Moogk, Charles John

MOOGK, Charles John (1848-1924), active in Waterloo, Ont., was born in Preston, Ont. on 9 December 1848 and trained as a carpenter in Detroit, Mich. (1865-67), and in Preston and Hespeler in 1868-70. He moved to Philadelphia, Penn. to work as a carpenter (1870-74), then returned to Waterloo. He taught himself construction theory and design from books which he had borrowed from a physician in Waterloo, and by 1880 he began to style himself as an architect. Fluent in both German and English, he was able to cater to the German-speaking community who lived in Berlin (now Kitchener) and Waterloo, and often worked as architect-builder, designing many of the structures which he undertook to build for clients in Waterloo and surrounding towns. No references to his activity as an architect can be found after 1905, but it is know that he retired from the contracting business in 1911. In 1899 he was appointed to the post of Town Engineer in Waterloo and held that position until his death there on 26 September 1924 (obituary in Kitchener-Waterloo Record, 27 Sept. 1924, 2; obituary in Waterloo Chronicle, 2 Oct. 1924, 5, with editorial tribute, 2; inf. Mr. Edwin Moogk, Waterloo)


ST. JOHN'S LUTHERAN CHURCH, King Street North, 1882-83; burned 1959 (100th Anniversary of St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1937, 23, illus.)
ST. LOUIS ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, Allen Street at Willow Street, 1890 (Catholic Record [London], 21 June 1890, 5; 17 Jan. 1891, 1, descrip.)
METHODIST CHURCH, William Street at Park Street, parsonage for the church, 1894 (Waterloo County Chronicle [Waterloo], 5 April 1894, 5)
ALBERT STREET, at Cedar Street, residence for C.W. Schiedel, 1896 (C.R., vii, 21 May 1896, 2)
WATERLOO MFR. CO., King Street, large addition to factory, 1898 (C.R., ix, 19 Oct. 1898, 2, t.c.)
unnamed street, residence for Isaac N. Neuber, 1902 (C.R., xiii, 19 Feb. 1902, 2, t.c.)
ST. JOHN'S EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH, King Street North, 1902 (C.R., xiii, 5 March 1902, 1, t.c.)
E. SCHIERHOLZ UPHOLSTERING CO., factory, 1903 (C.R., xiv, 22 April 1903, 2, t.c.)
WATERLOO PARLOR FRAME CO., factory, 1903 (C.R., xiv, 22 April 1903, 2, t.c.)
CARNEGIE LIBRARY, Albert Street at Water Street, 1903-04 (C.R., xiv, 15 April 1903, 3, t.c.)


CONESTOGO, ONT., St. Matthew's Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1892 (W. Stroh, 'St. Matthew's Evangelical Lutheran Church', in 41st Annual Report of the Waterloo Historican Society, 1953, 42)
ELMIRA, ONT., parsonage for the Evangelical Church, 1896 (C.R., vii, 21 May 1896, 2)
ELMIRA, ONT., residence for Issac Hibborn, 1896 (C.R., vii, 21 May 1896, 2)
PRESTON, ONT., public Market Hall, 1897 (C.R., viii, 22 July 1897, 2)
HEIDELBURG, ONT., major alterations and improvements to St. Peter's Lutheran Church, 1898 (C.R., ix, 27 April 1898, 2, t.c.)