Peden, Frank

PEDEN, Frank (1877-1969), active in Montreal in partnership with Thomas McLaren from 1907 to 1916. Born in Dalhousie, N.B. on 8 September 1877, he was educated at the Montreal High School. His interest in architecture developed from the early age of 16 years when he worked as an assistant in the Montreal office of Dunlop & Heriot in 1893-94. He enrolled in the Dept. of Engineering at McGill University in 1895 and graduated with a B.Sc. in the course of Architecture in 1899, and served an apprenticeship with Hutchinson & Wood in 1899-1902. Peden joined the Engineering Inst. of Canada in 1899, and the following year became a member of the Province of Quebec Assoc. of Architects. He moved to Boston, Mass. in 1902 and spent a year in the office of Peabody & Stearns, a leading American architectural firm, then returned to Montreal in 1903 to work as assistant Engineer for the Dominion Bridge Co. in Lachine. In September 1904 he took a post as an assistant architect in the Premises Dept. of the Bank of Montreal, and was soon appointed Director of that department, supervising a staff of eight architects and draftsmen, designing bank branches and manager's residences in several provinces. Their team was joined by the young Scottish architect Thomas McLaren, with whom he was to later form the partnership of Anglin, Peden & McLaren in 1905. When James P. Anglin departed in December 1906, Peden saw the opportunity to leave the Bank and form an independent practise with his colleague Thomas McLaren. The firm became Peden & McLaren, and they thrived on commissions for new institutional, residential, and ecclesiastical buildings, as well as for new branches for the Bank of Montreal which were then being established across Canada.

After the dissolution of his partnership with McLaren in December 1916, Peden joined the Steel Company of Canada as a staff architect and remained with the company until early 1920 (Const., xiii, June 1920, 200; C.R., xxxiv, 23 June 1920, 620). He then opened an office in Montreal in May 1920 under his own name, and remained active in Montreal until July 1940. During WWII, he worked as an architectural engineer for Canadian Car Munitions Ltd., and for Defense Industries Ltd. In 1948 he moved to Nanaimo, B.C. and opened an architectural office there. By July 1951, however, he had relocated to nearby Victoria, B.C. and was working for Birley, Wade & Stockdill as a staff architect. He opened his own office in Victoria in March 1952, but this was closed in December 1953, and Peden moved back to Montreal where he took on contract work for Gratton & Thompson, for A. Leslie Perry, for Greenspoon, Friedlander & Dunn, and for Archibald, Illsley & Templeton.

Peden resigned from the P.Q.A.A. in 1947, but later rejoined that organization in 1955, and his final resignation as a member of that provincial organization was submitted in February 1960. He died in Montreal on 11 July 1969 (death notice Gazette [Montreal], 12 July 1969, 51; biog. Who’s Who & Why in Canada, 1912, 375; biog. NAC, Canadian Society of Civil Engineers, MG 28 I 277, Vol. xi, Application by Frank Peden dated 16 May 1918; inf. Province of Quebec Assoc. of Architects; inf. R.I.B.A., London, Application for Membership dated 9 March 1911; F. Ritchie Peden, Corbyville, Ont.; inf. Marjorie J. Peden, Ottawa)


BRANDON, MAN., Bank of Montreal, Rosser Avenue at 10th Street, 1907 (R.I.B.A., Application from Frank Peden, 10 May 1911)
TORONTO, ONT., Bank of Montreal, Yonge Street at Roselawn Avenue, 1907 (C.R., xviii, 17 July 1907, 6)
MONCTON, N.B., Bank of Montreal, Main Street at Botsford Street, 1907 (C.R., xxiii, 4 Aug. 1909, illus. & descrip.)
CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I., Bank of Montreal, Grafton Street, 1907 (Province of Quebec Association of Architects, Membership application for Thomas McLaren, 15 May 1939)
PICTON, ONT., Carnegie Library, 1907 (Const., i, July 1908, 44-5, illus. & descrip.)
WESTMOUNT, residence for Kenneth Thom, Grosvenor Avenue, 1908-09 (C.R., xxii, 2 Dec. 1908, 27)
KELOWNA, B.C., Bank of Montreal, 1908 (R.I.B.A., Application from Thomas M. Forrest, draftsman for Peden & MacLaren, dated 29 Sept 1910)
HULL, QUE., Bank of Montreal, Main Street at Bridge Street, 1908 (R.I.B.A., Application from Frank Peden, 10 March 1911)
STIRLING, ONT., Bank of Montreal, 1908; demol. (C.R., xxii, 23 Sept. 1908, 25, t.c.)
TRENTON, ONT., Bank of Montreal, 1908-09 (C.R., xxii, 18 Nov. 1908, 27)
LUNENBURG, N.S., Bank of Montreal, 1908 (dwgs. at PANS, Dumaresq Coll.)
RIVIERE-DU-LOUP, QUE., Bank of Montreal, 1908 (C.R., xxii, 1 July 1908, 28; dwgs. at Bank of Montreal, Premises Dept., Montreal)
SUDBURY, ONT., Bank of Montreal, Durham Street South, 1908 (R.I.B.A., Application from Frank Peden, 10 March 1911)
VERNON, B.C., Bank of Montreal, 1909 (C.R., xxiii, 21 April 1909, 22)
SASKATOON, SASK., Bank of Montreal, Second Avenue North at 22nd Street, 1909 (C.R., xxiii, 5 May 1909, 21, t.c.)
MONTREAL WEST, residence for George E. Templeman, Ballantyne Avenue, 1909 (C.R., xxiii, 29 Sept. 1909, 24)
WESTMOUNT, two houses for J.T. Fisher, Grosvenor Avenue, 1909 (C.R., xxiii, 5 May 1909, 20)
WEYBURN, SASK., Bank of Montreal, 1909 (C.R., xxiii, 11 Aug. 1909, 23)
ST. JOHN'S, NFLD., Bank of Montreal, Water Street at McBride's Hill, extensive alterations to the Gazette Building for new bank premises, 1910 (C.R., xxiv, 2 Feb. 1910, 24; Trade Review & Commercial Annual [St. John's], 31 Dec. 1910, 4, descrip.)
VICTORIA PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, Conway Street at Menai Street, 1910 (C.R., xxiv, 15 June 1910, 27)
MONTREAL WEST, residence for Howard Murray, Strathearn Avenue, 1910 (inf. from Miss M. J. Peden, Ottawa)
NOTRE DAME DE GRACE, Kensington Public School, Sherbrooke Street West at Mayfair Avenue, 1910 (C.R., xxiv, 18 May 1910, 27)
MONTREAL WEST, City Hall, Westminster Avenue at Easton Avenue, 1910 (The Standard [Montreal], 21 Jan. 1911, Supplement, 2, illus.; Montreal, Les Edifices Publics, 1981, 120-21, illus.)
PENTICTON, B.C., Bank of Montreal, 1910 (Architectural Inst. of British Columbia, Membership application for Frank Peden, June 1948)
CORNWALL, ONT., Bank of Montreal, Pitt Street, 1911; residence for bank manager, 1911 (C.R., xxiv, 10 Aug. 1910, 27; dwgs. at Bank of Montreal Premises Dept., Toronto)
SHAWINIGAN FALLS, QUE., Public School, 1910 (C.R., xxiv, 1 June 1910, 26)
MONTREAL WEST, St. Philip's Anglican Church, Ainslie Road, 1911 (C.R., xxv, 19 July 1911, 59)
SHAW MEMORIAL METHODIST CHURCH, Beaubien Street at Chrisopher Columbus Street, 1911-12 (The Standard [Montreal], 11 Nov. 1911, 1, illus. & descrip.; C.R., xxv, 6 Dec. 1911, 44-5, illus. & descrip.)
DELORIMIER METHODIST CHURCH, Simard Street near St. Joseph Boulevard, 1911-12 (C.R., xxv, 6 Dec. 1911, 45, illus.)
ST. REMI, QUE., warehouse and packing plant for William Clark Co., 1911 (C.R., xxv, 19 April 1911, 57)
OUTREMONT, residence for Daniel Bonner, McDougall Avenue, 1911 (Outremont b.p. 449, 27 April 1911)
OAKVILLE, ONT., Appleby Private School [later renamed Appleby College], Lakeshore Road West near Fourth Line, 1911 (C.R., xxv, 19 April 1911, 56)
SHERBROOKE, QUE., Bank of Montreal, Wellington Street North, 1911 (C.R., xxv, 14 June 1911, 61)
MOOSE JAW, SASK., Bank of Montreal, Main Street North, 1911 (C.R., xxv, 15 Nov. 1911, 44, illus. & descrip.; dwgs. at Bank of Nova Scotia Archives, Toronto)
OTTAWA, ONT., Plymouth Brethren Church, MacLaren Street at Bank Street, 1912 (C.R., xxvi, 20 March 1912, 66)
(with Walter J. Murray) LOYOLA COLLEGE, Sherbrooke Street West near Belmore Avenue, Administration Building, Junior Building, dormitories and refectory, 1913-16 (T.P. Slattery, Loyola and Montreal: A History, 1962, 136, illus. & descrip.; Montreal, Les Couvents, 1984, 216-27, illus.)
MONTREAL WEST FIRE HALL, Westminster Avenue, 1914 (inf. from Miss M.J. Peden, Ottawa)
VILLE ST. PIERRE, Public School, possibly William Trenholme School, Maple Avenue, 1914 (C.R., xxviii, 8 April 1914, 77)
MONTREAL WEST, residence for H.E. Stephenson, Brock Avenue North, 1915 (inf. from Miss M.J. Peden, Ottawa)


(works in Montreal unless noted)

STEEL CO. OF CANADA, Notre Dame Street West, addition to factory, 1919 (C.R., xxxiii, 19 Nov. 1919, 51)
MONTREAL WEST, residence for the architect, Ballantyne Avenue North, 1921 (inf. from Miss M.J. Peden, Ottawa)
WESTMOUNT, residence for W. Godbee Brown, Sydneham Avenue, 1922 (C.R., xxxvi, 25 Oct. 1922, 49)
LACHINE, QUE., Grovehill Golf & Country Club, clubhouse, 1923-24 (Le Prix Courant, lvi, 7 Dec. 1923, 58)
ST. ALBAN'S COMMUNITY HALL, St. Zotique Street East near St. Hubert Street, 1925 (Gazette [Montreal], 4 Aug. 1925, 3; inf. Scott Edwards)
COTE DES NEIGES UNITED CHURCH, Tremblay Street near Decelles Avenue, 1926-27 (Gazette [Montreal], 7 Oct. 1926, 7; inf. Scott Edwards)
SHAWBRIDGE, QUE., Boy's Correctional School, gymnasium and chapel, 1926 (inf. from Miss M.J. Peden, Ottawa)
STE. CATHERINE STREET WEST, at St. Alexandre Street, commercial block of retail stores surrounding St. James United Church, 1926; stores partly demol. in 2005 to restore views of the facade of the church (Montreal Star, 4 May 1926, illus.; Montreal, Les Eglises, 1981, 240-5, illus.)
TRINITY UNITED CHURCH, Pius IX Boulevard near Adam Street, 1927 (Gazette [Montreal], 24 Sept. 1927, 4; City of Montreal, Building Permit Records; inf. Scott Edwards)
HOWICK, QUE., United Church, 1928 (Gazette [Montreal],11 June 1928, 3; Historical Sketch and Souvenir of Howick United Church, 1928; inf. Scott Edwards)
DRUMMONDVILLE, QUE., United Church, 1928 (inf. from Miss M.J. Peden, Ottawa)
LACHINE, QUE., Rockfield United Church, St. Jacques Street at Richardson Avenue, 1929 (Gazette [Montreal], 12 Aug. 1929, 5, but lacking attribution; inf. from Rockfield Church website (online); inf. Scott Edwards)
BANK OF OTTAWA, Park Avenue at Fairmount Avenue, new facade and alterations, 1929 (Montreal, Les Banques, 1980, 2-3, illus.)
CRESCENT PRIVATE HOSPITAL, Crescent Street near Ste. Catherine Street West, 1930 (C.R., xliv, 12 March 1930, 123)
VERDUN, QUE., United Church, Woodland Avenue, 1930 (Golden Anniversary of Verdun United Church, 1949, 6)
MADISON AVENUE BAPTIST CHURCH, major addition, 1933 (Const., xxvi, May-June 1933, 62)
ST. JAMES UNITED CHURCH, Ste. Catherine Street West at City Councillors Street, extensive interior alterations to the church, 1937, originally designed by Alexander F. Dunlop as St. James Methodist Church in 1887-89 (Gazette [Montreal], 1 May 1937, 3, descrip.; inf. Scott Edwards)
PINES BOWLING ACADEMY, Park Avenue at Pine Avenue West, 1938 (C.R., li, 1 June 1938, 32)
SNOWDEN BAPTIST MISSION, Decarie Boulevard near Queen Mary Road, 1941 (C.R., liv, 28 May 1941, 28)