Simmonds, Henry Holdsby

SIMMONDS, Henry Holdsby (1893-1954)
(biography in preparation)


PACIFIC NATIONAL EXHIBITION, East Hastings Street, dance pavilion, 1920; Grandstand and bleachers in Callister Park, opposite the P.N.E. Grounds, 1921 (Vancouver Daily World, 4 March 1921, 11, descrip.; dwgs. Vancouver City Archives)
LEIGH BLOCK, West 37th Avenue at West Boulevard, for Thomas E. Leigh, 1921 (C.R., xxxvi, 1 Feb. 1922, 54; dwgs. Vancouver City Archives)
GRANDVIEW THEATRE, Commercial Drive, for the Vancouver Little Theatre Co., 1921-23; demol. 1969 (Vancouver Daily World, 15 Oct. 1921, 8, illus. & descrip.; 8 Nov. 1923, 5; dwgs. Vancouver City Archives)
BELAIRE APARTMENTS, Hardwood Street near Bidwell Street, 1923 (dwgs. Vancouver City Archives)
THE PROVINCE BUILDING, West Hastings Street at Cambie Street, office building for the Vancouver Daily Province Pub. Co., 1924 (C.R., xxxviii, 12 March 1924, 50)
CONNAUGHT DRIVE, in Shaughnessy Heights, residence for an unidentified owner, 1925 (C.R., xxxix, 8 July 1925, 685, illus. & descrip.)
B.C. POWER & GAS BUILDING, Carrall Street, gas retort house, quenching tower, carbonizing plant and stack, 1932 (C.R., xlvi, 27 Jan. 1932, 49; dwgs. Vancouver City Archives)
COLLISTER PARK, grandstand, 1934 (dwgs. Vancouver City Archives)
ST. MARGARET'S ANGLICAN CHURCH, Dumfries Street at East 22nd Avenue, 1937 (dwgs. Vancouver City Archives)
ODEON THEATRE, West Hastings Street, major alterations and modernization, 1946 (C.R., lix, Sept. 1946, 144)
G.H. COTTRELL LTD., Terminal Avenue, warehouse, 1947 (C.R., lx, May 1947, 130)
ODEON FRASER THEATRE, Fraser Street at East 47th Avenue, 1948 (Province [Vancouver], 13 Aug. 1949, 6; dwgs. Vancouver City Archives)
STUDIO THEATRE, Granville Street, 1948 (inf. D. Luxton, Vancouver)


CHILLIWACK, B.C., The Strand Theatre, a conversion with major alterations to the old Opera House, for Mr. Sweetman, 1924; burned April 1926; rebuilt by Simmonds (Chilliwack Progress, 28 Feb. 1924, 2; 15 May 1924, 1, descrip.; 19 May 1926, 1, descrip. )
NEW WESTMINSTER, B.C., movie theatre, 4th Avenue, 1941 (C.R., liv, 5 Feb. 1941, 31)
PRINCE RUPERT, B.C., Civic Theatre, Second Avenue, 1941 (C.R., liv, 25 June 1941, 94)
VICTORIA, B.C., Odeon Theatre, Yates Street near Blanshard Street, 1947-48 (C.R., lix, Sept. 1946, 142; R.A.I.C. Journal, xxvii, Sept. 1950, 294, illus.; M. Segger & D. Franklin, Exploring Victoria's Architecture, 1996, 80-1, illus.)
NEW WESTMINSTER, B.C., Royal City Bowladrome, 8th Street, bowling alley, 1948 (C.R., lxi, July 1948, 134)
CLOVERDALE, B.C., Bank of Nova Scotia, 1949 (dwgs. at Bank of Nova Scotia Archives, Toronto)