Heakes, Francis Riley

HEAKES, Francis Riley (1858-1930)
(biography in preparation)

TORONTO, ONT., mansion for William Levack, Halton Street near Shaw Street, 1890 (Toronto Daily News, 25 June 1890, 3, illus. & descrip.; inf. Sandra C. Ryley, Toronto)
TORONTO, ONT., pair of houses for S. Halligan, Crawford Street near Arthur Street, 1893 (Toronto b.p. 1354, 7 June 1893)
TORONTO, ONT., two stores for Mrs. Collins, Queen Street West near Augusta Street, 1893 (P. McHugh, Toronto Architecture: A City Guide, 1985, 193)


The following lists of works have been extracted from the annual Report of the Architects Branch published in yearly Sessional Papers printed by the Ontario Government, and cover the period from 1896 when Heakes was appointed Chief Architect of the department until his death in 1930. The Ontario Archives hold drawings for virtually all provincial buildings executed under his supervision fron 1896 until 1926 (OA, Ont. Dept. of Public Works Coll., RG 15-13-2)


BRACEBRIDGE, ONT., Muskoka District Court House, Dominion Street, 1899-1900
SUDBURY, ONT., Sudbury District Court House, Elm Street West, 1907
KENORA, ONT., Kenora District Court House, Water Street, 1910
FORT FRANCES, ONT., Rainy River District Court House, Church Street, 1913-14
HAILEYBURY, ONT. Timiskaming District Courthouse and Registry Office, 1914; burned 1922, rebuilt 1923
SAULT STE. MARIE, ONT., Algoma District Courthouse, Queen Street East, 1919-22 (Sault Daily Star, 3 Oct. 1919, 10, illus. & descrip.)
PORT ARTHUR, ONT., Thunder Bay District Court House, Cameron Street, 1923-24 (News Chronicle [Port Arthur], 20 Sept. 1924, 4, illus. & descrip.)
COCHRANE, ONT., Cochrane District Courthouse, 1924


Fort Francis, 1903;
Parry Sound, new facade, 1907;
Sault Ste. Marie, 1907;
Port Arthur, 1907;
Sudbury, 1907;
Kenora, 1912;
Fort William, 1915;
Fort Frances, 1926


Lock up, Thessalon, 1899; Gaoler's Residence, Fort Francis, 1899; Lock up, Michipicoten, 1900; Lock up, Liskeard, 1900; Lock up, Blind River, 1901; Lock up, Warrren, 1902; Lock up, Atikokan, 1902; Lock up, Nipigon, 1903; Lock up, Dryden, 1904; Gaoler's Residence, Sturgeon Falls, 1904; Gaoler's Residence, North Bay; Lock up, Cobalt, 1906; Gaol, Fort Francis, 1908; Lock up, Schreiber, 1908; Lock up, South Porcupine, 1912; Gaol, Sault Ste. Marie, 1915; Gaol, Hearst, 1923; Gaol, Matheson, 1924; Gaol, Haileybury, 1924; Gaol, Port Arthur, 1924 (News Chronicle [Port Arthur], 20 Feb. 1926, 10, illus. & descrip.); Lock up, Englehart, 1929; Gaols at Kenora, North Bay and Sudbury, 1929


GUELPH, ONT., Agricultural College, Gordon Street at College Avenue East, Chemical Laboratory, 1896 (dwgs. at University Archives, Univ. of Guelph); Museum and Biological Laboratory, 1901(Evening Mercury [Guelph], 18 Aug. 1902, 1, descrip.); Livestock Judging Pavilion, 1902; Farm Mechanics Building, 1905; dormitory wing for Johnston Hall, 1907 (dwgs. at University Archives, Univ. of Guelph); Field Husbandry Building, Dining Hall and Dairy Barn, 1912; Poultry Building, Physics Building, 1914; Maids' Dormitory, 1915-16; Dormitory, Apiary Building, 1919; Vetrinary College, Dairy Building, 1921; Memorial Hall, 1923-24; Baking School, 1925; Administration Building, Horticultural Building,1929
LONDON, ONT., Normal School, Wortley Road at Elmwood Avenue, 1898 (Daily Advertiser [London], 26 Feb. 1898, 2, illus. & descrip.)
(with Frank Darling) TORONTO, ONT., Chemistry and Mining Building, University of Toronto, College Street at King's College Road, 1902-03 (C.A.B., xv, Nov. 1902, illus.; C.R., xii, 10 July 1901, 2; xiv, 14 Feb. 1903, 4)
TORONTO, ONT., addition to the Normal School, Gould Street at Church Street, 1903 (Toronto b.p. 1575, 22 Aug. 1903)
TORONTO, ONT., Mill Building, School of Practical Science, King's College Road, 1903 (C.R., xiv, 6 May 1903, 2)
STRATFORD, ONT., Normal School, Water Street at Queen Street, 1906 (Globe [Toronto], 19 Oct. 1906, 11, illus. & descrip.)
HAMILTON, ONT., Normal School, Sophia Streeet at Marguerite Street, 1906
PETERBOROUGH, ONT., Normal School, O'Carroll Avenue at Benson Avenue, 1906 (Globe [Toronto], 19 Oct. 1906, 11, illus. & descrip.)
NORTH BAY, ONT., Normal School, First Avenue West at Ferguson Street, 1906 (Globe [Toronto], 19 Oct. 1906, 11, illus. & descrip.)
TORONTO, ONT., Veterinary College, University Avenue at Dundas Street West, 1912; demol. 1989 (C.R., xxviii, 1 April 1914, 401-02, illus. & descrip.)
KEMPTVILLE, ONT., Ontario Agricultural School, Pavilion, Barn and animal pens, 1917; Central Building, 1919; Residence for Boys & Girls, 1921;
NEW LISKEARD, ONT., High School at the Northern Ontario Experimental Farm, 1922
KINGSTON, ONT., Eastern Dairy School, 1922
RIDGETOWN, ONT., Western Ontario Experimental Farm, Community Hall, Science School and Greenhouse, 1925
HAMILTON, ONT., Training College for Technical Teachers, Wentworth Street North at Huron Street, 1927
BOWMANVILLE, ONT., Boys Training School, Lambs Road near Concession Street, two Dormitories and Dining Hall, 1925; Medical Superintendents Residence, Fire Hall, 1926; Boiler House & Heating Plant, 1928; Gymnasiusm & Swimming Pool, 1929


MIMICO, ONT., Asylum for the Insane, Lakeshore Road at Eighteenth Street, Chapel and Assembly Hall, 1896; Fire Hall, 1919
BROCKVILLE, ONT., Asylum for the Insane, Prescott Road, residence for the Medical Superintendent, 1896; Chapel & Assembly Hall, 1908; Reception Hospital, 1911;
LONDON, ONT., Asylum for the Insane, Highbury Street near Dundas Street, Infirmary, 1900; Greenhouse and Barn, 1907; Skating Rink, 1909; Amusement Hall, 1913;
KINGSTON, ONT., "Leahurst", a Nurses' Home and Home for Convalescents at the Rockwood Asylum for the Insane, King Street West, 1902-03; Cottage Pavilion, 1905; Industrial Building, 1907; Greenhouse, 1908; Fire Hall, 1919 (Globe [Toronto], 25 Nov. 1903, 4, descrip.)
COBOURG, ONT., Asylum for Female Patients, residence for the Medical Superintendent, 1904
BELLEVILLE, ONT., Institute for the Deaf and Dumb, Dundas Street West at Palmer Street, Greenhouse, 1908; Gymnasium and Fire Hall, 1911; Dormitories, 1912; Central Building and cottages, 1919; Chapel & Assembly Hall, Dining Hall, 1921;
WOODSTOCK, ONT, Hospital for Epileptics, Administration Building and Cottage Dormitories, 1905; Medical Superintendents Residence, 1912; Power House and extension to Hospital, 1930
BRANTFORD, ONT., Ontario Institute for the Blind, St. George's Road, Dormitories, 1912
WHITBY, ONT., Hospital for the Insane, cottages and infirmary, 1917; cottages and infirmary, 1918; Farm Cottages and residence for Farm Superintendent, 1919; Acute Hospital for Men and Hospital for Women, 1921; Nurses Homes, 1922; Administration Building, 1923;
ORILLIA, ONT., Asylum for the Insane, Memorial Road, residence for the Medical Director, and Fire Hall, 1919


RONDEAU PARK, residence, barn, stable and pavilion for the Park Ranger, 1896; Refectory, 1906
CACHE LAKE, ALGONQUIN PARK, residences for the Park Ranger and Park Superintendent, 1897
TORONTO, ONT., Osgoode Hall, Queen Street West at University Avenue, addition to West Wing, 1908; North Wing, 1910-12 (inf. Angela Carr, in Society for the Study of Architecture in Canada Bulletin, xiii, Dec. 1988, 18, 24)
JORDAN HARBOUR, ONT., Fruit Experimental Station, Administration Building, Superintendent's Residence, Greenhouse and cottages, 1908; Powerhouse and Cottages, 1917;
GOVERNMENT HOUSE, the residence for the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, Chorley Park, Roxborough Drive, 1911-15; demol. 1959 (Const., ix, Feb. 1916, 36-51, illus. & descrip.; C.H.G., ii, Oct. 1925, 22-3, illus.; W. Dendy, Lost Toronto, 1978, 176-9, illus. & descrip.)
TORONTO, ONT., Whitney Block, Ontario Government Departmental Office Building, Queen's Park Crescent, 1925-27 (C.R., xxxix, 27 May 1925, 509, illus.; Const., xxi, May 1928, 150-52, 159-62, 168, illus. & descrip.)