Band, Charles Penruddocke William Kivas

BAND, Charles Penruddocke William Kivas (1872-1959) was born in Toronto on 21 August 1872, son of William P. Band and his wife Annie G. Tully, the eldest daughter of the prominent Toronto architect Kivas Tully. The family moved to Penetanguishene and Charles was educated at Lakefield, Ont. and at Upper Canada College in Toronto. He graduated from the School of Practical Science at the University of Toronto and articled with the Toronto firms of Dick & Wickson (1894-95) and Smith & Bird (1896-97). He moved to Ottawa and formed a partnership in February 1898 with two young architects, Clarence J. Burritt and Colborne P. Meredith. In 1901 Band moved to Sydney, N.S. to establish a related practice called Band, Rolph & Meredith. Four years later the Ottawa partnership was renamed The Architectural & Engineering Co. of Canada, with offices in Ottawa, Toronto and Winnipeg. Band returned to Toronto in 1905 and served as the company's representative there. When the firm was dissolved in 1906, he chose to stay in Toronto for the rest of his career, specializing in the design of large Edwardian houses and major educational works. In the early 1920's Band worked in the Forest Hill Village area providing plans to James Suydan, one of the most active house builders there. After WWII he designed many schools for the North York and East York Boards of Education. He died in Toronto on 5 October 1959 (obituary in the Globe & Mail [Toronto], 6 Oct. 1959, 5; Telegram [Toronto], 6 Oct. 1959, 36; R.A.I.C. Journal, xxxvii, Jan. 1960, 41; inf. from Miss Mary Band, Toronto; Stephen A. Otto, Toronto)


OTTAWA, ONT., alterations to block for Slater & Sherwood, Wellington Street, 1898 (C.R., ix, 18 May 1898, 3, t.c.)
OTTAWA, ONT., residence on Stewart Street for an unidentified client, 1898 (C.A.B., xi, Oct. 1898, plate illus.)
OTTAWA, ONT., rectory for St. Alban's Anglican Church, Daly Street at King Street, 1898 (C.R., ix, 2 Nov. 1898, 3)
VERNON, ONT., Anglican Church, 1899-1900 (Evening Journal [Ottawa], 12 Jan. 1900, 3, descrip.; Canadian Churchman [Toronto], 25 Jan. 1900, 56)
BEAR BROOK, ONT., Anglican Church, 1900 (C.R., xi, 13 June 1900, 2)
OTTAWA, ONT., residence for Simpson J. Fleming, Wellington Street near Hill Street, 1900 (C.R., xi, 13 June 1900, 5)
(with Taylor & Gordon) OTTAWA, ONT., major addition to the Bank of Montreal, Wellington Street at O'Connor Street, 1900-01 (Evening Journal [Ottawa], 30 Jan. 1901, 10, descrip.; with correction 5 Feb. 1901, 2; Gazette [Montreal], 1 Feb. 1901, 9, descrip.)
HULL, QUE., St. James Anglican Church, Main Street at Church Street, 1900 (Canadian Churchman [Toronto], 16 Aug. 1900, 489, descrip.)
HULL, QUE., 'Standish Hall', a mansion for Ezra B. Eddy, Aylmer Road near Chaudiere Street, 1901 (C.A.B., xiv, Sept, 1901, plate illus.)
OTTAWA, ONT., The Ottawa Fruit & Produce Exchange Building, Nicholas Street, opposite the Court House, 1901 (Evening Journal [Ottawa], 23 Nov. 1901, 6, descrip.)
NORTH SYDNEY, N.S., Town Hall, 1902 (C.R., xiii, 22 Oct. 1902, 2)
OTTAWA, ONT., Bolton Street Public School, 1903 (C.R., xiv, 19 Aug. 1903, 4, t.c.; Evening Journal [Ottawa], 31 July 1903, 6, descrip.; 16 Jan. 1904, 19, descrip.)
(with E. Machado) HULL, QUE., club house for the Royal Ottawa Golf Club, Aylmer Road, 1903 (C.R., xiv, 6 May 1903, 4)
OTTAWA, ONT., St. Luke's Anglican Church, Somerset Street at Arthur Street, 1903-04 (Evening Journal [Ottawa], 19 Nov. 1903, 3, descrip.; Canadian Churchman [Toronto], 3 Dec. 1903, 744, descrip.; Andrew Waldron, Exploring the Capital: An Architectural Guide to the Ottawa-Gatineau Region, 2017, 168-9, illus. & descrip.)
OTTAWA, ONT., extensive alterations to residence for Simon N. Parent, Stewart Street at King Edward Avenue, 1905 (C.R., xvi, 6 Sept. 1905, 2)
(with David Ewart) OTTAWA, ONT., Dominion Archives Building, Sussex Drive, Nepean Point, 1904; addition by Richard C. Wright, 1924; altered and restored 2013-16, and now called The Global Centre for Pluralism (Canada, Sessional Papers, xl, 1906, No. 19, Report of the Chief Architect, 19; Andrew Waldron, Exploring the Capital: An Architectural Guide to the Ottawa-Gatineau Region, 2017, 36-7, illus. & descrip.)
ATHENS, ONT., rebuilding of the Model School, 1905 (C.R., xv, 8 March 1905, 2)


ALEXANDRIA, ONT., public school, 1905 (C.R., xvi, 29 March 1905, 2)
PRINCE ALBERT, SASK., St. Alban's Anglican Church, 1905 (C.R., xvi, 24 May 1905, 5)
OTTAWA, ONT., residence for Newton J. Ker, McLeod Street near O'Connor Street, Street, 1905 (C.R., xvi, 24 May 1905, 5)
OTTAWA, ONT., major addition to the Laurentian Club, Slater Street, 1905 (Evening Journal [Ottawa], 28 June 1905, 5, descrip.)
OTTAWA, ONT., Britannia Boating Club House, on the Ottawa River at Britannia Bay, 1906 (Evening Journal [Ottawa], 29 Jan. 1906, 2, illus. & descrip.)
TORONTO, ONT., residence for Herbert H. Beck, Clarendon Avenue near Poplar Plains Road, 1906 (Toronto b.p. 3036, 5 March 1906; Const., iii, July 1910, 61-3, illus.)


TORONTO, ONT., store and residence for Mrs. Donald Ruthven, Dupont Street at Huron Street, 1907 (Toronto b.p. 9240, 3 Oct. 1907; Toronto Society of Architects Exhibition Catalogue, 1909, 99, illus.)
PENETANGUISHENE, ONT., Carnegie Library, 1908 (M. Beckman, The Best Gift, 1984, 86, 185, illus.; dwgs. at the Public Library, Penetanguishene)
TORONTO, ONT., The Elk's Club, in the Toronto Arcade Building, 1908 (Const., ii, Nov. 1908, 78, illus.)
TORONTO, ONT., residence for Robert C. Brown, Clarendon Avenue, 1910 (Toronto b.p. 20655, 18 May 1910; Const., iv, Nov. 1911, 84-6, illus.)
TORONTO, ONT., residence for Dr. Edward C. Burson, St. Clair Avenue West , 1910 (Toronto b.p. 21290, 14 June 1910; Const., iv, Nov. 1911, 84-6, illus.)
TORONTO, ONT., residence for Mrs. Martin Graham, Forest Hill Road at Heath Street, 1910 (Toronto b.p. 22835, 17 Aug. 1910; Const., v, July 1912, 77-8, illus.)
TORONTO, ONT., residence for Alfred D. Morrow, Balmoral Avenue near Poplar Plains Road, 1910 (Toronto b.p. 24042, 25 Oct. 1910)
TORONTO, ONT., residence for Dr. Henry T. Machell, St. Clair Avenue West at Dunvegan Road, 1912 (Toronto b.p. 1243, 29 Nov. 1912)
TORONTO, ONT., major addition to the Canadian Academy of Music, Spadina Road near Bloor Street West, 1912 (Toronto b.p. 36483, 7 Aug. 1912)
TORONTO, ONT., residence for Dr. John Baldwin, Lyndhurst Avenue, 1912 (Toronto b.p. 35159, 19 June 1912)
PENETANGUISHENE, ONT., office block for J.B. Jennings, 1917 (Const., x, Nov. 1917, 398)
HAMILTON, ONT., Cities Service Filling Station, 1927 (C.R., xli, 28 Dec. 1927, 44, illus. in advert.)
EAST YORK, major addition to R.H. McGregor School, Mortimer Avenue at Coxwell Avenue, 1927-28 (C.R., xli, 28 Dec. 1927, 259)
NORTH YORK, C.B. Parsons Public School, Dufferin Street at Wenderly Drive, 1944 (C.R., lvii, 26 April 1944, 33)
NORTH YORK, Armour Heights Public School, Wilson Avenue at Bidewell Avenue, 1945; addition, 1946 (C.R., lviii, Aug. 1945, 154; lix, June 1946, 141)
NORTH YORK, Lillian Street Public School, 1947-48 (C.R., lx, Oct. 1947, 188)


MEAFORD, ONT., Town Hall, 1907-08. Band was one of seven Ontario architects who submitted a design in the competition for this civic building in November 1907 (inf. Fred Kennedy, Heritage Meaford). His proposal was later set aside in favour of the winning scheme by Ellis & Connery of Toronto.