Busch, Walter Johannes

BUSCH, Walter Johannes (1865-1924), son of Henry F. Busch, trained under his father and worked as an assistant in his office for more than fifteen years. After the death of his father in January 1902 Walter carried on the practice, specializing in the design of educational buildings for both the public and separate school boards in Halifax. He can also be credited with schemes for several ecclestiastical works in the region, but his designs are often unprepossessing and bleak, and contained few of the refinements found in similar works erected in Quebec and Ontario before WWI. Busch died in Halifax on 14 July 1924 (obit. and port. Evening Mail [Halifax], 15 July 1924, 5; Acadian Recorder [Halifax], 15 July 1924, 3; biog. M. Rosinski, Architects of Nova Scotia: A Biographical Dictionary, 1994, 192-3). The Public Archives of Nova Scotia holds several sets of drawings by W.J. Busch for institutional and ecclesiastical projects.

(works in Halifax)

ST. JOSEPH'S PUBLIC SCHOOL, Kay Street, 1904 (dwgs. at PANS)
ST. MARK'S ANGLICAN CHURCH, Russell Street, parish hall and Sunday School, 1905 (Canadian Churchman [Toronto], 2 March 1905, 134, descrip.)
ST. PATRICK'S GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL, Brunswick Street, 1906 (dwgs. at PANS)
ALBRO STREET PUBLIC SCHOOL, major alterations and remodelling of the school, 1907 (dwgs. at PANS)
COBURG ROAD, near Walnut Street, residence for James Coolen, 1907 (inf. PANS)
CHEBUCTO PUBLIC SCHOOL, Chebucto Road, 1908-09 (Const., ii, Dec. 1908, 67; dwgs. at PANS)
OXFORD STREET PUBLIC SCHOOL, 1908 (Report of the Board of School Commissioners for Halifax, 1908, 11)
NORTH STREET, at Gottingen Street, residence for Nathaniel Evans, 1909 (inf. PANS)
ROBIE STREET, near Jubilee Street, residence for William W. Hoyt, 1910 (inf. PANS)
TOWER ROAD PUBLIC SCHOOL, Tower Road, 1911 (C.R., xxv, 19 July 1911, 59, t.c.; dwgs. at PANS)
MAYFLOWER CURLING CLUB, Agricola Street, 1911 (inf. PANS)
ST. GEORGE'S ANGLICAN CHURCH (The Round Church), Cornwallis Street, new entrance and lobby, 1914 (dwgs. PANS)
BLOOMFIELD HIGH SCHOOL, Bloomfield Street, 1914 (dwgs. at PANS)
CHURCH OF THE RESURRECTION (Lutheran), Windsor Street at Allen Street, 1915 (dwgs. at PANS)
MORRIS STREET PUBLIC SCHOOL, 1916 (C.R., xxx, 21 June 1916, 44)
ALEX MacKAY PUBLIC SCHOOL, Russell Street at Gottingen Street, 1916 (Minutes of the Board of School Commissioners for Halifax, 6 July 1916, 113)
ST. JOSEPH'S ROMAN CATHOLIC BOY'S SCHOOL, Gottingen Street, 1916 (dwgs. at PANS)
ST. JOHN'S PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, Windsor Street at Willow Street, designed 1917; rebuilt 1920 after the Halifax Explosion (C.R., xxxi, 14 March 1917, 68; Halifax Herald, 28 July 1920, 9; dwgs. at PANS)
QUINPOOL ROAD, near Harvard Street, store and dwelling for Alfred R. Cook, c. 1919 (inf. PANS)
PROVINCIAL BUILDING, Annex No. 3, Hollis Street, 1919 (Journals of Assembly for Nova Scotia, 1920)
ST. MARK'S ANGLICAN CHURCH, Gottingen Street at Russell Street, 1920 (dwgs. at PANS)
ROYAL NOVA SCOTIA YACHT SQUADRON, club house at Point Pleasant Park, 1921 inf. PANS)