Jones, Hugh Griffith

JONES, Hugh Griffith (1872-1947)
(biography in preparation)

(works in Great Falls, Montana unless noted)

NORTH SIDE PUBLIC SCHOOL, major addition, 1892 (Daily Tribune [Great Falls], 3 July 1892, 7)
WEST SIDE PUBLIC SCHOOL, interior alterations, 1892 (Daily Tribune [Great Falls], 3 July 1892, 7)
PUBLIC SCHOOL, in the Boston & Great Falls Tract Addition, 1892 (Daily Tribune [Great Falls], 24 July 1892, 4)
SIXTH AVENUE NORTH, between Third Street and Fourth Street, residence for J.L. Harris, 1892 (Daily Tribune [Great Falls], 11 Sept. 1892, 5)
FORD BLOCK, Central Avenue, 1892 (Daily Tribune [Great Falls], 4 Oct. 1892, 5)
PHELPS & DICKERMAN BLOCK, Central Avenue, 1892 (Daily Tribune [Great Falls], 4 Oct. 1892, 5)
COUNTY COURT HOUSE, Third Street "opposite the Opera House", 1893 (Daily Tribune [Great Falls], 15 March 1893, 4, descrip.)
SAND COULEE, CASCADE CO., a building for Patrick Ferry, 1893 (Daily Tribune [Great Falls], 13 June 1893, 4, t.c.)
BLUE ISLAND, ILLINOIS, The Blue Island Opera House, Western Avenue near Grove Street, for John L. Zacharias, 1898 (R.I.B.A., London, Application for Membership by H.G. Jones, dated 20 March 1911, list of works)

(works in Canada)

CHAMCOOK, N.B., a new company town for the Canadian Sardine Co., including processing plant, cold storage building, and employee housing, 1912 (C.R., xxvi, 11 Sept. 1912, 57, illus. & descrip.)
SAINT JOHN, N.B., a tract housing development at Lancaster Heights, Saint John, 1913 (Busy East [Saint John], Oct. 1913, 13, illus.) (with Ross & MacDonald and John M. Lyle) TORONTO, ONT., Union Station, Front Street West at Bay Street, 1914-21; opened 1927 (Gazette [Montreal], 28 April 1914, 11, descrip.; Const., vii, May 1914, 199-202, illus. & descrip.; Canadian Railway & Marine World, xvii, June 1914, 262-4, illus. & descrip.; xxx, Oct. 1927, 567-76, illus. & descrip.; Railway Age [New York], lxxxiii, 24 Dec. 1927, 1243-50, illus. & descrip.; R. Bebout, The Open Gate-Toronto Union Station, 1972, 66-96, illus. & descrip.)
MONCTON, N.B., St. John's Presbyterian Church, Alma Street at Victoria Street, 1914-15 (Morning Chronicle [Halifax], 31 July 1914, 7; C.R., xxx, 5 Jan. 1916, 16, illus. & descrip.; Busy East [Saint John], June 1918, 17, illus.)
BROCKVILLE, ONT., Fulford Home for Aged Women, King Street East, 1916 (C.R., xxx, 21 June 1916, 617, illus. & descrip.; Montreal Daily Star, 14 April 1917, 9, list of drawings exhibited at the Spring Exhibition, Montreal Art Museum, 1917; Const., xvi, April 1923, 130-5, illus. & descrip.)
MOOSE JAW, SASK., Canadian Pacific Railway Station, Manitoba Street at Main Street North, 1921-22 (Canadian Railway & Marine World, xxv, Aug. 1922, 408, illus. & descrip.; Const., xvi, March 1923, 78-84, illus. & descrip.; Architectural Forum [New York], xliv, April 1926, 267-8, illus. & descrip.; R.A.I.C. Journal, iv, June 1927, 227, illus.)
MONTREAL, QUE., Dominion-Douglas United Church, Roslyn Avenue, Westmount, 1925-27 (C.R., xxxix, 18 Nov. 1925, 1107, illus. & descrip.; Gazette [Montreal], 16 April 1927, 5, descrip.; R.A.I.C. Journal, iv, Oct. 1927, 357-68, illus. & descrip.; Montreal, Les Eglises, 1981, 18-21, illus.)
MONTREAL, QUE., Pavillion Towers for the Jacques Cartier Bridge, off Delorimier Avenue and Notre Dame Street East, 1927 (dwg. at National Gallery, Ottawa, a Diploma Work submitted to the Royal Canadian Academy)
TORONTO, ONT., Central Heating Plant for Union Station, York Street at Fleet Street, 1929; demol. 1990 (Canadian Railway & Marine World, xxxii, Feb. 1929, 61-2, illus. & descrip.)


SPRINGFIELD, ILL., Carnegie Library, 1902. Working from his office in Chicago, Jones was one of several architects who submitted a design for this project (R.I.B.A., London, Application for Membership by H.G. Jones, dated 20 March 1911, list of works). He was not a finalist, and Mauran, Russell & Garden, Architects of St. Louis were later declared as the winners.
JAMAICA [perhaps Jamaica, Queens, New York City?], Presbyterian Church, 1907. While living and working in Brooklyn in 1907, Jones submitted a refined Gothic design for this large church. A perspective view of his scheme was published in The Catalogue of the 7th Architectural Exhibition of the Brooklyn Chapter A,I.A., 1907, Item 97, with Plate p. xxvi, illus. His proposal bears a remarkable resemblance to the Gothic design he used for St. John's Presbyterian Church, Moncton, N.B., built 1914-15.
WINNIPEG, MAN., City Hall, 1913. While working in Montreal, Jones was one of 39 entrants from across Canada, and his sprawling Beaux-Arts design was awarded the 4th Place prize of $2,000 (Winnipeg Daily Tribune, 3 March 1913, 1, list of awards). His scheme was illustrated and described in the journal Construction [Toronto], vi, April 1913, 151-52, 156-57, illus.). The winner was Clemesha & Portnall of Regina, but their proposal was never built.
CHICAGO, ILL., Chicago Tribune Tower, 1922. Four Canadians submitted designs in this internationally significant competition. The scheme by Jones was a classically inspired Beaux-Arts composition, but it was no match for the striking and progressive designs submitted by renowned architects such as Walter Gropius, Eliel Saarinen, Bruno Taut and others. A full page Plate showing a perspective view of the design by Jones was published in The International Competition for a New Administration Building for the Chicago Tribune, 1923, Plate 182, and in the journal Construction [Toronto], xvi, Feb. 1923, 60, illus. From a field of over 260 designs submitted from 23 different countries, Jones received an award of an Honourable Mention, one of 50 selected for this special recognition. The competition was won by Hood & Howells of New York City.