Smith, Henry Patrick

SMITH, Henry Patrick (1865-1913) spent his entire career in Kingston, Ont. where he devoted much of his professional practise to works for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Kingston and the surrounding countryside of eastern Ontario. Born in Kingston on 15 December 1865, he was the son of Patrick Smith, a prominent merchant in that city. He trained under William Newlands, and may have later worked as his assistant in the period after 1890. The lengthy obituary article on Smith published in 1913 also states that he “… took a course at the Art Institute in New York City”, and it may be assumed that his architectural education there allowed him to see first-hand some of buildings designed by leading architects in that city. In 1897, at the age of 32 years, he left Newlands and opened an office in Kingston under his own name (C.A.B., x, Aug. 1897, 154).

Smith was a lifelong member of the Roman Catholic church, and was active in local societies including the Knights of Columbus, the Catholic Order of Foresters, and the Catholic Mutual Benefit Association. His loyalty to the Church was rewarded by the Diocese, who gave major commissions to him for a variety of ecclesiastical and institutional buildings including churches, convents, hospitals, rectories, schools, an orphanage, as well as enhancements to the main Catholic cemetery in Kingston. Smith was one of the few non-governmental architects to obtain commissions for work on federal buildings in Kingston including work at Royal Military College (on the east side of the Cataraqui River), and at Fort Frontenac (on the west side of the Cataraqui River).

He was an avid yachtsman and longstanding member of the Kingston Yacht Club, and was the logical choice to design their new Clubhouse (1907), and to design the boat houses for the club. He was also the designer of his own unique architectural office and residence building which is one of few remaining 20th C. architect-owned commercial offices still to be found in Canada. Located at 258 King Street East, this highly eclectic work combines stylized Corinthian columns, Spanish roof tiles, Greek dentils, Edwardian rustication, and Gibbs surround of alternating large and small blocks of stone which frame the main windows facing the street. This amalgam of elements is unlike any other residential or commercial building to be found in Kingston. Smith died in Kingston, Ont. after a short illness on 19 March 1913 at the age of 48, and was later buried at St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Cemetery in Kingston (obituary Daily British Whig [Kingston], 19 March 1913, 8).

(works in Kingston unless noted)

Ecclesiastical works

CUSHENDALL, ONT., Church of the Holy Name [Roman Catholic], a series of carved oak pedestals for statuary inside the church, 1898 (C.R., ix, 20 July 1898, 2)
WOLFE ISLAND, Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church, new tower and addition to the church, for Rev. Thomas J. Spratt, 1900; a new Rectory, 1902 (C.R., xi, 21 Feb. 1900, 2; xiii, 21 May 1902, 2, t.c.)
KINGSTON MILLS, ONT., Holy Name Roman Catholic Church, new vestry and alterations, 1900 (C.R., x, 17 Jan. 1900, 2; xi, 2 May 1900, 2; Catholic Record [London], 12 May 1900, 8)
ERINSVILLE, ONT., Church of the Assumption (Roman Catholic), bell tower and stone porch, 1900; new rectory, chancel and vestry, 1901 (C.R., xi, 4 July 1900, 2, t.c.; xii, 24 April 1901, 3)
ST. MARY'S ROMAN CATHOLIC CATHEDRAL, Johnson Street at Clergy Street, reconstruction of buttresses and turrets, with other restoration work, 1901 (C.R., xii, 31 July 1901, 2, t.c.)
BELLEVILLE, ONT., St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church, Church Street, reconstruction of the church after a fire, 1905-06 (C.R., xv, 15 Feb. 1905, 1)
DESERONTO, ONT., new Rectory for St. Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church, 1905 (C.R., xvi, 15 March 1905, 9)
McDONALD'S CORNERS, ONT., Presbyterian Church, 1906 (C.R., xvii, 21 March 1906, 1)
TOLEDO, ONT., St. Philip's Roman Catholic Church, 1907 (C.R., xvii, 23 Jan. 1907, 2)
SHARBOT LAKE, ONT., reconstruction of the Roman Catholic Church "...recently destroyed by fire" , 1907 (C.R., xviii, 15 May 1907, 4)

Institutional works

NOTRE DAME ROMAN CATHOLIC CONVENT, Bagot Street at Johnson Street, new tower, with chapel and classroom extension, 1897; major addition, 1912 (C.A.B., x, Aug. 1897, 154; Catholic Record [London], 23 Sept. 1897, 4, descrip.; dwgs. at NAC, Power Coll.)
HOTEL DIEU ROMAN CATHOLIC HOSPITAL , Sydenham Street at Brock Street, new Operating Theatre, 1899; extension to Hotel Dieu Hospital, 1909 (C.R., x, 19 April 1899, 3; xxiii, 23 Sept. 1909, 22)
ST. MARY'S ROMAN CATHOLIC CEMETERY, improvements to the grounds, 1899; new fence and entrance gateways, 1902 (C.R., x, 17 May 1899, 2; xiii, 21 May 1902, 2)
WOLFE ISLAND, Roman Catholic Separate School, Section 7, 1900-01; addition 1903 (Catholic Record [London], 13 Oct. 1900, 5; C.R., xiv, 30 Sept. 1903, 8)
PERTH, ONT., Roman Catholic Convent for the Sisters of Charity, adjacent to St. John's Roman Catholic Church, 1904 (Perth Courier, 6 Nov. 1903, 5; C.R., xv, 6 April 1904, 1)
KINGSTON YACHT CLUB, Club House, at the foot of Maitland Street, 1906-07; a group of 18 houses [perhaps boat houses] for the Kingston Yacht Club, 1907-08 (C.R., xvi, 24 Jan. 1906, 4; xvii, 6 Feb. 1907, 2; Const., i, Nov. 1907, 70)
FORT FRONTENAC, Tete de Pont Barracks, major addition and alterations to Barracks Block "C", Ontario Street at Barrack Street, 1907 (Engineering & Construction [Chicago], xxviii, 4 Sept. 1907, 26, t.c.)
ROYAL MILITARY COLLEGE, Servant's Quarters, 1907-08; stables, 1908-09 (Const., i, Oct. 1907, 63; C.R., xviii, 27 Nov. 1907, 18, t.c.; C.R., xxii, 16 Dec. 1908, 27)
HOUSE OF PROVIDENCE, Montreal Street, Roman Catholic Orphanage and Novitiate Building, 1908 (C.R., xix, 19 Feb. 1908, 16)

Commercial and Industrial works

FRONTENAC MILLING CO., Gore Street, warehouse and shops, 1900 (C.R., x, 17 Jan. 1900, 2)
CLARIFIED MILK CO., Bagot Street at Brock Street, factory, 1901 (C.R., xii, 20 Feb. 1901, 2)
SWIFT'S WHARF, at the foot of Johnson Street, Terminal Building, with offices and waiting room, for the Lake Ontario & Bay of Quinte Steamboat Co., 1901; addition 1905 (C.R., xii, 14 Aug. 1901, 3; xvi, 11 Oct. 1905, 2, t.c.)
CLARENCE STREET, office building for Arthur B. Cunningham, 1902 (C.R., xiii, 21 May 1902, 2)
KING STREET EAST, near Johnson Street, office and residence for the architect, 1909 (Kingston, Buildings of Architectural & Historic Significance, 1980, 198-200, illus.)

Residential works

ALFRED STREET, near Brock Street, terrace of houses for Bernard J. Howland, 1897 (C.R., viii, 18 Nov. 1897, 2)
KING STREET EAST, at Maitland Street, addition to residence for Andrew Maclean, 1898 (C.R., ix, 6 July 1898, 4)
WILLIAM STREET, remodelling two houses for Edward T. Steacy, 1898 (C.R., ix, 20 July 1898, 2)
WEST STREET, at Wellington Street, two houses for George S. Oldrieve, 1899 (C.R., x, 24 May 1899, 2, t.c.; 28 June 1899, 3, t.c.)
JOHNSON STREET, residence for Capt. Abraham H. Malone, 1899 (C.R., x, 23 Aug. 1899, 2, t.c.)
UNIVERSITY AVENUE, addition and alterations to residence for Arthur B. Cunningham, 1900 (C.R., x, 3 Jan. 1900, 3)
QUEEN STREET, residence for William Parker, 1900 (C.R., xi, 7 March 1900, 2)
SYDENHAM STREET, extension to Clyde Terrace, row housing for Mrs. James Davis, 1900 (C.R., xi, 21 March 1900, 2)
JOHNSON STREET, near Bagot Street, residence for Miss Hickey, 1900 (C.R., xi, 1 Aug. 1900, 2)
WELLINGTON STREET, at William Street, terrace of four houses for Dr. Isaac Wood, 1901 (C.R., xii, 24 April 1901, 3)
BAGOT STREET, near Ordnance Street, residence for James Eves, 1903 (C.R., xiv, 23 Sept. 1903, 4, 6)