Bernard, Joseph Henri

BERNARD, Joseph Henri (1862- ) was born at Varennes, Que. in 1862, son of Charles Bernard and Louise Brodeur. He was educated at Varennes College and at St. Laurent College near Montreal. In 1879 he joined the firm of J.W. & E.C. Hopkins in Montreal and served a four year apprenticeship with them. In 1885 he began to practice under his own name and continued to work alone until 1898 when he formed a partnership with Eugene F. Paris. Their office was dissolved in 1902 and Bernard remained active until 1909. One of his students was J. Honore MacDuff (biography and port. in W. Cochrane, The Canadian Album: Men of Canada, ii, 1893, 325).


(works in Montreal unless noted)

VAUDREUIL, QUE., large hotel at Point Masson for Cyrille Vallee, 1888 (Gazette [Montreal], 14 Feb. 1888, 2, illus. & descrip)
TRUDEL BUILDING, St. Laurent Street, near de la Gauchetiere Street, 1889 (Le Prix Courant, v, 4 Oct. 1889; Montreal, Les Magasins Les Cinemas, 1985, 234-5, illus.)
SANGUINET STREET, house for Edward Parent, 1891 (C.R., ii, 6 June 1891, 1, t.c.)
SANGUINET STREET, house for Dr. A.A. Latour, 1891 (C.R., ii, 27 June 1891, 1, t.c.)
STE. CATHERINE STREET EAST, at Charlevoix Street, three houses for Arthur Adeline, 1891-92 (C.R., ii, 19 Dec. 1891, 2)
SHERBROOKE STREET EAST, two houses for William Roberts, 1892 (C.R., iii, 9 April 1892, 2)
SHERBROOKE STREET WEST, at Bishop Street, ten houses, perhaps for G.A. Bowie, 1893 (dwgs. at McGill Univ., Canadian Architecture Room., E. & W.S. Maxwell Coll., Item 28)
ST. LAURENT STREET, at Pine Avenue, two stores and dwellings for Mme. Beauchamp, 1893 (C.R., iv, 7 Sept. 1893, 2, t.c.)
AUSTRIAN HUNGARIAN JEWISH SYNAGOGUE, Milton Street near Elgin Street, 1903 (C.R., xiv, 22 July 1903, 6)


LONGUEUIL, QUE., stables for J.E. Evans, St. Maurice Street, 1900 (C.R., xi, 2 May 1900, 3)
BARON DE HIRSH INSTITUTE, Bleury Street near Concord Street, 1901 (C.R., xii, 15 May 1901, 4)
DELORIMIER MUNICIPALITY, Town Hall, Fire Hall and Police Station, Mount Royal Avenue East, 1901 (C.R., xii, 10 July 1901, 2)