Holman, Hugh Gordon

HOLMAN, Hugh Gordon (1879-1955) was born in Stratford, Ont. on 28 November 1879 and articled with Harry Powell, a prominent local architect in that town, from 1895 to 1900. Holman then moved to Winnipeg and was employed as a draftsman with several architects there including George C. Browne (in 1900-01), with J.H.G. Russell (in 1901-03), with Samuel Hooper (in 1903-05), and later as assistant to Hooper at the Provincial Dept. of Public Works in 1905-06. He opened his own office on 1 June 1906 and designed a number of commercial, residential and institutional works, at first under his own name (1906-09), then briefly in partnership with Edgar Prain (1909-10), and again as sole practitioner in 1911-14. After serving overseas during WWI, he returned to Stratford (1920-22), then moved to Toronto to open a new office where he prepared plans for several schools and commercial buildings. The largest and most important commission of his career was that for the Park Plaza Hotel, Bloor Street West at Avenue Road, TORONTO, ONT. Originally conceived as a flamboyant high rise chateau with a mansard roof, the construction of this $2 million project began in 1927 and was halted after the stock market crash of October 1929, and did not resume until July 1933 when Yolles & Rotenberg, a local contractor and developer, took over the building and hired Chapman & Oxley to finish the project. Holman died in Toronto on 27 October 1955 (death notice Toronto Star, 28 Oct. 1955, 26; biog. Winnipeg Saturday Post, 8 June 1912, 39; biog. and port. Who's Who & Why in Canada, 1915-16, 416; biog. F.H. Scholfield, Story of Manitoba, 1913, ii, 334; inf. Ontario Association of Architects)


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