Tully, Kivas

TULLY, Kivas (1820-1905)
(biography in preparation)

TORONTO, ONT., Bank of Montreal, Yonge Street at Front Street West, 1845; demol. 1885 (Banner [Toronto], 20 June 1845, 3, t.c.; British Colonist [Toronto], 3 Sept. 1847, 3, t.c.; Globe [Toronto], Pictorial Supplement, 13 Dec. 1856, 4; O. Thompson, Toronto in the Camera, 1868, 36, illus. & descrip.; Eric Arthur, Toronto - No Mean City, 1964, 79, illus. & descrip.; W. Dendy, Lost Toronto, 1978, 1, illus. & descrip.)
TORONTO, ONT., Custom House, Front Street West at Yonge Street, 1845; demol. 1872 (British Colonist [Toronto], 18 July 1845, 2, descrip.; Globe [Toronto], Pictorial Supplement, 13 Dec. 1856, 4; dwgs. at Baldwin Room, Metropolitan Toronto Reference Library)
ST. CATHARINES, ONT., Town Hall and Market House, King Street at James Street, 1848-49 (British Colonist [Toronto], 25 July 1848, 3, t.c.; St. Catherines Journal, 2 Nov. 1848, 3; 27 Sept. 1849, 3, descrip.; dwgs. at St. Catharines Historical Museum)
TORONTO, ONT., St. George The Martyr Anglican Church, John Street, new interior gallery, 1849; with Sunday School, Stephanie Street near John Street, 1857; church burned 1955, but school still standing in 2022 (British Colonist [Toronto], 27 Nov. 1849, 3, t.c.; H. Harman, Story of the Church of St. George The Martyr, 1945, 23)
ST. CATHARINES, ONT., Prendergast Block, St. Paul Street at William Street, a commercial building for W.H. Merritt, 1850; demol. 1949 (British Colonist [Toronto], 5 Aug. 1851, 3, descrip.; E. Julian et al, St. Catharines: Our Built Heritage, 2005, 61, illus.)
TORONTO, ONT., wholesale store for John S. Smith, Yonge Street at Wellington Street West, 1851-52 (British Colonist [Toronto], 1 April 1851, 3, t.c.)
TORONTO, ONT., Trinity College, Queen Street West at Strachan Avenue, 1851; demol. 1956 (The Church [Toronto], 27 Feb. 1851, 244, descrip.; A. Sylvester, Sketches of Toronto, 1858, 77-79, descrip.; O. Thompson, Toronto in the Camera, 1868, 16, illus. & descrip.; T.A. Reid, History of Trinity College, 1952, 37-40; H. Kalman, History of Canadian Architecture, 1994, 272-3, illus.)
PORT HOPE, ONT., St. John's Anglican Church (later renamed St. Mark's), King Street, addition, 1851 (Port Hope Watchman, 22 Aug. 1851, 2)
COBOURG, ONT., St. Peter's Anglican Church, King Street East, new chancel and brick facing, 1851 (Diocese of Toronto Archives, Parish Papers for St. Peter's Church, Cobourg)
THOROLD, ONT., St. John The Evangelist Anglican Church, 1852 (Spectator [Hamilton], 12 May 1852, 3, t.c.)
LAKEFIELD, ONT., Christ Church (Anglican), 1853 (M. Macrae & A. Adamson, Hallowed Walls, 1975, 108, 110, illus.)
TORONTO, ONT., Canada Western Assurance Company, office building, Church Street at Colborne Street, 1854; demol. (Globe [Toronto], 6 March 1854, 3, t.c.; 28 April 1856, 2, descrip.)
WESTON, ONT., residence for Charles Jones, 1854 (University of Toronto, Fisher Rare Book Library, Tyrrell Coll., drawings dated 7 July 1854)
MERRITTSVILLE, ONT., Welland County Court House, East Main Street, Welland,1854-55 (Globe [Toronto], 14 Aug. 1854, 3, t.c.; Daily Colonist [Toronto], 3 April 1855, 2, descrip.; History of the County of Welland, 1887, 408-10)
NIAGARA-ON-THE-LAKE, ONT., St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, reconstruction and alterations, 1855 (Globe [Toronto], 9 May 1855, 3, t.c.; E. Arthur, St. Andrew's Church, Niagara-on-the-Lake, 1938, 11, 23-4, 26, illus.; Prof. Malcolm Thurlby, " St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Niagara-on-the-Lake, And Church Design in Upper Canada Down to 1840", in The Georgian Group Journal [London], xxvi, 2018, 247-262, illus. & descrip.)
TORONTO, ONT., Beverley Street, residence for John Crickmore, 1856 (Globe [Toronto], 28 April 1856, 3, t.c.)
TORONTO, ONT., Robinson House, Bay Street, a boarding house for J.L. Robinson, 1856 (Globe [Toronto], 4 Aug. 1856, 2, descrip.)
TORONTO, ONT., King Street West, two stores for Thompson & MacFarlane, 1856 (Globe [Toronto], 4 Aug. 1856, 2, descrip.)
TORONTO, ONT., Provincial Lunatic Asylum, Queen Street West opposite Ossington Avenue, Laundry Building, 1856; new wings and hospital, 1866-68; demol. 1972 (Globe [Toronto], 6 Aug. 1856, 3, t.c.; 6 Nov. 1866, 1, descrip.; Canadian Illustrated News, ii, 21 May 1870, 456, 458, illus. & descrip.)
COBOURG, ONT., Victoria Hall, King Street, 1856-60; restored 1973-75 (Cobourg Star, 31 Dec. 1856, 2, descrip.; Globe [Toronto], 31 Dec. 1856, 2, descrip.; P.J. Stokes, 'The Preservation of Victoria Hall', in Victorian Cobourg: A Nineteenth Century Profile, 1976, 28-55, illus.)
COBOURG, ONT., 'Sidbrooke', residence for Henry Mason, King Street East, 1857 (Cobourg Star, 8 July 1857, 2, descrip.)
TORONTO, ONT., Victoria Hall, Melinda Street, adjoining Wellington Chambers, 1858 (Building News [London], iv, 20 Aug. 1858, 846, descrip.)
TRENTON, ONT., Town Hall, King Street, 1860-61 (OA, Minutes of Council for the Village of Trenton, 6 Aug. 1860; M. Macrae & A. Adamson, Cornerstones of Order, 1983, 166-67, illus.)
ORILLIA, ONT., alterations to a former hotel for a Branch Lunatic Asylum, 1860 (Leader [Toronto], 5 June 1860, 3, t.c.; 26 Sept. 1860, 3, t.c.; Gazetteer & Directory of the County of Simcoe for 1866-67, 1866, 131, descrip.)
TORONTO, ONT., Lighthouse and Keeper's House, Queen's Wharf, 1861; relocated 1929 at Lakeshore Boulevard West and Fleet Street (Globe [Toronto], 14 June 1861, 3, t.c.)
BRAMPTON, ONT., Registry Office, Queen Street East near Union Street, 1861; demol. c. 1970 (Leader [Toronto], 24 July 1861, 3, t.c.)
TORONTO, ONT., (Brockton), St. Anne's Anglican Church, Dufferin Street, 1862, demol. 1911 (Globe [Toronto], 25 July 1862, 3, t.c.; St. Anne's Church - 50th Anniversary & Jubilee, 1912)
TORONTO, ONT., Royal Canadian Bank, Toronto Street, conversion of the former American Express Store, 1865 (Globe [Toronto], 17 April 1865, 2, t.c.)
TORONTO, ONT., Queen's Wharf, for the Toronto Harbour Commissioners, 1867 (Globe [Toronto], 23 July 1867, 1, descrip.)


The Ontario Archives holds an extensive collection of drawings prepared by, or under the supervision of, Kivas Tully, during his tenure as Supervising Architect for the Ontario Department of Public Works from 1868 until 1896 (OA, Dept. of Public Works Coll., RG 15-13-2)

REGISTRY OFFICES, based on a prototypical plan and elevation designed for by Kivas Tully for use in any Ontario county, April 1868 (OA, Horwood Coll., 652, Item 49); this plan was used in the following locations: ST. CATHARINES, ONT., Lincoln County Registry Office, King Street at Carlisle Street, 1869; converted to Grantham Township offices in 1923
PEMBROKE, ONT., Renfrew County Registry Office, Pembroke Street East, 1869;
COBOURG, ONT., Northumberland County Registry Office, 1869
COLBOURNE, ONT., East Northumberland County Registry Office, King Street East at Victory Street, in the village of Colborne, east of Cobourg, 1869, still standing in 2022, and now the Colborne Art Gallery;
GODERICH, ONT., Huron County Registry Office, 1870;
OWEN SOUND, ONT., Grey County Registry Office, 4th Avenue East near 12th Street East, 1870; still standing in 2022
CORNWALL, ONT., Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry Registry Office, Sydney Street near Second Street East, 1870; demol.
LONDON, ONT., Middlesex County Registry Office, Ridout Street North near Dundas Street, 1870; demol. c. 1980
PORT HOPE, East Durham County Registry Office, Mill Street near Walton Street, 1870; still standing in 2022, and now the Town of Port Hope Archives (Parks Canada, Canada's Historic Sites, Designation Statement 29 Aug. 2008);
CAYUGA, ONT., Brant County Registry Office, 1870 ;
WALKERTON, ONT., Bruce County Registry Office, Cayley Street at Jackson Street South, 1870; still standing in 2022
PICTON, ONT., Prince Edward County Registry Office, Main Street opposite Paul Street, 1871; still standing in 2022 (Tom Cruikshank et al, The Settler's Dream: Pictorial History of Older Buildings in Prince Edward County, 1984, 258-59, illus. & descrip.)
OTTAWA, ONT., Carleton County Registry Office, Nicholas Street, 1872-73; still standing in 2022 (Daily Citizen [Ottawa], 2 Jan. 1874, 4, descrip., but incorrectly credited to "Mr. Hooper [sic], architect" (Andrew Waldron, Exploring the Capital: An Architectural Guide to the Ottawa-Gatineau Region, 2017, 74-5, illus. & descrip.)
BRACEBRIDGE, ONT. , Muskoka District Registry Office, Dominion Street, 1876; demol.
SAULT STE. MARIE, ONT., Algoma District Registry Office, Elgin Street at Queen Street East, 1878; demol.
PRESCOTT, ONT. Leeds & Grenville County Registry Office, Centre Street at James Street West, c. 1878; still standing in 2022
ALMONTE, ONT., Lanark County Registry Office, Brougham Street at Clyde Street, 1879; still standing in 2022
NEWMARKET, ONT. Northern York County Registry Office, Main Street South near Millard Avenue, with plans modified by local architect John T. Stokes, built 1884; still standing in 2022 (Parks Canada, Canada's Historic Sites, Designation Statement 4 May 1987)
NORTH BAY, ONT., Nipissing District Registry Office, Main Street West at Plouffe Street, 1886; demol. 1990
BRAMPTON, ONT., Peel County Registry Office, Wellington Street East near Chapel Street, 1890; still standing in 2022, and now part of the Peel County Museum & Art Gallery (inf. City of Brampton, Heritage Register)
MINDEN, ONT., Haliburton District Registry Office, 1895
(inf. on Registry Offices extracted from Govt. of Ontario, Sessional Papers, Annual Reports of the Dept. of Public Works, from 1868 to 1895)

COURT ROOM OR LOCK-UP (a small Gaol building); erected in the following locations:
SILVER ISLET, ONT., Thunder Bay District, Lock up, 1873;
MATTAWAN, ONT., Nippissing District, Lock up, 1875;
PARRY SOUND, ONT., Parry Sound District, Lock up, 1878;
LITTLE CURRENT, ONT., Lock up, 1878;
MANITOWANING, ONT., Lock up, 1878;
GORE BAY, ONT., Lock up, 1879;
HUNTSVILLE, ONT., Court Room & Lock up, 1881;
KENORA, ONT., Court Room & Lock up, 1882;
FORT WILLIAM, ONT., Lock up, 1885;
MAGANETAWAN, ONT., Lock up, 1885;
SAULT STE MARIE, ONT., Gaoler's Residence, 1885;
KILLARNEY, ONT., Lock up, 1886;
NORTH BAY, ONT., Court Room & Lock up, 1888;
SUDBURY, ONT., Lock up & Keeper's House, 1889; burned 1891; rebuilt 1892;
WEBBWOOD, ONT., Lock up, 1895;
MASSIE, ONT., Lock up, 1895;
MATTAWA, ONT., Court Room & Lock up, 1895;
STURGEON FALLS, ONT., Lock up, 1895
(inf. on Court Room & Lock-ups from Ontario Gov't., Sessional Papers, Annual Reports of the Dept. of Public Works, from 1868 to 1895)

(with James A. Smith) BELLEVILLE, ONT., Provincial Institute for the Deaf & Dumb, 1868-70; Hospital, 1893 (Ontario, Sessional Papers, 1869, Report No. 6, 55-6, descrip.; 1894, Report No. 20)
(with Thomas Tracy) LONDON, ONT., Provincial Lunatic Asylum, Highbury Street near Dundas Street, 1868-70; cottages, 1874; addition of two new wings, 1877; dormitories and kitchen, 1878-79; chapel, 1884 (Brantford Expositor, 10 Sept. 1869, 3, detailed descrip.; Free Press [London], 19 May 1870, 3; 3 Jan. 1878, 4, descrip.; Daily Advertiser [London], 8 Jan. 1879, 4, descrip.; 25 Jan. 1884, 3, descrip.; Canadian Illustrated News, ii, 9 April 1870, 364, illus. & descrip.; Ontario, Sessional Papers, 1869, Report No. 6, 17-19, 52-4, descrip.)
PENETANGUISHENE, ONT., Provincial Reformatory, new Dormitory and Workshop, 1870 (Ontario, Sessional Papers, 1870, Report No. 29, 9-10, descrip.)
(with John Turner) BRANTFORD, ONT., Ontario Institute for the Blind, St. George's Road, designed 1870; built 1871-72; demol. 1971; Principal's Residence, 1879; Gymnasium, 1891 (Canadian Illustrated News, iii, 18 March 1871, 172, illus. & descrip.; Brantford Expositor, 10 June 1870, 3; and 5 April 1872, 2, descrip.; M. Chandler, Century of Challenge- History of the Ontario School for the Blind, 1980, 18-22, 55-8, illus. & descrip.)
TORONTO, ONT., Model School, Gould Street, adjacent to the Normal School, additions, 1871; demol. (Journal of Education for Ontario, xxiv, Dec. 1871, 180, descrip.)
MIMICO, ONT., Agricultural College, 1872 (Leader [Toronto], 11 Nov. 1871, 2, descrip.; Journal of Education for Ontario, xxiv, Dec. 1871, 180-81, descrip.)
TORONTO, ONT., Central Prison, Strachan Avenue, 1871-74 (Globe [Toronto], 19 Sept. 1871, 2, descrip.; Ontario, Sessional Papers, 1871, Report No. 49, 29-30, descrip.; 1874, Report No. 24, 11, with Appendix, 2-6, descrip.; Mail [Toronto], 26 June 1874, 4, descrip.)
PARRY SOUND, ONT., District Court House, James Street, 1871 (Ontario, Sessional Papers, 1871, Report No. 49, 27; M. Carter, Early Canadian Court Houses, 1983, 219, illus.)
TORONTO, ONT., Osgoode Hall, Queen Street West at University Avenue, additions for the Court of Queen's Bench, with offices, apartments, and Library, 1876; Chancery Court, Offices and Judges' Rooms, 1884; all works still standing in 2022 (Globe [Toronto], 4 Dec. 1876, 3, descrip.; Toronto Daily Mail, 10 Oct. 1884, 8, descrip.; Ontario, Sessional Papers, 1876, Report No. 5, 10)
PORT ARTHUR, ONT., Thunder Bay District Court House, 1876-77; demol. 1923 (M. Carter, Early Canadian Court Houses, 1983, 123, illus.)
TORONTO, ONT., University of Toronto, School of Practical Science, 1877; major additions 1889-90; demol. 1964 (Ontario, Sessional Papers, 1878, Report No. 9, 10, descrip.; Mail [Toronto], 4 Oct. 1878, 4, descrip.; Toronto World, 5 Oct. 1889, 2, descrip.; dwgs. at Univ. of Toronto Archives)
GUELPH, ONT., Ontario Agricultural College, Gordon Street at College Avenue, addition to Residence, 1877; MacDonald Hall, 1880; Professors Residences and cottages, 1882; Horticultural Building, 1883; farm buildings, 1886; Chemical Laboratory, 1887; Convocation Hall, Gymnasium, Laboratory and greenhouses, 1891; Dairy Building, 1893 (drawings at University Archives, University of Guelph; A. Ross, The College on the Hill, 1974, 31, illus.)
TORONTO, ONT., Andrew Mercer Reformatory for Women, King Street West near Dufferin Street, 1878, demol. (Globe [Toronto], 12 July 1878, 4, descrip.; Ontario, Sessional Papers, Report No. 7, 1879)
HAMILTON, ONT., Asylum for the Insane, Fennell Street West, major addition, 1878-79; South Cottage, 1885; Infirmary, 1895; main building damaged by fire 31 Oct. 1886 (Spectator [Hamilton], 12 Feb. 1879, 4, descrip.; Ontario, Sessional Papers, Report No. 15, 1886; Report No. 9, 1896)
OTTAWA, ONT., Model School, adjacent to the Normal School, 1879-80; addition, 1891 (Free Press [Ottawa], 18 July 1879, 4, descrip.; 28 Aug. 1891, 1, descrip.; Ontario, Sessional Papers, Report No. 7, 1880; C.R., ii, 5 Sept. 1891, 2)
KINGSTON, ONT., Asylum for the Insane, King Street West, addition of the South Cottage Wing, 1882-83; and Beechgrove Infirmary Building, 1893 (Ontario, Sessional Papers, 1894, No. 20; Jennifer McKendry, Architects Working in the Kingston Region 1820-1920, 2019, 111-12, illus.)
ORILLIA, ONT., Asylum for the Insane, Memorial Road, cottages, 1886-7; Main Building, 1889 (Ontario, Sessional Papers, Report No. 15, 1886; Report No. 17, 1889; Orillia Times, 11 Aug. 1887, 2, descrip.)
NORTH BAY, ONT., Nipissing District Court House, Plouffe Street, 1888; demol. 1990 (Ontario, Sessional Papers, Report No. 17, 1889; M. Carter, Early Canadian Court Houses, 1983, 219, illus.)
GORE BAY, ONT., Manitoulin District Court House, Phipps Street, 1889 (M. Carter, Early Canadian Court Houses, 1983, 124, 217, illus.)
MIMICO, ONT., Asylum for the Insane, Lakeshore Road, cottages, 1888; Main Building, 1890-91; Superintendent's Residence, 1894 (Globe [Toronto], 5 April 1890, 1, illus. & descrip.; Ontario, Sessional Papers, 1889, Report No. 17; 1896, Report No. 9; Susan Ratcliffe, "Behind The Green Fence - Lakeshore Psychatric Hospital" in ACORN [Toronto], Vol. 46 No. 1, Spring 2021, 32, illus. & descrip. )
BROCKVILLE, ONT., Asylum for the Insane, Prescott Road, Main Building and Cottages, 1892-94 (Brockville Recorder, 15 Sept. 1892, 5, descrip; 25 May 1893, 5-6, illus. & descrip.; 21 Dec. 1894, 2, 6, illus. & descrip.; C.A.B., viii, July 1895, illus.; Alexandra Larose, "Brockville Psychiatric Hospital" in ACORN [Toronto], Vol. 46 No. 1, Spring 2021, 36, illus. & descrip. )


ST. MICHAEL'S ROMAN CATHOLIC CATHEDRAL, Bond Street, 1845. A full list of competitors for this commission is not known. It is likely Tully's scheme was the same 'Design for a Catholic Cathedral' which he exhibited in 1847 as part of the First Exhibition of the Toronto Society of Arts (Item 372). William Thomas was awarded First Premium.
COMMERCIAL BANK, Wellington Street West, 1845. Tully was one of three local Toronto architects who prepared designs for this work (British Colonist [Toronto], 11 Feb. 1845, 3). Here again, Tully lost to his rival William Thomas.
NIAGARA-ON-THE-LAKE, ONT., Town Hall and Market House, 1846. Three designs were submitted to the Board of Police, but the proposal by Tully was not premiated (British Colonist [Toronto], 21 July 1846, 3). William Thomas was declared the winner.
KNOX PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, Queen Street West at Bay Street, 1847. Tully was one of six competitors to submit plans for this project, but his scheme was passed over in favour of the design by William Thomas (British Colonist [Toronto], 27 July 1847, 2)
ST. JAMES ANGLICAN CATHEDRAL, King Street East at Church Street, 1849. Eleven architects from the United States and Canada entered this competition. Tully was awarded 3rd Prize for a scheme 'of the Second Period, with handsome elevations and well drawn' (Globe [Toronto], 13 Oct. 1849, 2). The winner was Frederic W. Cumberland. Tully was clearly disappointed with the outcome of the competition, and wrote a hostile letter signed "Tullus Hostilus" which was published in The Globe [Toronto], 13 Oct. 1849, 3, col. 3-4)
SIMCOE, ONT., Norfolk County Court House, 1863. The competitors included a 'Mr. Tully' from Toronto (presumably Kivas Tully, not John Tully). His submission was set aside and John Turner was given First Prize (Brant Expositor [Brantford], 5 June 1863, 2)