 1880-1979, 1981, 139)

R.M. FRIPP (works in Vancouver unless noted)

HASTINGS STREET, retail store, 1899 (C.A.B., xii, Nov. 1899, illus.)
ST. JAMES ANGLICAN CHURCH, Gore Avenue, extension to the nave and sanctuary, with new bell tower and vestry, 1900 (Canadian Churchman [Toronto], 1 Feb. 1900, 74; C.R., xi, 21 Feb. 1900, 3; Province [Vancouver], 19 April 1900, 8)
ABBOTSFORD, B.C., Anglican Church, 1900 (C.R., xi, 21 Feb. 1900, 3)

FRIPP & MACLURE (works in Vancouver)

PENDRELL STREET, near Jervis Street, opposite St. Paul's Church, residence for Charles A. Godson, 1900 (Province [Vancouver], 28 March 1900, 12)
ALBERNI STREET, near Gilford Street, residence for Gilbert Findley, 1900 (Province [Vancouver], 28 March 1900, 12)

R.M. FRIPP (works in Vancouver unless noted)

HARO STREET, residence for Frank Burnett, 1900 (C.R., xi, 22 Aug. 1900, 2, t.c.)
ROBSON STREET, residence for A.J. Dana, c. 1900 (Vancouver of Today Architecturally, 1900)
NELSON STREET, residence for Mrs. M. Rhodes, 1901 (Vancouver Daily World, 15 Feb. 1901, 7)
VICTORIA, B.C., residence for E.A. Wylde, Fort Street, 1901 (C.A.B., xiv, Oct. 1901, illus.)

(works in California)

LOS ANGELES, CALIF., residence for Andrew Reuter, West 47th Street, 1905 (Los Angeles Herald, 24 Sept. 1905, Section Three, p. 3)
HERMOSA BEACH, CALIF., major alterations to property for W.C. Wren, 1905 (Los Angeles Herald, 24 Sept. 1905, Section Three, p. 3)
SOUTH PASADENA, CALIF., residence for Mr. Mawby, 1905 (Los Angeles Herald, 24 Sept. 1905, Section Three, p. 3)
COVINA, CALIF., residence for Westwood Collins, 1908 (Los Angeles Herald, 12 April 1908, Section Three, 7, descrip.)
LOS ANGELES, CALIF., apartments for Henry Kaufman, Buena Vista Street near Bellevue Avenue, 1908 (Los Angeles Herald, 12 April 1908, Section Three, 7)
SANTA MONICA, CALIF., a large barn for C.D. Hurlburt, 1908 (Los Angeles Herald, 12 April 1908, Section Three, 7)
LOS ANGELES, CALIF., residence for Mrs. H.B. Kling, c. 1907 (Const., iv, Jan. 1911, 55, illus.)
LOS ANGELES, CALIF., residence for Dr. D.W.T. McArthur, c. 1907 (Const., iv, Jan. 1911, 44, 50-2, illus. & descrip.)
LOS ANGELES, CALIF., residence for Mrs. A.F. Lathrop, c. 1907 (Const., iv, Jan. 1911, 49-50, 53, illus. & descrip.)

(works in Vancouver)

HARWOOD STREET, at Bidwell Street, residence for Dr. Wesley Richardson, 1909 (C.R., xxiii, 26 May 1909, 21; Const., iv, Jan. 1911, 56-7, illus. & descrip.)
VANCOUVER, studio for Mrs. Cole, c. 1910 (Const., iv, Jan. 1911, 52-4, illus. & descrip.)
BROUGHTON STREET, at Pendrell Street, residence for Mrs. Arthur E. Hepburn, 1910 (Const., iv, Jan. 1911, 58, illus. & descrip.)
43rd AVENUE, at Earles Street, residence for Henry C. Janion, 1910 (Const., iv, Jan. 1911, 57, 60, illus. & descrip.)
EARLES STREET, near Kingsway, residence for B.S. Walker, 1910 (Const., iv, Jan. 1911, 48, 57-8, illus. & descrip.)
BURNABY, residence for E.L. Sproatt, 1911 (Const., iv, Jan. 1911, 58-9, illus. & descrip.)
ST. MARK'S ANGLICAN CHURCH, 2nd Avenue West at Larch Street, 1911 (Const., iv, Jan. 1911, 58, 61, illus. & descrip.)
FIRST UNITARIAN CHURCH, West 10th Avenue near Pine Street, 1912 (Vancouver b.p., 1912 )
BEACH AVENUE, at Cardero Street, residence for Miss Laidlaw, 1912 (Province [Vancouver], 16 March 1912, 38)
1st AVENUE WEST, near Point Grey Road, residence for Ralph S. Clark, 1912 (Province [Vancouver], 18 May 1912, 31)
YORK STREET, residence for Mrs. Burton S. Parsons, 1912 (Province [Vancouver], 18 May 1912, 31, descrip.)
EBURNE, 'Oakhurst', a residence for C. Gardiner Johnson, Oak Road at Shannon Street, 1912 (Province [Vancouver], 18 May 1912, 31, descrip.; 3 Aug. 1912, 25, descrip.)
BURNABY LAKE, residence for Henry Ramsay, Stanley Street, 1912 (Province [Vancouver], 8 June 1912, 28, illus. & descrip.)
MATTHEWS AVENUE, at Alexandra Street, residence for Albert J. Dana, 1912 (Province [Vancouver], 15 June 1912, 27, illus.; C.R., xxvii, 19 Feb. 1913, 46-8, illus. & descrip.)
GRACE COURT APARTMENTS, Comox Street at Cardero Street, apartment block for Dudley D. Hutchinson, 1912 (Province [Vancouver], 24 Aug. 1912, 24, illus. & descrip.)
MATTHEWS AVENUE, at Osler Street, residence for Fred W. Morgan, 1912 (Province [Vancouver], 28 Sept. 1912, 28, descrip.; H. Kalman, Exploring Vancouver, 1978, 155, illus.)
CYPRESS STREET, near 16th Avenue, residence for Henry L. Radermacher, c. 1912 (C.R., xxvii, 19 Feb. 1913, 47-8, illus.)
MATTHEWS AVENUE, at Cypress Street, residence for Joseph N. Ellis, c. 1912 (C.R., xxvii, 19 Feb. 1913, 47-8, illus.)
ALEXANDRA STREET, at Laurier Avenue, residence for Victor Spencer, 1913 (Province [Vancouver], 11 Jan. 1913, 7, descrip.)
WEST 49th AVENUE, at Larch Street, residence for Henry A. Stone, 1913 (Point Grey b.p. 545, 4 Feb. 1913; Donald Luxton & Assoc., The Stone Residence Heritage Conservation Plan, October 2007, illus. & descrip.)
MARGUERITE STREET, residence for George A. Walkem, 1913-14 (H. Kalman, Exploring Vancouver, 1978, 160, illus.)


VICTORIA, B.C., British Columbia Parliament Building, 1892. Fripp was among sixty-five competitors who submitted designs in this international competition. His scheme, using his non de plume 'Kismet', was designed in the 'Italian classic style' (Vancouver Daily World, 29 Sept. 1892, 8, descrip.). Fripp was not among the finalists. F.M. Rattenbury was later declared winner.
OLYMPIA, WASH., USA, State Capitol Building, 1894 (C.A.B., vii, Aug. 1894, plate illus.). The classical scheme by Fripp was passed over in favour of one by Ernest Flagg, but construction of the winning design was halted after two years (H.R. Hitchcock, Temples of Democracy: The State Capitols of the U.S.A., 1976, 226). According to an article in the New Zealand Herald, 2 May 1896, p. 6, Fripp exhibited his drawings for the Capitol Building after he had moved to New Zealand, and stated that he had "...won a prize" from among the 185 competitors who had submitted proposals.
AUCKLAND, N.Z., Stock Exchange Block, Queen Street at Mills Lane, 1897. After returning to New Zealand in 1896, Fripp, now in partnership with his former assistant George S. Goldsbro', was one of eleven architectural offices from Australia and New Zealand to submit designs for the four storey block (New Zealand Herald, 24 Feb. 1897, 6, report on the competition). Fripp & Goldsbro' received the Second Prize of L 75 Sterling for their effort. The winner was J.A. Barnside of Dunedin, N.Z.
VANCOUVER, B.C., the East End Public School and the West End Public School, 1900. After moving back to Canada in 1898, Fripp was one of ten local architects from Vancouver who submitted designs for two new schools (Province [Vancouver], 21 July 1900, 6). His designs were passed over in favour of plans by Parr & Fee, and by E.A. Whitehead.
VICTORIA, B.C., 'Cary Castle', the official residence for the Lieut. Governor of British Columbia, 1901. Fripp received Second Premium of $150 for his design (Victoria Daily Times, 16 Jan. 1901, 2; C.A.B., xiv, July 1901, plate illus.) The winning scheme was prepared by Samuel Maclure and F.M. Rattenbury.
KITSILANO, B.C., St. Mark's Anglican Church, 1910 (Const., iv, Jan. 1911, 61, illus.)
VANCOUVER, B.C., Civic Centre, 1914. The firm of Fripp & Keagy were among 30 architects from the United States and Canada who submitted designs (C .R. [Toronto], xxix, 6 Jan. 1915, 8). Theodore Korner was selected as winner, but the scheme was never built.