Hutton, Gordon Johnston

HUTTON, Gordon Johnston (1881-1942)
(biography in preparation)


MARKLAND STREET, residence for H.L. Frost, 1915 (Const., ix, June 1916, 174, 179-81, illus. & descrip.; dwgs. at OA)
ROBERT LAND PUBLIC SCHOOL, Wentworth Street North, addition, 1916 (inf. Hamilton Public School Board)
(with Stewart & Witton) CENTRAL SECONDARY SCHOOL, Wentworth Street North, the West Block, 1917 (inf. Hamilton Public School Board)
(with Paul Domville) ABERDEEN AVENUE, near Undercliffe Avenue, residence for Frederick T. Syme, 1917 (Const., xii, June 1919, 178-81, 184, illus. & descrip.)
SHERMAN AVENUE SOUTH, residence for Dr. Otto W. Niemeier, 1917 (C.R., xxxi, 30 May 1917, 45, t.c.)
ADELAIDE HOODLESS PUBLIC SCHOOL, Maple Avenue at Springer Avenue, addition 1917; addition 1918 (inf. Hamilton Public School Board)
(with Paul Domville) WABASSA PARK, Bathing Pavillion, 1917 (dwgs. at OA)
BURLINGTON, ONT., Filman's Corners, residence for Peter D. Carse, 1918 (C.R., xxxii, 12 June 1918, 46, t.c.)
MEMORIAL SCHOOL, Main Street East at Ottawa Street, 1918-19 (Const., xii, Nov. 1919, 332-38, illus. & descrip.; R.A.I.C. Journal, iv, Aug. 1927, 302, 304, illus.; dwgs. at OA)
GRAFTON'S DEPARTMENT STORE, James Street North, 1919 (dwgs. at OA)
WAGSTAFFE'S LTD., Maple Avenue, factory and warehouse, 1919-20 (C.R., xxxviii, 2 April 1924, 30, illus. in advert.)
(with Paul Domville) DUNNVILLE, ONT., Bank of Hamilton, 1920 (C.R., xxxiv, 14 July 1920, 50; dwgs. at OA)
(with Paul Domville) BANK OF HAMILTON, Herkimer Street at Locke Street, 1920 (dwgs. at OA)


(works in Hamilton)

McGREGOR-MOBRAY CLINIC, Main Street East near Wellington Street, 1922 (C.R., xxxvi, 26 April 1922, 54; dwgs. at OA)
DELTA COLLEGIATE, Main Street East at Graham Avenue South, 1923-24 (C.R., xxxviii, 31 Dec. 1924, 1323-4, illus. & descrip.; Const., xviii, April 1925, 120-25, illus. & descrip.; dwgs. at OA)
QUEEN STREET SOUTH, near Glenfern Avenue, residence for Robert Mills, 1923 (dwgs. at OA)
WENTWORTH BAPTIST CHURCH, Wentworth Street at Cannon Street, 1924 (Brief Sketch of the History of Wentworth Baptist Church, 1924, 32, illus.)
TRINITY BAPTIST CHURCH, Main Street East at Balsam Avenue South, 1924-25 (Dedication Souvenir of Trinity Baptist Church, 1925, 7; dwgs. at OA)
BAY STREET SOUTH, near Inglewood Drive, residence for Joseph M. Pigott, 1924(R.A.I.C. Journal, ii, July-Aug. 1925, xiii, illus. in advert.; dwgs. at OA)
ABERDEEN AVENUE, near Bay Street South, residence for P.V. Byrnes, 1925 (C.R., xxxix, 29 April 1925, 52, t.c.; C.H.G., x, April 1933, 22-5, illus.)
McLAUGHLIN MOTOR CO., showroom, Bay Street at Grenville Street, 1925; addition 1936 (Const., xviii, Nov. 1925, 356)
CHEDOKE PARK, residence for H.B. Greening, c. 1926 (C.H.G., iv, Jan. 1927, 42-3, illus.)
MAIN STREET EAST, at Hughson Street, office building for the Wentworth Realty Co., 1926 (Const., xix, Sept. 1926, 289)
WENTWORTH RADIO CO., John Street North at King William Street, 1926 (C.R., xl, 6 Oct. 1926, 51)
T. EATON CO., warehouse, Hughson Street North at King William Street, 1927 (C.R., xli, 18 May 1927, 54)
FIRESTONE TIRE & RUBBER CO., Beach Road, 1927 (Const., xxi, June 1928, 217, illus.)
CATHEDRAL ROMAN CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL, Main Street East at Emerald Street South, 1928 (C.R., xlii, 14 Nov. 1928, 1189-90, illus. & descrip.; R.A.I.C. Journal, vi, July 1929, 269-71, illus. & descrip.; dwgs. at OA)
OTIS-FENSOM ELEVATOR CO., Ferrie Street East at Victoria Street North, office building, 1929 (dwgs. at OA)
CENTRAL POLICE STATION, King William Street at Mary Street, 1930 (C.R., xliv, 31 Dec. 1930, 210, illus. in advert.)
ST. MARY'S ROMAN CATHOLIC SCHOOL, Mulberry Street, 1930 (dwgs. at OA)
WESTDALE ROMAN CATHOLIC SCHOOL, ???? Street, 1930 (dwgs. at OA)
ROYAL CONNAUGHT HOTEL, Main Street East at John Street South, 1931-32 (C.R., 13 May 1931, 62; dwgs. at OA)
CHRIST THE KING ROMAN CATHOLIC BASILICA, King Street West near Breadalbane Street, 1931-33; Bishop's Palace 1932-33 (R.A.I.C. Journal, viii, Sept. 1931, 339, illus.; Const., xxvi, Nov.-Dec. 1933, 131-42, illus. & descrip.; C.R., xlviii, 17 Jan. 1934, 37-43, illus. & descrip.; dwgs. at OA)
(with Sydney Comber) ACME FARMER'S DAIRY, Barton Street East near Chapple Street, 1931 (C.R., xlv, 30 Dec. 1931, 20, illus. in advert.)
MOUNTAIN SANATORIUM, Ancaster Road, new Pavilion and Nurses Residence for the Hamilton Health Association, 1932; Wilcox Pavilion, 1938-39 (C.R., xlvi, 24 Feb. 1932, 120; dwgs. at OA; R.A.I.C. Journal, xxi, Aug. 1944, 167)
LORETTO ACADEMY, King Street West at Pearl Street North, 1933; demol. l987 (C.R., xlvii, 30 Aug. 1933, 834, illus.; dwgs. at OA)
DOMINION PUBLIC BUILDING, John Street South at King Street East, 1934-36 (C.R., xlviii, 10 Oct. 1934, 868, illus.; R.A.I.C. Journal, xiii, Dec. 1936, iv, illus. in advert.; H. Kalman, History of Canadian Architecture, 1994, 760, illus. & descrip.; Tim Morawetz, Art Deco Architecture Across Canada, 2017, 51, illus. & descrip.; dwgs. at OA)
MOUNT ST. JOSEPH ORPHANAGE, King Street West near Ray Street North, 1935 (C.R., xlix, 21 Aug. 1935, 742)
INGLEWOOD DRIVE, residence for Vernon Hale, 1935 (C.H.G., xiii, June 1936, 7; Aug.-Sept. 1936, 34-5, illus.)
CANADIAN WESTINGHOUSE CO., Aberdeen Avenue at Longwood Road South, Administration Building, 1937; Lamp Building, 1941 (C.R., vol. 50, 27 Jan. 1937, 24, illus.)
STEEL COMPANY OF CANADA, Wellington Street North at Birge Street, Office Building, 1937 (dwgs. at OA)
NATIONAL STEEL CAR CO., major addition to machine shop, 1939 (Financial Post [Toronto], 25 March 1939, 13)
ST. JOHN'S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, King Street East at Emerald Street, reconstruction, 1940 (C.R., liii, 27 March 1940, 64)

(Works elsewhere)

OSHAWA, ONT., Ritson Road Public School, 1922 (OA, Minutes of the Oshawa Board of Education, 26 June 1922, 23)
(with Mahoney & Austin) GUELPH, ONT., Guelph Collegiate Institute, Paisley Street at Yorkshire Street North, 1922-23 (Guelph Mercury, 11 Sept. 1922, 1-2, descrip. & illus.; G. Shutt, The High Schools of Guelph, 1961, 39-43, illus.; dwgs. at OA)
OSHAWA, ONT., Centre Street Public School, 1923-24 (OA, Minutes of the Oshawa Board of Education, 24 April 1923, 71)
OSHAWA, ONT., Simcoe Street North Public School, 1923-24 (OA, Minutes of the Oshawa Board of Education, 27 June 1923, 101)
OSHAWA, ONT., Collegiate Institute, new Library, Gymnasium and Assembly Hall, 1923-24 (OA, Minutes of the Oshawa Board of Education, 11 Sept. 1923)
ST. THOMAS, ONT., Masonic Temple, Talbot Street near Mondamin Street, 1924 (C.R., xxxviii, 30 April 1924, 62)
HARMONY, ONT., Public School, 1924 (dwgs. at OA)
TORONTO, ONT., McLaughlin Motor Car Showroom, Bay Street at Grenville Street, 1924 (Const., xviii, June 1925, 184-88, illus. & descrip.; dwgs. at OA)
ST. THOMAS, ONT., High School, Elysian Street at Pearl Street, 1924 (Const., xvii, March 1924, 91)
PORT NELSON, ONT., residence for R.M. Dewhurst, 1925 (dwgs. at OA)
PORT COLBORNE, ONT., Waterworks Plant, 1925 (Canadian Engineer, l, 23 Feb. 1926, 243-46, illus. & descrip.)
TORONTO, ONT., International Harvester Company Showroom, Bay Street near Grosvenor Street, 1926-27 (C.R., xli, 4 May 1927, 429, illus. & descrip.; dwgs. at OA)
NIAGARA FALLS, ONT., Mount Carmel Roman Catholic College, extension, Portage Road near Dunn Street, 1926 (C.R., xl, 2 June 1926, 46)
WINDSOR, ONT., Norton Palmer Hotel, Park Street at Pelissier Street, 1927; addition 1929 (C.R., xli, 2 March 1927, 220-21, illus. & descrip.; dwgs. at OA)
OSHAWA, ONT., General Motors Assembly Plant, new stamping mill, body plant and tool room, 1927 (C.R., xli, 1 June 1927, 49, t.c.; 6 July 1927, 60, t.c.)
OSHAWA, ONT., residence for D.H. Beaton, 1927 (C.H.G., vi, Nov. 1929, 26-9, illus.)
GALT, ONT., residence for D. Walter McCormick, Salisbury Avenue, 1927 (C.R., xli, 29 June 1927, 53)
ANCASTER, ONT., Hamilton Golf & Country Club, clubhouse, 1928 (C.R., xliv, 19 March 1930, 22, illus. in advert.)
REGINA, SASK., glass factory and power house for W.E. Phillips Co., 8th Avenue at Toronto Street, 1928 (dwgs. at OA)
WALKERVILLE, ONT., General Motors Co., Walker Road, office building, 1928 (dwgs. at OA)
WALKERVILLE, ONT., Chrysler Motor Co., Tecumseh Road at Walker Road, assembly plant, 1928-30; extension 1935 (C.R., xlii, 12 Dec. 1928, 47; Canadian Engineer, lxxii, 20 April 1937, 9-10, illus. & descrip.)
REGINA, SASK., General Motors Co., Toronto Street, assembly plant, 1928 (dwgs. at SAB, Regina)
REGINA, SASK., McLauglin Motor Car Co., showroom and garage, Rose Street at 12th Avenue, 1929 (dwgs. at OA)
TORONTO, ONT., Parkdale Ladies Athletic Club House, Shaw Street, 1929-30 (Toronto Star, 22 Nov. 1929, 40, illus. & descrip.)
GUELPH, ONT., Delhi Apartments, for Raymond Crowe, Delhi Street at Eramosa Road, 1935 (dwgs. at OA)
LEAMINGTON, ONT., H.J. Heinz Co., Power House, 1936; Warehouse, 1939 (C.R., l, 12 Feb. 1936, 28; lii, 3 May 1939, 42)
WOODSTOCK, ONT., Firestone Cotton Mills, factory, 1943 (C.R., lvi, 18 Aug. 1943, 34)
WALLACEBURG, ONT., H.J. Heinz Co., processing plant, 1944 (C.R., lix, Jan. 1946, 4, illus. in advert.)