Burritt, Clarence James

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BURRITT, Clarence James (1874-1956) was born in Peterborough, Ont. on 16 August 1874, the son of Dr. H.C. Burritt and Harriet Rogers. He was a direct descendant of Daniel Burritt, a United Empire Loyalist who settled in Canada in 1785 and whose name is perpetuated in Burritt's Rapids, Ont. His family moved to Toronto after 1880 and Clarence was educated at the Toronto Church School for Boys and later attended classes at the School of Practical Science at the Univ. of Toronto in 1892. He articled with the firm of Strickland & Symons (in 1892-96) and worked as draftsman for George W. Gouinlock (in 1896-98). In February 1898 he moved to Ottawa and formed a partnership with Charles P. Band and Colborne P. Meredith who he had met in Toronto (see list of works under Band, Burritt & Meredith). Burritt was active with this firm until 1904 when it was renamed The Architectural & Engineering Co. , and after the dissolution of the firm in 1906 he opened his own office and practised alone until 1923. He then formed a partnership with J.L. Kingston (1923-24), with A.J. Hazelgrove (1925-27), and later with Allan Horwood in 1935-36. He was active in Ottawa military life, rising to the rank of Lieut. Colonel with the Princess Louise Dragoon Guards and volunteered for service as a civilian in government engineering services in 1939. Burritt retired in 1944 and died in Ottawa on 31 January 1956 (obituary in the Ottawa Journal, 1 Feb. 1956, 2; Ottawa Citizen, 1 Feb. 1956, 7; R.A.I.C. Journal, xxxiii, May 1956, 193; biog. in R. Hamilton, Prominent Men of Canada, 1931-32, 179-80). A photographic portrait of Burritt was published in the Daily Commercial News [Toronto], 10 Dec. 1936, 1.


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